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Tuesday, 07/03/2012, 07:43 pm

Silva vs. Sonnen: Empty Threats or Full-On Promises | Editorial

Recently, our middleweight champion, Anderson Silva, has been a little upset. In the latest conference call, the usually soft-spoken Silva unleashed a Portuguese tirade, promising several life-altering injuries to Chael and ensuring him that he will basically have to eat through a straw, as his teeth will be forced down his own throat.

These comments came as a shock to most, including Dana White who stated that in all his years of knowing Silva, he has never seen the champ this mad at an opponent. Of course, Silva has good reason to be upset as Chael has spent the last two years pestering Silva about their first bout at UFC 117 as he worked his way back up the ranks to earn another title shot.

Now, with the rematch just a few days away, Silva decides to play timid once more at the press conference until the staredown which resulted in Silva getting rather close to Sonnen and apparently whispering, “You’re gonna die”, in Chael’s ear.

Whether or not this affected Sonnen’s mindset is basically left up to your imagination as breaking down Chael’s psyche is similar to solving a puzzle of the clear blue sky. Its rather difficult.

Either way, I’d like to take into account Silva’s actions as of late as I am a strong detractor from forced hype and made-up rivalries. I’m not saying that this is a fake rivalry but instead wondering where Silva’s motives lie behind such brash comments and threats.

Hopefully, this anger is coming from a real place inside Anderson Silva as he is one of few people who can promise a brutal knockout, and then deliver that knockout without a problem. He often fights with his hands down and ego up but thus far, it seems to work just fine for him.

This new Silva though is a far scarier one than the jovial celebrity that usually shows up to press events. This is a fighter who is widely considered the best of all time and has made a career out of making top fighters look like amateurs (except for Chael as of today). Now he has unbelievable skill and a purpose driven motive filled with revenge?

Either way, Silva will come in to this fight motivated and prepared. It would just really take the wind out of the MMA community’s sails if we found out that Silva has making empty threats to hype a fight that does that job just by existing.

Chael will certainly have to put on the best performance of maybe any fighter if he truly plans on beating Silva in dominate fashion like he did for most of their first fight. However, if he walks away a loser on Saturday night, it means that Silva had his way with Chael, further cementing his legacy as the greatest fighter that we have ever seen. If Chael wins, that validates two years of trash talking and exposes the first fight for being a fluke, setting up the rubber match which would be able of stand alone on a card as fans would surely pay the PPV fee to watch a third bout, even if was the only fight on the card.


67 Responses to “Silva vs. Sonnen: Empty Threats or Full-On Promises | Editorial”

  1. WrestlingRules says:

    Silva has obviously lost it…good…..he has no chance. Sonnen has gotten him right where he wants him…frightened and angry…..equals Sonnen annihilation of Silva…..awesome.

    • DanaWhiteTheBoss says:

      You’re such an idiot. Shut up already.

    • Keep Fitch (Forever) says:

      Chael won the first fight and he is going to win this second fight also. All you faggot Anderson fans are gonna cry after Chael punches a whole in Andersons face.

      • Jiu-JitsuRules says:

        U mean after Andy kills chael in the cage

      • Man says:

        Retard what sport do u watch? In this sport when u tap u are out.. meaning u loose

        • Kevinkazy says:

          True. Imagine how much shit he would talk if sonnen actually won. If your so confident that sonnen will win net your paycheck or 5 of your paychecks if your so comfident.

      • Xaninho says:

        Chael Sonnen can’t punch a hole in a pack of creamy butter.

      • Shawn says:

        lol! If you believe he won the first fight, I have this really awesome Rock to sell you. It rolls down hill. AND you can also use it as a paper weight. $200, it’s all yours. A great steal!

        • Nuitari X says:

          Oh yeah!! Well I’ll sell you this LOG!! Whaaaaaattttt rolls down stairs or over in pairs and over you neighbors dog? It’s great for a snack and fits on your back it’s LOG, LOG, LOG!! It’s LOG, LOG it’s big it’s heavy it’s wood. It’s LOG, LOG it’s better than bad It’s GOOD!!! Everyone wants a LOG C’mon and get your LOG everyone needs a LOG. LOG, LOG, LOG!!! (LOG from Blamo). :-)

        • JoeC says:

          No Sir, I don’t like it.

      • beastheath says:

        not an anderson silva fan but he is really good fighter im not a sonnen fan either but he is a really good wrastler probably the best wrestler but silva is the best fighter n as much as i want silva to lose the belt i dont want it to be to sonnen because of his mouth, hes not classy, hes not respectable or professional he just a extremely good loud mouth wrastler he couldnt finish the fight after poundn on a person for 23 n he got finished he didnt beat bisping i hate bisping but he beat sonnen n shouldve got the decision but the next champ needs to be a professional fighter not a loud mouth sissy hitn wrastlin punk he must not hit any harder than a girl cus he did hit anderson like 260 times n the face n still didnt get the job done n besides that hes got karma against him for even mentioning andersons wife thats a bitch move and he didnt deserve a shot anyway he was finished by silva then suspended steroids which is probably why he got to that fight n the first place then he beat stann pretty good i give him that but he looked horrible against bisping and did not win that fight and he opens his loud mouth n whatu know he fightn for the belt again and his last fight with bisping should be a sign of whats to come i think he should have had to fight n beat munoz whom he cant beat cus hes not strong enough without his roids, and whats this mean streets of oregon bullshit whats the population 500, he dont have heart he hasnt overcome any adversity in the cage like anderson did against him n as much as id like them to beat a hole n eachothers face before its over i dont think silva gonna have a hole n his face at the end its gonna be lopsided n silvas favor obviously hes not gonna break arms n legs cus ref wont allow but one limb to be broke b4 he stops the fight, lol! im on bored as far as not liking silva but we have to give it to him he is the best and is a true champion n he showed that by finishing chael that late n the fight despite the adverse situations he was put in n if u dont give him that credit then u have to chalk it up to chael hitn like a sis even with the roids so take away the roids and now how hard does he hit? i see a flyin knee finishn the fight because it is always there on sonnen cus of his style sonnen gonna get brutalized in this fight n it not gonna last long sonnen gonna come in fast n wreckless and hes gonna go down fast n wrecked n then hopefully the next person anderson faces will take his belt but not chael cus hes NOT a champion and wont ever act like a true champ and if you put him on his back like he did anderson he wouldnt pull it off like silva did hes got one strength and that is hes a damn good wrestler were he is ONLY good on TOP if hes not on top he is losin the fight badly cus hes a fish outta the water. not only that but sonnens admitted gameplan not gonna change and that really helps silva train to stay up and get up and not much else does he need to work on and sonnen gonna be so caught up in not gettn caught by triangle he might get caught up in somethin else andersons brazilian they all are a good at jiu jitsu just never see it from anderson cus hes so good standn but the one time he was put on his back in recent memory look what happened. he still come out on top and as far as the controversy goes about whether or not chael really tapped is ridiculous it was clear as day n it was tap or go to sleep he clearly tapped n he dont have any heart to go that far n tap out to a triangle of all things, nothin was gonna break its just an air choke ive been in a few it dont really hurt enough to tap n worst gonna happen is u see stars n go to sleep woopie thats what he tapped to theres people who let there arms break b4 they tap n those people have heart not sayin they arent stupid for it but it takes heart n no quit whatsoever chael not one of em he tapped instead of takin a really short nap. you’ll see saturday

    • Xaninho says:

      Sonnen is the one with fear all over his dumb face. He bit off more than he can chew.

    • Sergio says:

      Brou can i ask you ? how wrestling is the champion now? You are living the past( couture, Coleman..) right now the ability to punch ans kick is way better…. Anderson will Chael look like a street dog and after all that, Anderson will still the Champion.

    • primalmasher says:

      dude, I didn’t know looking shit scared means you got into the guy’s head.

      he’s only setting himself up for a career in fake ass WWE.

  2. Greg says:

    Not sure what the hypothesis or conclusion of this article is, but whatever. It’s embarassing it took this long for Anderson to get excited. You’re about to lose your title and get retired, show some signs of life. It’s good to see the sense of urgency in him now.

    • WrestlingRules says:

      It’s not urgency, it’s desperation. He knows Sonnen has his number and is coming in to fight. Sonnen has determination and Silva has fear. Silva is scared and can only react one way….angry. He is trying to mask his feelings of fear. It never works. Sonnen by annihilation…he’ll be in there just taking out the UFC trash called A. Silva!!! It’ll be good to get that stench out of the UFC. Maybe Silva could go try to be StrikeForce champ next……ROFL….

      • Shawn says:

        LOL! Desperation? You wouldn’t know what that was if it slapped you in the face, and crawled up your ass. And if you watched the pre-fight conference stare down. You will noticed how Sonnen slowly just shies away from Silva. Reality just set in for him. All his antics, all his trash talking and bashing, and at the moment he realized it just back fired on him. He’s crappin bricks. Lol!

    • Xaninho says:

      About to lose his title? That is something he was never worried about.

    • primalmasher says:

      amazing how much phael fans come out of the woodwork.

      must be trollin’

    • Matt says:

      Everybody fights different. Some people are actually professional about it and some, have to act like morons to make themselves relavent. Where do you come up with Anderson about to “get retired”? He is the p4p best fighter in the world and is still undefeated in the UFC. He fought a guy on steroids, who created a circus just to get his name in the mix. Chael fought the perfect fight and had the steroids in his system to give him the extra juice and muscle he needed to go 300% without ever taking a break. He still couldn’t beat Silva. Unfortunately in this sport, fights can go back and forth, but whoever decides to quit, loses. Chael quit. He then made excuses for quitting. Then he went and dabbled into the criminal world for a bit and showed his true character again.

      The guy is a psychopath and besides being a great wrestler, he has nothing. Not even class. It is going to be sad when he loses and goes on suicide watch. He has sacrificed everything to win the belt, that he doesn’t deserve and when he loses, it will be that much sweeter for those of us who are sick of his crap. As of this Saturday, Chael Sonnen will be as irrelavent as he was before he ever started talking about how he could beat Silva.

  3. Devon says:

    Silva will put Sonnen away and with out a doubt cement his name as the greatest of all time! P4P best. It will be a knee and strikes that end this one late in the first! And still!

  4. GRT 3000 says:

    Silva didn’t come this far to get rattled by that crummy little thug. He knows exactly what he’s doing.

  5. DanaWhiteTheBoss says:

    Think Silva has had a psychological breakdown. He sounds crazy like he needs a straight jacket and a padded room.

  6. Chris Normal says:

    Well said.

  7. WrestlingRules says:

    Putting all the bullshit and nuthugging aside, is it just me or do most of you, if you’re honest, just realize that Sonnen is going to make Silva look like a kid in there. I just keep seeing a Silva beating by Sonnen like Sonnen did to Fihlo in there second fight. This just seems so familiar in its unwinding. Sonnen beat the crap out of Fihlo the first time and got tapped and Sonnen beat the crap out of Silva the first time and then got tapped. Sonnen made Fihlo look like a kid the second time and Sonnen is going to make Silva look like a kid Saturday. It’s like Deja Vu all over again. It Silva does not come in weight…Damn that will be eerie…..

    Yah history is about to repeat itself, but instead of Fihlo getting the beat down its going to be Silva…..Is that bell ringing for anybody else or it just me???

    • Nuitari X says:

      That ringing you hear in your ears is only audible to you because it’s being caused by a tumor which explains the severe dementia that we all get a taste of every time you comment on something.

      • WrestlingRules says:

        Little boy have you gone and begged your in-laws and wife forgiveness for all the bad you have done to them??? Aren’t you remorseful for all the crap you’ve done? Your time is short don’t waste another minute in making amends…..

        • Nuitari X says:

          My time is short? Sonnen’s time is short. Sonnen’s fans time is short. You’re probably one of those dumb mother fuckers who think the world is gonna end on December 21st aren’t you? Yeah I thought so. Dumb mother fucker.

        • WrestlingRules says:

          We’re not talking about Sonnen here. We’re talking about You! Stay focused, it could save your life. You know as well as I have all the bad you have done. You thought nobody was looking but I was and I know what is in you. You have this rotten little spot right in the middle of you and you need to do something about it. Ask Jesus to help you and you can be saved. He loves you even if you don’t love yourself. Then get on your knees and beg your families forgiveness for all the ugliness that you have caused. It’s ALL your fault. Now go and run and ask for forgiveness….. before you lose your wife, she won’t put up with you for much longer, Her parents are already letting hetr know how bad you are. You can do it kid, I believe in you!!

        • Nuitari X says:

          My wife’s parents are a bunch of drugged out crack head type’s who act like fucking teenagers and steal from their own family. Then they turn around and ask those same people (me and my wife) for help when they can’t afford to pay their rent cause they spent all their money on drugs. So STFU man cause you do more wrong everyday when you post toxic nonsense on this website then I could do in an entire year. GTFOH YOU ARE A FUCKING DUMBASS TROLL RETARD!!!

        • primalmasher says:

          it’s ok, at least we don’t like laying on men for a living LMFAO

        • WrestlingRules says:

          Yah right, I believe perhaps you are the loser drug addict. You need to have respect for your in-laws. You are just a disrespectful little shit for talking bad about your in-laws. What a slimeball. I KNOW now that your wife will soon leave you. No women respects a man that is SO disrespectful of her parents. No Matter What!! She is disappointed in you….You KNOW that don’t you?….Beg Jesus too help you, He Will..

        • nick no hiding gabris says:

          way to reveal how you feel about yourself. you obviously no nothing about people

        • WrestlingRules says:

          I know ALL about people, especially you……..

      • Xaninho says:

        hahaha, that’s harsh but funny!

        • WrestlingRules says:

          So you think I have been too harsh??? This guy is just a fuckin’ fool and is clueless!! btw: he is an admirer of you!!!

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Too bad that pile of shit Sonnen will never honor his WWE promise to leave the UFC forever after he gets his ass handed to him AGAIN. Who won the last fight again? That what i thought. you idiots are just as much of a piece of shit as that ROIDING-CHEATING-EXCUSE for a human being and lets not forget FEDERALLY CONVICTED FELON. What kind of person gets disqualified from NCAA wrestling while getting his ass handed to him in a wrestling match ONLY CHEAT Sonnen. What a disgrace of a person. His father must be rolling over in his grave with absolute disgust

    • Xaninho says:

      Filho got lazy, Sonnen would have lost to an in-shape Filho too. You’re making points out of nothing.

      Silva didn’t get lazy, he’s fired up and ready to shut Sonnen and his delusional fanboys up once and for all.

  8. Nuitari X says:

    I saw when silva got really close to sonnen like right in his face during the press conference but there was no audio so I didn’t know he said something. Apparently he said “You’re gonna die”!!!! Holy shitballs!!!!! I’m really starting to worry that he’s gonna do something really stupid in there, anybody with any sense knows he’s gonna win but I just hope the way he wins doesn’t also get him disqualified and/or arrested!!!! Don’t fuck up your legacy silva!! Put this jackass away but don’t put yourself away.

    • Shawn says:

      That’s the plus in combat sports, your LEGALLY allowed to beat the crap out of your opponent. It’s the ref’s job to make sure it doesn’t go to far. People have died in boxing from too many blows, and no arrests. But that’s the crappy thing, Silva will only be able to beat Sonnen to a certain degree before the ref stops the fight. I just hope that he makes every shot worth it. lol One shot, break his jaw. At least shut him up for a little while. Tired of listening to him rant. It was entertaining at first, now it’s just annoying.

  9. “And STILL……..UFC MiddleWeight Champion of the World……Anderson “The Spider” Silva” – Bruce Buffer’s last words spoken this coming saturday night!!!!! That’s all I have to say about that!!!!!!! Well, that and stop eating lead paint chips “WrestlingRules”. UFC Champ for 5 straight years……yeah that sure is UFC trash, but not the disrespectful, piece of shit, ROID abusing douche-nozzle!!!! Naw, course not him. He’s a fine, upstanding citizen….

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      Is this the fuckin hellbillie from west virginia 9Lives304??? How;s that fuckin fight picking percentage? what aren’t you 0 for 2 now. Yah 85% your so full of shit your starting to compost bitch…

  10. First of all, says:

    Anderson actually said, “DON’T MAKE ME CRY” or “YOU’RE LOOKING FLY” to Chael because Anderson is gay, people!

    And if you buy a PPV with only these two clowns fighting, you’re an idiot. (unless the PPV price is $5, then you go, boy!)

    • Guss says:

      Only gay thoughts come from gay minds. You stuck in the closet? Gotta bust loose? Footloose? It’s ok, I’m sure your family will still love you just the same.

  11. helio says:

    everyone is making wayyy too much of this shit than it actually is. people are acting like because Silva told Sonnen hes gonna smash him hes lost? Hes in Andersons head? Im pretty sure Anderson being the athlete and adult he is wont let comments 1 week out from the fight disturb him when hes been copping them for 2 years.
    Also with this whole, Chael is just gonna rag doll him again…
    1 question; who won the last fight?
    Anderson will just submit him again or beat his face off his back again.
    Talk is cheap and Sonnens still shopping

  12. Xaninho says:

    Anderson is playing the game. He’s making Sonnen very uncomfortable, he knows Sonnen is a coward. Sonnen’s big mouth can’t hide his little heart.

    Anderson made it clear it’s not a game but real.

    Sonnen is a criminal who does the crime, but whines and snitches when he faces doing the time.

    Whenever Sonnen gets a real confrontation he crumbles like he did in the van with Wanderlei confronting him with his bullshit.

  13. maurice says:

    um maybe some of u guys didnt even watch the press conference. anderson exposed chael for being a cheat, criminal and a fake in front of everyone. then chael sat there quietly trying to fend off answers from retiring to his cheating ass trt usage. chael even tried to back track on the comments he made about silvas wife and the shit he said about the brazilians. how can u talk that much shit for 2 years then when u finally get within 8 feet of anderson u try to renig on all the shit that has spewed out of ur mouth? i loved how anderson even went as far as to point out that chael once spoke bad about Neil armstrong for steroid usage, but yet he got caught doping as well. chael has been so disrespectlful and acted like a child for so long he didnt act tough during the staredown. looking into a real mans eyes scared the shit outta chael. he knows that his best oppurtunity to beat silva was when silva was hurt and he was roiding out of his mind…but yet he somehow lost that. chael + massive amounts of steroids couldnt beat anderson, but put up one hell of a fight. chael – massive amounts of steroids beats brian stann…lol…and loses to bisping. maybe u guys should go watch the press conference and not just the staredown. chael got exposed and didnt like that one bit. never seen him so fucking quiet. and u guys just leave wrestlingrules alone. IVE BEEN SAYING THIS A MILLION TIMES THESE LAST FEW DAYS, CHAEL SONNEN FANS LITERALLY ACT JUST LIKE SONNEN. SONNEN AND HIS FANS ARE REAL LIFE TROLLS.

    • Nuitari X says:

      Every word you just spoke was the truth. Nice. Ok you convinced me, Wrestlingrules you are now officially off the hook. I’ll stop exposing you for what you are and you can crawl back in your hole and stay there cause no way in hell is Sonnen winning this fight. Maurice speaks the truth take note people.

    • KIDD433 says:

      I AGREE,there all a bunch of retards and there casual fans

  14. maurice says:

    heres some comedic relief. dumbest shit ive ever seen.

  15. maurice says:

    @xaninho i know man. like i hate gsp, but even i had a hard time watching that shit. that dude needs to stop weight training and just work on his form. lol. i always said gsp has to be the most robotic elite fighter ive ever seen.

    • Xaninho says:

      lol he even talks like one!

    • Guss says:

      And yet he’s still the champ. Unbeaten in 9 fights. And before you start bantering off about how he lays and prays, and just stalls, watch his fights again. Even the ones that went to a decision. And look at his opponents, all of them, at the end of the fight. Now does that look like the work of a guy who runs around and stalls, or just lays on top of his opponents and does nothing? Didn’t think so. What shit do you smoke, I gotta try me some of that hallucinogenic. lol When you learn to watch fights, and train correctly, then you can have an opinion. This isn’t wrestling with “good guys” and “bad guys”. Just fighters. I have my favorites in MMA, but I watch MMA fights for the fight, and not for individual fighters. I’m not much of a Sonnen fan anymore (since his lost to Silva), and I’ve been a Silva fan since his early Pride days, but as long as it’s a good fight, it doesn’t really matter to me who wins. If it compares to the Hendo vs Rua, or any of the Cerrone vs Bendo WEC bouts, I’ll be a happy camper.

  16. maurice says:

    omg he does. i remember watching the tuf season with kos and gsp. and gsp had this one weird looking guy that i think is gsp mentor. either way the guy talked like a robot just like gsp. it was weird as fuck and it all made sense. gsp doesnt have a mind of his own.

  17. JGrenke says:

    Actually, his convictions were under a different authority and were segregated as such by national representatives.

    It’s imperative you do your research a head of time. Also, don’t put your bullshit in caps lock. Genius.

  18. Andy says:

    Silva has put countless top notch fighters away with no problem. Sonnen has crumbled some equally hardened guys. Silva does what he does to every single guy he fights, and Sonnen does too. These went 5 rounds before and it was absolutely brutal, with Silva’s skill trumping Sonnen’s brutality very, very late in the game. Anyone who’s already picked a winner here is really jumping the gun. If any of you get your way, no matter who your pulling for, and this is a one-sided gutting then it will be a huge disappointment for the sport. I, for one, am waiting for the fight of the decade, and I can’t honestly say I know who will win. This is gonna be rugged.

  19. Shawn says:

    Chael may have taken it to Silva like no other in their first fight. But let’s keep things real here, he was on roids…yes he was. Silva was injured…let’s say, not 100%. By all intent and purpose, Sonnen should have swept Silva in that fight. But he didn’t. And for his troubles, he also got beat up. Look up his face on Google. That’s not the face of man who did the “sole beating”. He got beat up too. And the pièce de résistance, he got caught in a…you guessed it…a TRIANGLE, he tapped, but the ref didn’t see and he tried to get away with it. Then Silva converts it into an arm bar, the ref saw that tap and heard his cry that time.

    Nope, he didn’t win the last fight, if he did, he’d have the strap and wouldn’t be bitching like a little brat baby, and stealing things that didn’t belong to him. lol Now he’s gotta face an angry and highly motivated Silva. I haven’t seen Silva like this in a very long time. The look in his eyes isn’t fear or frustration, it’s the “I’m going to kill you” look. Anyone who truly knows about fighting knows what that look is. And when he gets this “motivated”, his opponents go to sleep. Looks like Sonnen just poked a sleeping and hungry Grizzly one too many times, in it’s own cave. Hey all the best to Sonnen, I hope he puts up a fight and makes this more epic than the first. But the outcome is going to be the same, Silva retaining the belt. With one difference, it’s not going to last 5 rounds.

  20. Sonnen's Real Father says:

    Sonnen’s bullshit has gotten old. Sure, it’s a great marketing tool. The only reason most people even know who he is is because of his trash talking since he has an unimpressive record and no knockout power. On top of that, he is a convicted fraud who tried to laundry money and he is using TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) for medically dubious reasons.

    – Trash talker
    – Fraud
    – Uses steroids.

    I can’t wait to see him lose, and be forgotten like a bad hangover.

  21. maurice says:

    heres my deal with sonnen. sonnen with or without roids is one of the most dominate, aggressive gnp fighters in mma. chaels style is in your face brutal, with or without testosterone. but when u add testosterone to a beast like that its fucking insane. i WISH i could give chael credit for beating the shit outta anderson for 4 1/2 rounds, but i just cant. i cant respect a man that cheats. i was a gsp fan until i heard/saw that he cheated in the bj penn fight. before ufc 94 bj penn and gsp were my top 2 fav fighters by far. not only because chael cheated, but because anderson didnt even look remotely close to how he normally looks. anderson stood completlely still and got rocked by sonnens straight left, it was obvious andy slept on chael. he got caught sleepin on an opponent full of confidence and testosterone. i mean seriously chaels t/e rating was out of this world. i tried to ignore chaels t/e levels, but the dude just continously said the most ignorant shit that he could think of. imo chael is a clown and is the luckiest man in the world to SOMEHOW be back in this position against the spider. considering he didnt even beat bisping. at the end of the day, anderson on his worse day, beat chael sonnen on his best day. anything can happen sat, for all i know chael could get a first round tko over an overly aggressive silva. who knows? but i think with what each guy has done and what each guy represents, silva DESERVES to beat the living shit out of sonnen. the saying is “ur only as good as ur last fight.” if thats true then sonnen is in one hell of a beating come saturday. if chael beats silva saturday i will respect the win, but i will never respect what he represents. the worse part, is chael when he’s acting normal seems like a genuine great guy, with a great personality. the fact he does and says the shit he says just ruins his image in my eyes. the guys who love the wwe version of sonnen r the same guys who wont mention his name again if he gets embarassed by silva sat.

  22. Its a huge hype for a fight that will just be a boring chael sonnen wrestling match where sonnen will just man handle silva for five rounds and win on points I think chael sonnen will win this one but bring on ufc 149 faber vs barao ….. go faber….

  23. K2 says:

    Almost all the Brazilian fans will be rooting for Silva. Half the American fans will be rooting for Silva. Guess that tells you how much of a douche Sonnen is. He’s such a douche all he does all match is try and lay between your legs.

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