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Thursday, 10/04/2012, 11:54 am

Silva vs. Bonnar Will Be Nothing Like Silva vs. Griffin Insists UFC President | UFC NEWS

“There’s nothing wrong with fun fights, you can put on some fun fights sometimes. What people don’t realize is what a huge ‘Rocky’ story this is for Stephan [who's] been this guy that’s been right there. So many times he’s been so close. He’s on a three-fight winning streak and felt like there were no big fights for him and boom, this opportunity comes up. I know Stephan Bonnar, I know how much this means to him. He’s going after it. He’s gonna try to win this fight, it’s the biggest fight of his life. He’s gonna be so much bigger than Anderson in this fight it’s gonna be crazy. Anderson has fought at 205 before and you saw what he did with Forrest (Griffin), but this is a completely different fight. This is a dangerous fight for Anderson.”

Much has been said about the UFC 153 main event between Anderson Silva and Stephan Bonnar.

Some say the bout is not interesting enough and that Bonnar doesn’t deserve a shot at the P4P king. However in all fairness, the original main event was cancelled when Jose Aldo was forced out with an injury, and Silva stepped up on three-weeks notice to face whoever the UFC put in front of him. That man was Stephan Bonnar.

In a recent interview with ESPN, Dana White defends his decision to promote this fight and explains that it wont be as one sided as the Forrest Griffin vs. Anderson Silva fight.

If your memory fails you, hop to page 2 and check out a highlight video of Griffin vs. Silva.



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