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Tuesday, 08/28/2012, 11:23 am

Silva Tried To Save 151, Says Jones Could Have Fought Sonnen | UFC NEWS

“You have a whole camp preparing to fight a specific athlete When the opponent changes, the preparation changes a bit. I thought he could have fought Chael, but it’s his decision. He prepared to fight Dan Henderson. The whole team thought it was best not to fight.

When I heard the event might be canceled, I called [UFC President] Dana White and said I would fight in the light heavyweight division against someone who also wasn’t training for the event. Besides the main fight, the event had many other fighters who depended on it. I worried about that, because I have lived through situations like this in smaller events.”

UFC middleweight champion, Anderson Silva, talks to about the historic UFC 151 cancellation.


36 Responses to “Silva Tried To Save 151, Says Jones Could Have Fought Sonnen | UFC NEWS”

  1. Ronda Shite says:

    Go anderson silva!!!
    yeah right,Jon the chicken and cheese boner!

  2. Me says:

    I wonder what Anderson thinks of Chael. One second Chael was trash talking about him, His country and friends. Next thing you know he moves up a weight starts to trash talk Jones and nearly gets an immediate titleshot.

  3. magoo says:

    Jones shoulda fought Chael huh? Why didn’t you offer to fight jones, instead of a Bonnar or Hamill type fighter? Then you really coulda been a savior!

    • magoo says:

      Actually we all know why he didn’t!

    • Bob says:

      ummm because Silva didnt train and Jones was training this whole time..

      Silva agreed to fight in a division bigger than him “LHW” and fight anyone besides Jones that hasnt train.

      Silva is a middleweight so for him to say he would save the show by fighting in a higher weight class then his vs anyone who hasnt train is even to me. Not to mention he would put his whole reputation on the line as the greatest of all times coming from middleweight to LHW to fight someone who could end his legacy. A champion giving a LHW the chance to end his legacy in a Exhibition match..

      You put all the variables together and it would make sense. When will you monkeys get it over your head that Silva and Jones BOTH agree not to fight each other!

      • magoo says:

        Yea but the mans ass Anderson just kicked Chael Sonnen,was willing to take the fight on 8 days notice, why not Silva?A non title super fight both men would have made a shitload of money and still held there titles in there respected divisions! The only thing Anderson would have lost is his win streak……Booya!

        • Kyle says:

          Because you goof what happens if silva won? He wouldn’t want to vacate his middle weight title and start all over. He has a legacy at middleweight not lighheavyweight. Jones is a bitch straight up he trained the whole time but what he need’s to come up with a new game plan? give me a fucking break, vitor is going to knock his head off! wanna know why? Because vitor won’t come in with a gameplan,

        • magoo says:

          Meh! I said non title fight Kyle.

        • Thom says:

          Get back to the community page instead of this retarded newspage magoo! Your boy bones pulled the biggest bitchmove ever.

      • Sr.stinson says:

        Well actually it was the perfect scenario for anderson. Think about it, he fights jones on short notice if jones don’t agree he is the coward and will hunt him for the rest of his career, if he agrees and looses will be the decisive moment in anderson’s career and will go down as the best fighter of all time and again will hunt jones for the rest of his career, on the other hand if he wins everybody will go “ well anderson was not in his weight class, and he fought on short notice, etc”. So either way bones is screw.

        • T.DADDY says:

          Jones wudnt fight Sonnen what makes you think he wud fight Silva?? He knew Sonnen wud put him on his back… Bones let the fans he let the ufc and most of all he let the fans down… Vitor??? Really.. he don’t have snowballs chance in hell of beating jones

        • Sr.stinson says:

          Exactly, that’s my point. Anderson could have called out jones knowing that jones would refuse to fight him so everybody knows he wanted to fight jones even if he really doesn’t wanted in the first place but to the eyes of the fans he would be a hero for trying to fight jones on short notice to save the card and jones would be the bad guy and a pussy just like right now.
          Like I said either way bones is screw.

        • BowtieAssassin says:

          He’s got a better chance then Sonnen, slime is better then none.

        • 757 says:

          Unfortunately allot of people to include Anderson talk trash on Vitor, but he stepped up and made it happen. Well done Vitor!! I do like Anderson and respect all of his accomplishments so it’s not that, I just feel that Vitor stepped up and should get credit

        • Reality says:

          I don’t see why Anderson Silva should bluff. He says he’s not interested in fighting Jon Jones out of honor for Jones and his teammates. To turn around and call out Jones for no reason isn’t consistent with what he has been saying. Also, I question if the UFC would want Silva vs. Jones on 8 days notice without the Spider being in shape. That makes no sense. That would be a HUGE event going to waste in my opinion. To the others responding to this Jon Jones would TERRORIZE Chael on ANY days notice. Chael has 0% to 3% chance(if that) of beating Jon Jones in all scenarios. I think a lot of fans on this side are fickle and don’t understand what’s going on. This is my opinion.

      • Anti-Zuffa says:

        Silva’s walking weight is 220. He’s by nature, a LHW.

    • Smackuround says:

      First he admitted he was not in the best shape. Second he has a legacy to be damaged, he is a lighter champ. Sonnen had little to lose, even was going to relinquish his purse to jones. Kudos to both men for being honorable to the UFC when they need it most. Sonnen summed it up best, jones is a entitled, selfish brat. I can’t wait for Dana to get revenge!!!

      • Reality says:

        I agree with most of what you said there. Chael had nothing to lose and Anderson had everything to lose. As for Jones turning down the fight, it’s neither here nor there with me. The UFC made some bad business decisions leading up to this event and a seemingly emotional decision to cancel at the end. Their faulth, not Jones. Yes, Jones could have beaten the hell out of Chael on 8 days notice, but him and his team had their reasons not to go there. I’m not in his shoes so I can’t say.

    • BowtieAssassin says:

      LOL, yeah dude the guy who declined a fight with Sonnen on 8 days notice most definitely would of excepted one with arguably the g.o.a.t who coincidentally just handed Sonnen the worst beating of his career, very likely indeed.

  4. Even Anderson Silva's Offer Came With Strings says:

    “I would fight in the light heavyweight division against someone who also wasn’t training for the event.” – Anderson Silva, P4P Greatest Fighter Ever

    Exactly what was previously said: why not offer to fight Jones on 8 days notice? Champions should never turn down a fight. Why didn’t Dana offer the fight to Silva? And if he did, why didn’t Silva accept it? Everyone and their cat (lol) wants to see Silva vs Jones, not Jones and Vitor. Because I believe Silva was offered the Jones fight and he turned it down. Silva’s last fight lasted less than two rounds! He should be ready to go, at all times, because he is a champion! (so I’m beginning to hear from fans).

    Dana is hot and cold, man, and it’ irritating. He’ll change on a fighter in a heartbeat. Ask Silva himself. Or Tito. And BJ. And Rampage. Jones is just the latest. Give Dana a couple of months, he’ll be back supporting Jones and calling Jones “one of the P4P best fighters ever” or something along those lines. And the MMA world will be at peace……for the time being.

    • Zack says:

      I think Anderson would fight jones if he had a training camp and I think he would win. I agree tho even tho jones should’ve taken the fight with sonnen. You can’t put all the blame on jones. Dana could’ve easily made silva vs Belfort 2 or silva vs rashad. Rashad isn’t training for anyone so that would’ve been the perfect matchup. But we don’t know everything that went on behind the curtain and can only speculate.

    • BowtieAssassin says:

      Oh you “believe” he was offered the Jones fight, feel free to back up your opinion with some facts champ.

  5. Xaninho says:

    lol…So according to some people on here Silva should fight at LHW against Jones who has had a 3 month trainingcamp on 8 days notice?

    You people don’t realize he’s been slacking and enjoying his break after defending his title?

  6. Trevor says:

    If Anderson would of fought Jones…
    A) he would of been at a huge disadvantage in terms of training.
    B) he’s already ad a size disadvantage, why move up if you’re not at least physically prepared.
    C) he would of had to vacate his middleweight belt to fight for the light heavyweight belt.

  7. JP says:

    I’m not a big Anderson Silva fan, but this gave me a lot more respect for him. I like that he was being a company man!

  8. Kingsforge says:

    Anderson didn’t want to fight Jones because he wasn’t after the title, Chael did want to fight Jones because he is after the title. It’s simple, Anderson just offered to fight because he wanted to save the card and help the other fighters and the UFC out, it wasn’t a glory mission, it was just business. Anderson is on his way to retirement and with his skill set taking out some unprepared LHW would have been a sweet bonus payout for him.

  9. jesus korean says:

    anderson would school bones guaranteed.

  10. dfsdds says:

    lol Magoo, people like you are retards of the earth.

  11. jdog says:

    If Silva really did say anyone in the LHW division not training, why not have him fight Chael, after all Chael said he wasn’t training, chael against Silva LHW that would be a good fight and if he lost then Chael would go back down and try again and start the hype train for the third time.

  12. v says:

    he didn’t take the chael fight, what makes you think jones would exept the silva challege…… doesn’t take much thinking to come up with that conclusion.

  13. Shawn says:

    Silva, Machida and Rua all have something to lose taking the fight on 8 day notice. Jones is the champ for a reason, and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Doesn’t matter who you are. Chael doesn’t have anything to lose, only gain. Even if he lost, he would still be known as the guy that took on a champ on short notice, w very little to no training time. He would have garnered a lot of respect. Even from his haters. Jones, or rather his camp knows this. And every fighter knows, one of the toughest fights are against those that have nothing to lose. Jackson was afraid of the consequences should Jones lose. Its happened where a last minute replacement beats the favourite whos had a full training camp. There is no other reason for Jones not to have taken the fight, but that fear. Him and his camp have a lot to lose if Sonnen won. Jackson will only take fights he feels he can win. That means having another full training camp to fight Sonnen. And Jones is a Jackson bitch. He will always listen to Greg. He’s not a champ, he’s a chump. He personally said he would NEVER turn down a fight. How quickly one turns into a bitch after fame and fortune.

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