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Monday, 01/13/2014, 06:36 am

Silva Says Accident, Not Chris Weidman To Blame For UFC 168 Loss

“I believe that, if you pay attention to these technical details, you will see that (checking the kick) was instinct, not something that he trained to do.

“No, I don’t think (Weidman should consider it a win). It was an accident. And I’m pretty sure I would have won the fight.”

In a recent interview with Brazilian Media Outlet, Globo, the former UFC middleweight champ put the blame on his recent defeat on chance and not his opponent.



0 Responses to “Silva Says Accident, Not Chris Weidman To Blame For UFC 168 Loss”

  1. King_DG says:

    pretty sure if he didn’t break his leg, he would have lost a decision. Weidman was winning the first round and almost KO Silva, and I’m a big Silva fan.

    • XXxxMacleodxxXX says:

      me too..sometimes you have to accept when your game has been figured out…you now can change it and try to regain the belt or keep being your own “yes man” and get pretzeled again… is the same thing I felt when Royce was pummeled by Hughes… something you have to accept.

      • King_DG says:

        yep that’s the truth, Silva lost, will never beat Weidman and I am ok with that because I don’t see anyone other then maybe Jon Jones that will ever beat Silva’s record.

    • seminalcacti says:

      a simpleton would have thought the same thing in the 1st Sonnen fight, but what happened there? Silva lost all 5 rounds then submitted Sonnen in the last minute of the fight. To say Wiedman had a for sure win just because he won the first round is defined by the word “assumption”

      • Jack says:

        It’s also an assumption to believe that Silva would pull out a submission at the last minute. Sonnen has a history of being submitted, particularly by triangles. Weidman has never even had a submission successfully attempted on him. He’s a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu who won Grappler’s Quest with three months of training and made it to the quarterfinals in Abu Dhabi with a year of training. Sonnen has nowhere near Weidman’s submission defense. It’s probably a better assumption that if Silva would have pulled off a victory, it wouldn’t have been a submission. People talk about Weidman and Sonnen as if they are the same fighter. They have nothing in common other than being American amateur wrestlers.

        • seminalcacti says:

          no dummy it would be a “possibility” not “assumption” as I’m not “assuming” where the word “assumption” comes from.

      • King_DG says:

        did you watch both fights? At what point in time did you see Silva mount any offence? He was on the defensive the whole time. Look I am one of the biggest Silva fans, but I can see that he has nothin for Weidman. I hope they never fight again because I don’t wanna see Silva get KO or submitted. Just like I don’t even want to watch the Penn vs Frankie fight because I know Frankie is going to outpoint BJ to a decision.

        • seminalcacti says:

          Yes I watched both fight? At what point in time did you see Silva mount any offense in the Mia fight? the very last minute of the very last round. asshat. You’re making an “assumption” based on 2 rounds what would have happened for another 3 rounds if silva had not broken his leg.

        • King_DG says:

          nice try deflecting moron, I’m talking about the Weidman fight, try to stay on topic. Again I ask you, at what point in the Weidman fight did you see Silva mount any offence? When he broke his leg?

        • seminalcacti says:

          I am on topic. You’re saying chris had the for sure win based on his first round performance. My point is you can’t assume that based on silva’s previous fights ie-vs Sonnen. I’m not deflecting I’m stating facts to support my point that you cannot for sure say Chris was going to win if Silva didn’t break his leg. In my previous reply i did say Mia.. i meant the first fight vs Sonnen.

      • MarkStolzoff says:

        except Weidman finished Silva

  2. Dustin Hehmann says:

    I honestly believe had it not been for the antics in the first, Weidman would have gassed and been dominated 3-5, and if not for the break in the second, Weidman would have gassed, and been dominated 3-5. People can say what they want and I really can’t hate cause he got both W’s, but fact is Weidman hasn’t even been in round 4, and he’s a big dude, muscle takes oxygen.
    He admitted feeling “sluggish” in the first, and I seen transparently, he was “done” when he won that fight, meaning he didn’t have enough in the tank to continue. That being said he looked and I’m sure felt better in #2, and if they rematch the scales will be leaning ever more his direction as he improves and Silva ages.

  3. obamafide says:

    i believe weidman deserved to win the second fight off of a beast kick check. but at the same time. i do have to say i think the 2nd win was a fluke….nobody can be ready to break guy’s shin that way on purpose. good technique, lucky result.

    • MarkStolzoff says:

      A Block is a Strike , wise up , He Won the Fight with a strike

      • seminalcacti says:

        you’re stupid as shit, LOL. so is a strike a block? in your stupid asshat brain dictionary, the words “strike” and “block” are synonyms? do you know what synonym is? A moron saying wise up is the funniest thing i’ve ever heard. Moron, “leg check” is a defensive move and on the point card it’s not counted as a strike. Contact the athletic commission about this before you make a buffoon out of yourself.

        • MarkStolzoff says:

          That’s a pretty big failure to understand basic logic on your part so I’m not even sure I can explain this to you, you really should finish middle school and then come back and try to understand this. All apples are fruit. Not all Fruits are Apples. Got it? So While blocks are strikes, not all strikes are blocks.

        • seminalcacti says:

          WTF are you even saying right now? You clearly said “A Block is a Strike” …. stop looking like an asshole and contact the athletic commission and see how wrong you are retard. You’re not even sure you can explain this to me because YOU’RE NOT MAKING ANY FUCKING SENSE MORON. name ONE fucking MMA judge that counts blocks as strikes you buffoon.

        • MarkStolzoff says:

          You obviously didn’t take my advice on finishing middle school. I’m sorry basic logic isn’t in your comprehension wheel house. Might I suggest “See Spot Run” or the popular Children’s magazine “Highlights”

        • seminalcacti says:

          Only a pedo faggot like you would reference a children’s book after saying a block is a strike. Stop touching children and look up the words “Block” and “Strike” maybe you’ll learn they’re two different words with 2 different meanings

  4. XXxxMacleodxxXX says:

    that’s why he did it twice and made you look like Gumby…….hop on Pokey and trot along with that excuse

  5. Daniel Calvario Ramirez says:

    since Weidman won the first one he got so coky and with this “win” he is getting like a peacock, I hope Vitor takes his head off and from Silva I hope he takes some superfights or something like that before retiring, the truth is he is getting older and I wouldn’t like to see him just like Ken Shamrock:::

    • XXxxMacleodxxXX says:

      I think Vitor and Weidman is gonna be a blood bath…..probably fight of the year…..but I said that about Vitor and Silva until Seagal got into the mix

  6. trever says:

    Silvas is getting old and yes he still has it but not like he did several years ago just like Matt Hughes he came to conclusion that he don’t have wat he did when he was several years younger. But Silva era is over and everyone needs realize it. I mean Silva is a beast but Weildman is a beast and he is a start of the new era.

  7. MarkStolzoff says:

    Is is Seriously fucking Weak, for several reasons

    • seminalcacti says:

      all your replies – Is Is Seriously fucking Weak, for several reasons.

      • MarkStolzoff says:

        Is Is? Huh?

        • seminalcacti says:

          that’s what you wrote, don’t edit your comments and pretend you didn’t say it. Aren’t you the fucking moron saying a block is a strike?… like +Walter says.. if the opponent falls down you probably would consider that a take down. You’re a fucking clown.

        • MarkStolzoff says:

          DO you really not understand the difference between blocking someones strike , and someone falling down on their own? The Heart of BJJ is using someones strength against them. That’s exactly what you’re doing with a good block.

        • seminalcacti says:

          Name one fucking judge or anyone who works with the Athletic commission who considers and scores a checked kick as a strike fucktard.

        • MarkStolzoff says:

          Name one MMA fighter who says it isn’t , i Didn’t make this shit up on my own, it’s what fighters say

        • seminalcacti says:

          are you even being forreal? what fighters said this? why didn’t you name any? and i didn’t know if in fact a fighter actually does think a block is a strike… why that would matter since a judge/athletic commission scores the fights… not the fighter. You are the biggest moron there is. Why do you keep replying with no facts to back up your trolling comments?

  8. Matt says:

    In two fights, Weidman won 2 rounds, Silva 0. Weidman knocked him out and broke his leg in half…yeah, Anderson, sure you would have…

  9. Mhernandez says:

    in a street fight he broke his leg an weidman woulda jumped on him an pounded him into coma im not looking at it as a mma event its anything goes so if there was no ref i would consider silva a loss i got mad respect for silva, and i got new respect for weidman. at the end of the day who was standing on two feet with arms raised… i wish silva diddent break his leg cuz if he diddent i believe there woulda been a different outcome, silva is still a beast an if it did come to the nex few rounds i dont know who would have won but i do know silva wasent backing down an he had a lil bit of control of how much damage he took in the first round. he lost the round but wasent outta the fight. reference the cheal sonnan first fight wen he was juiced up.. anything could happen an slvas good at making split second moves like that triangle armbar he pulled

  10. Fuck Silva says:

    Silva is a bitch, who is overated and lucked out a lot in his career. Glad his leg broke!

  11. Will says:

    Silva is in some real denial now. He lost because his body failed him. Weidmans body did not fail him. Weidmans body held up to a strong kick by Silva and in the clash of legs Silva broke his while Weidman was just fine. That to me is simply a loss. Point blank. Checking kicks is a technique that Silva knows damn well enough about as he is a Muay Thai practitioner. The goal of checking a kick is to turn your opponents destructive energy against themselves. And that is exactly what happened in the most realized way. Instincts are what we train in the gym. THAT IS THE WHOLE POINT OF TRAINING. To fight without having to think for every step but just let it flow out of you. Instincts are what win fights. Weidmans instincts and body beat out Silvas. The End.

    • W. Mathew Drumm says:

      You also have to take into consideration the effect that the weight-cut Silva endured to make 185 had as well. Anyone who understands physiology knows the role that the bursae and the body’s fluid balance has in maintaining the skeleton’s ability to absorb impact, and the day and night between weigh-in and a fight simply isn’t enough time to regain that fluid balance. Your body cannot absorb it fast enough. When you consider that Silva had to cut weight to make 205, imagine how cutting to 185 must affect him or feel. That sort of cut would be a butt-kicker for someone in their 20’s and Silva is in his late 30’s.

  12. vatoDETH says:

    Both Weidman wins were fluke. The rematch never answered any questions after the first fight, possibly leaving more questions of the new champs legitimacy. I personally think that Anderson should retire, but I will gladly watch a full fight between these two.

    Anderson should take a couple of tune up matches to regain his confidence and fighting composure. He needs to work his way up and validate his skills again. It will be interesting to watch his road to recovery.

  13. Sasquatch says:

    Wow Andy.. that’s some serious denial.

  14. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    Looks like Andy is trying to pick a fight. Or more accurately, his management team is trying to pick a fight when or if he returns. They figure Weidman will still be champ in about a year or so, so let’s roll the dice. It’s hard to admit you are old, brittle and slow…plus looking to make some money since he and his little entourage don’t know how to make money any other way. Their racehorse has a bum leg…

  15. Sec says:

    Agreed. Two fluke victories, but I’m not taking away from Weidman as a fighter. He is great, but he’s still yet to have a legit match with Anderson. The first time it was Anderson’s own fault and he got what he deserved, and the second fight Silva was only just getting started in round two like he always does, especially after letting the wrestlers take him down in round one like he always does. That kick Silva threw was monstrously powerful. If the fight continued and Silva’s leg didn’t snap, reducing the impact it had, then Weidman would have felt it bad. It was just an accident though. Hurting yourself on someone’s leg, regardless if it is checked or not isn’t exactly a means of victory. You check a kick to protect yourself from feeling too much of the pain. It’s like putting a guard up in a boxing match. I’m okay with Weidman holding the title for now, but we truly need one legit match without foolishness or accidents. In a year and a half when Silva returns, I doubt Weidman will still have the title anyway. I’m sure Belfort or Machida will be holding it, but I’d still love a Silva/Weidman 3, that hopefully doesn’t end in controversy. This whole mess could have been avoided though if Silva just didn’t fuck around in the first one. It still pisses me off.

  16. walter says:

    LoL you pros on weidmans nuts have some really great logic there. Using the same logic, if a guy blocked a punch and the other guy just happened to break his arm does that mean the dude that blocked it broke his arm? next youre going to say if a guy fell down it counts as a take down? wtf. come on. theres no real way to say who would have one the fight because it didnt play out. Silva broke his leg (not weidman) and the fight had to be ended. of course weidman gets the W, but its not like it counts as a KO

    • seminalcacti says:

      “next youre going to say if a guy fell down it counts as a take down?” LOL that is awesome. this moron +MarkStolzoff would definitely count a fall as a takedown. LOL. He is saying a block is a strike… the funniest shit i’ve ever heard.

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