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Monday, 12/10/2012, 02:38 pm

Silva Requests 10-Fight Contract from UFC | UFC NEWS

When you’re considered the “greatest of all time” I guess it’s fair to say that you can ask for anything your championship heart desires…and that’s exactly what Anderson Silva has been doing. He has been very adamant about getting the super-fight with GSP drawn up, although it seems that may not happen this time around, and now it seems that Silva is pulling the puppet strings while in talks to renegotiate his fight contract with the UFC, which has only two fights remaining on it at this point.

This past weekend Dana White sat down for a live 30-minute chat that was sponsored by MetroPCS, which can be viewed in full at White covered many topics during the chat and that includes the progress of contract negotiations with UFC Middleweight champion Anderson Silva.

At 37-years-old and with two fights remaining on his current contract it would only make sense that the UFC would renegotiate Silva’s contract with the standard four-fight contract and then play things by ear from that point forward. However, White is no fool and he knows how great of an asset Silva really is to his company so he went out on a limb and offered Silva an eight-fight contract that would presumably take Anderson well into his 40’s and to the end of his fight career. But for some reason this did not satisfy “The Spider” and he rejected the offer.

According to White, Silva’s response can be summed up in two words : “F— that.” Instead, Anderson stated, “I want a 10-fight deal.” Talk about marching to the beat of your own drum! What makes this such an awkward request is that Silva has been very up-and-down in the recently about how long he wants to stay in the fight game. He has been quoted in the past as saying things like he wants to retire at 35, he wants to fight for ten more years, he wants to quit MMA and start boxing professionally, and he only has a handful of fights left in him. So it seems a bit odd that all of a sudden he wants to fight at least 10 more times…but when you’ve done all that Anderson has done in the sport of MMA I guess you can ask for whatever you want. And on top of that, as a part of the media and as a diehard fan I really have no right to question his request. Besides, don’t we want to see Anderson fight as long as possible? Let’s do some math to put a perspective on this contract;

Randy Couture retired at 47, Mark Coleman fought in his 40’s, Dan Henderson is still fighting at 42 and all of these fighters have taken much more punishment over the span of their careers than Anderson Silva has. I mean, let’s face it, “The Spider” has never been knocked out. So a 10-fight contract doesn’t really seem illogical when we put the numbers together. If Silva fights 2-3 times a year his contract would be around the time he turns 42. And considering his dominance over the past year I would say he is nowhere even close to his decline in the sport. And to top it all off, look at all the matchups that are still so appealing to fans! Anderson has his eyes set on records that could possibly never be touched again, plus it never hurts to point out the millions of dollars he still stands to make by fighting ten more times.

So is he right to request such a lengthy contract extension or is he being irrational? What do you think Penn Nation? How much longer does Anderson Silva have left and should the UFC give “The Spider” the ten-fight deal he has requested? Let’s hear it, fight fans!


13 Responses to “Silva Requests 10-Fight Contract from UFC | UFC NEWS”

  1. Bob says:

    This man is a MMA God.. Give him what he asks, he deserves it all!!!

    • Trent says:

      Dam right Bob. They shouldn’t even have to think about it, if Anderson Silva wants a 20 fight deal and wants his last fight to be against Bob Barker, fucking let him do it! Silva is the king, always will be and no one will ever touch what he has done in the sport. Johnny Bones Jones will come close, but 15 fights of pure domination? Nah, JBJ will mess up before then

    • Credible Hulk says:

      What Bob said.

  2. James Loveless says:

    Yes, he is the greatest ever to step into the Octagon. I think that Anderson Silva should fight Rory McDonald next. Rory won’t fight GSP and everyone seems to think that Rory is better than GSP. GSP is to scared to fight AS. Rory is too stupid to say no. So let’s watch Rory get his butt kicked.

    • Credible Hulk says:

      I wouldn’t say GSP is scared of AS. GSP has clearly stated he would fight AS if a catch weight of 175 pounds (?) could be agreed. Has AS agreed to that? (honest question) I don’t recall hearing AS agree to drop weight, and GSP would really struggle to bulk up (naturally) to fight AS as a MW. I’m confident it’ll happen, probably not until late next year at the earliest being my guess.

  3. jo says:

    A 10 fight deal would be hella cool. That would make way for re-matches against Bones and GSP if necessary – or better yet “if the fans want it” in my D. White voice.

  4. artdesh says:

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  5. josh says:

    if JBJ & GSP wouldn’t be on those fights, i think it would be pointless..

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