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Friday, 11/09/2012, 09:16 am

Silva Manager Ed Soares Seeks GSP Super Fight At 178 Pounds | UFC NEWS

“Maybe a catchweight would be the right thing. I think a catchweight is fair. 178 [would be a fair catchweight]. Anderson told me he can make 170, whether he can or not I don’t know, that’s a lot of weight. ”

“Jon Jones is a tough fight, but Georges St. Pierre is a tough fight too, man. You know, people, you know, they’re both tough fighters, you know? But when you look at Anderson’s stats, he’s close to George St. Pierre’s stats as far as size, as far as reach, as far as age, as far as everything. So he’s closer – there’s less difference in weight, in height, in reach, in all that. Maybe in height it might be similar, a little closer to Jon Jones but in every other way – in weight and everything like that, Georges St. Pierre is closer to Anderson than Jon Jones is to Anderson. “

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15 Responses to “Silva Manager Ed Soares Seeks GSP Super Fight At 178 Pounds | UFC NEWS”

  1. ricky says:

    anderson is scared of jones. point blank. period.

    • Jujitsu Player says:

      Ricky – I think you’re right. Silva is huge for a MW and has to make a massive weight cut to get to 185lb. He’s also 4 inches taller than GSP, the Jones fight makes more sense to me but I’d like to see both.

  2. Dothraki says:

    Dont blame SIlva ducking Jones. Jones is a big dude that throws those crappy knee kicks. No honor in Jones style.

  3. B-rad says:

    178 is what i compete in kickboxing at 😀

  4. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    Its only ok for GSP to fight 150 lbs Lightweights but its not fair if GSP fights someon who weighs 8 lbs more than him in a superfight at catchweight. GSP has fought at least 4 lightweights and one bantamweight in his career but NEVER once has he had the b’alls to fight anyone a few lbs bigger. GSP nut’huggers talk day an d nite about him beating Penn even though GSp walked into the cage at fight time at around 195+ lbs while Penn was 168 lbs but whats ok for mighty GSp aint ok for anyone else even if its 100% fair fight. Lets see if GSP ever fights a superfight when he’s almost 38 yrs old. yeah right it will never happen because we all know GSP is a year or less from being retired. 8 lbs and 7 yrs older makes the Silva vs GSP fight 100% fair fight

  5. Dopey says:

    Silva ducking jones like a p@$*y..calling out the smaller fighter that hasn’t fought in a year,and Is coming off an injury …I’m laugh when gsp smashes on him ..still say he should fight jones

  6. Jamie says:

    Actually Silva is closer to Jones, in height AND weight. Ed Soares is just another Greg Jackson, anything to avoid a loss. This fight should’ve been made years ago.

  7. Brian says:

    I think 178 is quite sporting for Silva, considering he can fight at 205. 178 is a big cut.

  8. 123 says:

    anderson silva should fight.. michael bisping, chris weidman, alan belcher & then fight jon jones.. george st pierre is busy with carlos condit, martin kampmann & nick diaz.. ect.

  9. jone says:

    all you idiots saying silva is ducking jones…jones is going to hw very soon…and anderson has been calling greasy out for years..but greasy always makes excuse about his weight ,even though he walks around near 200 so he would just cut les weight..gsp is scared..i dnt think anderson is scared after watching vitor almost sumit @ dopey u fuk anderson wAS COMING OFF LAY OFF AND knee surgery when he fought sonnen the 2nd time,,your a total idiot..stick to talk cuz u dont know shit

  10. Idiots says:

    Anderson weighed 197 for th Okami fight and for the Shields fight GSP was 194
    Anderson reach 78 GSP 76
    Anderson walks around at 225 but it’s mostly fat
    GSP is like 200 pure muscle
    Only big difference is height and we will see how big the difference is when he fights Carlos since they’re the same height

    • BasRutt says:

      You fuc$ing retard, Silva is not mostly fat, have you ever seen a fuc4ing picture of Silva looking anything but ripped…he’s just a big tall dude for MW and makes a massive cut down l85lb to so as a similar size advantage Jones has at LHW.

      Silva v’s Jones is a closer match up it’s just Ed Soares knows Jones would destroy him so he’s pushing to fight a guy 4 inches shorter than Silva…

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