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Friday, 09/21/2012, 10:48 am

Silva Lets Weidman Know He Has To Work & Wait For His Shot, Wants GSP Next | UFC NEWS

“Everything has it’s time. He’ll have his opportunity to fight for the belt. Maybe I fight next before he gets the shot, I lose and he fights someone else. We don’t know. I can fight Bonnar, lose and say: ‘you know what, I don’t want it anymore’. Or maybe I win and way ‘I don’t want this anymore’. Or maybe drop to welterweight or move up to heavyweight. Anything can happen. Every UFC fighter will have their chance. You have to work and wait for your opportunity… I hope that [GSP is] my next fight. I believe everybody wants to see that fight”

In Brazil today UFC 153 fighters participated in a pre-fight press conference and this quote from Anderson Silva comes from Tatame’s Guilherme Cruz official twitter account.



64 Responses to “Silva Lets Weidman Know He Has To Work & Wait For His Shot, Wants GSP Next | UFC NEWS”

  1. Dopey says:

    Silva quick DUCKING.. Pussy.. We don’t want to c u fight g.s.p. We want to c u fight JONES U said before u would fight the light heavyweight champ as long as it wasn’t machida…so grow some balls n make it happen

  2. mean170 says:

    ‘Man Silva is ducking Weidman’. Really? Really? Let’s breakdown Weidman vs Silva round by round. Silva circles around switching stances and pawing the jab out there lazily. Weidman follows him throwing half-ass punches that dont get anywhere near Silva. About a minute in, Weidman shoots for a take-down from so far away he doesn’t have a shot at getting it. Silva drops his hands to his waist. Weidman tries for another takedown, actually gets ahold of Silva, but it is up against the cage. Silva hits Weidman with a knee then gets off the cage. Silva then gets bored with Weidman’s mediocre skill set and starts getting offensive. Silva connects with a jab, then a straight, Weidman swings, Silva moves his head back and cracks Weidman with a good on that drops him. Silva lets him get up and then hits him a few more times, maybe a body-kick just because. Weidman goes down, covers up, Silva hits him 10-15 times, the ref tells Weidman to defend himself, he doesn’t. TKO Anderson Silva Round 1. Following this fight Weidman then loses to Bisping, and then Alan Belcher after that. And 3 years from this fight we are wondering how he ever got a title shot in the first place. End of Story.

  3. Not You says:

    Silva ain’t ducking shit. He’s tired of people talking their way to his title. He would embarrass Weidman 10 times out of 10. Jones was the first person to say, “I don’t want to fight Anderson, he’s an idol to me and I’d like to train with him, etc.”

  4. Jujitsu says:

    He isnt ducking. He wants gsp cos its a legacy and bank account builder. I do hope he fights jbj after just so haters shut up about how hes a coward. Silva has nothing to prove to anyone hes been untouchable in the ufc an now wants superfights. Hes earned that right. Gsp is a more established p4per than jbj AT THE MOMENT cos of how long hes been on top. No doubt jbj is a future p4p list topper but right now gsp makes more sense. Simple as that. So just behave with this stupid ducking talk.

  5. What? says:

    I don’t think silva is ducking weidman but I do think weidman needs at least one more big name win before he gets the shot. I say between Stann and bisping then the winner gets the shot

    • tRoy says:

      One more big name? Which would be his first big name! Who has Weiselman fought that is a big name? I see nothing impressive about his skills, so how does he earn the title shot?

  6. KIDD433 says:

    Fighting Weidman is a waste of à fight on Silvas career.Jones should fight Dos Santos,Since theyre closer in weight age and size.If anybody is ducking anybody,its GSP ducking Silva.Has been for a while now.

  7. Dee says:

    He doesn’t sound like he’s ducking anyone. It sounds like he wants one big fight before he goes out. The guys has fought so long he deserves to choose who he wants his last opponent to be. He gave the young guy good advice which is to go out there and fight.

    Weidman has avoided Bisping, Stann, Belfort, and Belcher in an attempt to to get the title and that’s not the right way to go about it. Weidman will probably beat Boestsch, but it really doesn’t mean anything. I just want fighters to just fight.

  8. CanILive says:

    who wants to see him vs GSP??? that was when everyone thought only those 2 were the best…. i feel like Silva is living in the past

    • life is meh says:

      I’d certainly like to see 2 of the top 3 P4P fighters in the world fight. Unless of course they change the rules and I can watch Silva, Jones and GSP fight each other all at the same time.

  9. Mike McMack says:

    Spidey wants fights that will net him the biggest chunks of cash. If Weidman fights one more time against a guy like Bisping or Stann and that fight is heavily promoted by the UFC (and heavily hyped if he fights Bisping) then it’ll make Weidman a bigger name which will make Silva more money if/when they do fight. The Silva/GSP fight will be the biggest fight in MMA history and the biggest payday Georges and Anderson have ever had, which is why I believe GSP changed his tune on wanting to fight Silva. Spidey is being smart in realizing that every fight from here on will be one less chance to make big money in the UFC. Silva isn’t ducking Weidman cause he’s scared to lose to him he’s ducking cause he’s scared of the money he’d lose taking a fight that would pay him much less.

    If I were a UFC fighter with options as to who I could fight I’d want the fights that would pay me the most money, wouldn’t you?

  10. Xaninho says:

    Silva put it very civil, but essentially he is saying “Weidman stfu and fight some real competition before getting your ass kicked by me”

  11. Lol says:

    Lol… Weidman doesn’t deserve to fight Silva. He’s sloppy and would get destroyed. I think Xaninho said it best… Weidman needs to stfu and fight some more, BETTER fighters before fighting 1 of the, if not the best pound for pound fighter to ever step in the cage…

    It’s true that the GSP vs. Silva is an old conversation.. But it would still be a super match if you will.. They’re the ONLY people to consistently defend their belt and do it in superb fashion. After GSP walks through Condit… Hate that dude. I would love to see Silva drop some weight and watch GSP vs. Silva.

    If you don’t want to see that fight. You don’t appreciate MMA and need to watch Volleyball or something else.

    I’m disappointed that Jones doesn’t want to fight Silva though… I can understand that he looks up to him and wants to train with him.. I mean who wouldn’t.. But I honestly think that fight would be the best fight ever…

  12. rob says:

    I agree bisping or stann ? Nxt title shot weidman , as not got the attributes, for Silva , I don’t see Stan or bisping beating Silva either , but would be far more entertaining , weidman needs to calm it dwn , ur is chasing this shot ,, he needs few more fights ?

  13. wade says:

    If no one wants to see GSP/Silva then how come that is the MMA fight everyone has talked about for the last 3 years? Everyone wants to see it. People just have this attitude that oh Silva is bigger so he’ll win, but since he is smaller than Jones people want to see them fight. So where is Jones calling out JDS and where is GSP calling out Silva ? All 4 champions are dominant in their weight classes and the only one who realistically has no choice in the matter is JDS as he can’t cut to 205

  14. BT says:

    Silva only has a couple of fights left before he retires…why should he waste one on someone with very little marketability like Weidman?

  15. Ryan Prieur says:

    Everyone keeps saying silva is bigger then GSP, GSP is a give welter weight, and silva is a small middle weight. Yea silva has fought at 205 but he has also competed as a welter weight. I think GSP match up very well in terms of size, GSP should step up to middle in my opinion

    • sidekix says:

      Silva is not a small middle weight, he is considerably bigger than gsp. If you saw them next to each other you would see it Silvana is taller and still walks around heavier than gsp.

  16. Wisdom of Penn says:

    Let us see SILVA VS GSP .. would be awesome to see what silva would do against GSP’s boring but winning wrestling style =)

    • Philly says:

      My money would be on GSP. He would have no problem getting Silva down. He is a freakishly strong welterweight…stronger than Sonnen (he would do much more damage in the top position), and has much better submission defense.

      • Sasquatch says:

        Agree… GSP’s pretty much better at everything compared to Chael (striking, BJJ, TD’s, GnP, cardio, the list goes on…). Don’t know if he’d beat Silva but I’d sure like to find out.

  17. 123 says:

    jake shields would beat chris weidman.

  18. 757 says:

    Silva isn’t ducking Weidman. He doesn’t have to. Weidman isn’t even close to Silva. I don’t care what he has done. Silva is in a totally different universe let’s be serious. ……Oh yeah dopey well that name says it all. The only thing that would be more fitting might be dopey the dildo.

  19. grandpoobah says:

    It doesn’t matter what any of you people say, if there was a Silva vs. Weidman fight, you all would watch it – whether you think he deserves a title shot or not, any comments to the matter just proved that.

  20. 123 says:

    id rather see him fight chris weidman instead of stephan bonnar… but in my opinion anderson silva vs michael bisping or brian stann would be an exciting fight.

  21. Drew says:

    Mean170 i totally agree this kid fuckn beat mark Munoz for Christ sake….. So basicly ur saying Munoz was the 1 one contender the whole time, but since Weidman beat the number one contender mark Munoz then of course he’s number one contender

  22. Anthony says:

    yes me and many other people realy want to see that fight

  23. The truth says:

    Weidman is so eager to get a tittle shot right now cuz he knows hes gunna get beat by one of the top middleweights if he doesnt & its all down hill from their. To me he dont really sound confident in himself of lasting another year of still being undefeated, thats y he wants a tittle fight now. Ppl dont like cry bags, keep winning n keep yo mouth shut, n ask for better contenders to fight.

  24. Ddddddd says:

    So basically the 85 pound devision is at the mercy of an opportunist. Everyone is entitled to their oppinnion but there’s a lot of hard working dudes that are made to look unimportant. If your about money fights then
    don’t pose as a champion of a weight class your not interested in. He openly speaks of the
    fights that are good opportunities for him.
    I want to see a passionate champion not an opportunist. leading and forcing progress in
    what some would think is the best balanced
    weight devision is crucial. I see constant
    disrespect from Silva convincing viewers that
    he is the only 85r worth watching. If he wants
    these guys to be more popular than quit degrading them not only with words but with
    disrespecting actions. Some people think he
    saved a card,I think hes killing a devision.

  25. Unknown says:

    All of these opinions give the fighters there right to an opinion…. Silva has proven time and time again, why talk shit? He’s not affraid to lose that’s why he won’t. He’s bored with training and looking to make as much money as he can while he still can. He’s not getting any younger. Jones/silva would be sick tho.

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