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Thursday, 04/11/2013, 01:02 pm

Silva: Jones will ‘toy’ with Sonnen

Wanderlei Silva and Chael Sonnen will never be golfing buddies. The two UFC veterans have been verbal sparring partners for years now.
So when Silva sat down with Sherdog and talked about many things, including the upcoming UFC title tilt, it should be no surprise who he thinks will win. Light heavyweight champion Jon Jones will defend his title for the fifth time when he tangles with Sonnen on April 27, 2013 in Newark.

“I think Jones will toy with Sonnen, This is a fight Sonnen got by trash-talking. He’s no match for Jones and everyone knows it. Let’s see what round Jones wants to finish it in. Fighting is fighting, but this is one of those bouts where I think only one guy is able to win.” (translation).”



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