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Monday, 09/30/2013, 08:00 am

Silva: I had an injured rib, I was at 85% vs. Weidman

Former UFC middleweight champion Anderson “The Spider” Silva (33-5 MMA, 16-1 UFC) recently conducted an interview with Brazilian language MMA site Combate, where he revealed that he had suffered a rib injury during preparation for the first Weidman fight:

“It is good to talk about it, because I was really hurt,” said Silva. “So far no one had touched on this subject, but this is no excuse for my performance. It was slightly below the rib that I had fractured before the first fight against Sonnen. And that’s it. I was 85% of my physical condition.”

When asked to go into further detail about the injury, “The Spider” refused:

“I can not talk about it because anything I talk can be used against me,” said Silva, adding “it is past.”

Silva also mentioned that the injury was all healed, and that he was ready to start training for his December 28 rematch with Chris Weidman at UFC 168:

“I’m fine now,” said Silva. “Wednesday I start to train for the fight.”

Do you think Silva’s rib injury at UFC 162 played a big part in his performance? Let’s hear it Penn Nation!


72 Responses to “Silva: I had an injured rib, I was at 85% vs. Weidman”

  1. Quazzi says:

    Im sure it played a part but silva lost cuz he underestimated Weidman’s striking. Interested to see wat happens when he doesnt. Cant wait for this rematch

  2. zack says:

    silva played too much bottom line. he was letting chris punch his face and laughing. But all it takes in that neck to get jolted the wrong way and its over. And thats what happened. It can happen to anyone no matter how strong your chin is, your neck gets jolted the wrong way and your done.

  3. UFC 84 Forever says:

    Every time you have a bad performance you’ve injured your “hibs”.

    Just admit it, you acted stupid and got caught. I used to really admire Brazilian fighters but I’ve really opened my mind to the fact that they always make excuses, it’s really too bad.

  4. mean170 says:

    He can say whatever he wants about the last fight. Unless he goes out to fight for real Chris will take him down and take him out. Weidman isn’t throwing those pillow punches like Chael when he’s on top.

    • UFC 84 Forever says:

      And he’s had plenty of time to recover from his knee surgeries that may have left him a little rusty in their first encounter. Punches will be strong because of this as will be his takedowns.

  5. blargh says:

    Same excuse as the chael fight then lol

  6. ron says:

    Brazilians always have an excuse for losing.

  7. GRT 3000 says:

    I agree that Weidman hits hard – no question. His GnP is mean. but will he be able to lay it on an alert & healthy Anderson? If the Spider shows up to ‘fight’ and not piss around, I just can’t see that happening. Not to take anything away from Weidman – Anderson acted like an ass, and got punched out like one. Rib injury or not, he didn’t square off. If Weidman can do it again, I’ll give him more credit, but at this point I think Anderson beat himself.

  8. Ddddddddd says:

    I’m not sure why you’d want to expose the fact that you have a reoccurring rib injury? Is it ironic,bullsh!t or stupid? No matter it seems like it would expose training limitations. Maybe he’s just a pu$$y?

  9. Jmuscle says:

    After reading this I think his excuse is 85% bullshit

  10. Rich Morris says:

    He is full of crap. He was showboating and sticking his chin out. It was a simple act of being over confident and not taking his opponent serious. He basically got caught!

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