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Thursday, 10/20/2011, 07:48 am

Silva Doesn't Feel Sonnen Deserves A Rematch, says Soares

“Anderson just feels that he doesn’t deserve it yet. He doesn’t deserve it yet. … A lot of people are interested in the fight. It’s a big fight. Anderson’s not ducking him. Anderson, right now, is focused on recouping his shoulder, and basically he’s going through physical therapy on that just to get that back 100 percent… But you know what? Whoever Dana [White] puts in front of us, for the most part, we’re always going to take the fight. [Anderson has] never dodged any fights. It’s really not up to us to determine. … I’m not saying that’s who we want or who we don’t want. People ask my opinion, and I see what Anderson’s saying. He’s fought him once. He had his opportunity, but hey, if Dana wants to put the fight on again, we’ll cross that bridge when it comes… There’s a lot of great opportunities, and I do think the Chael fight could potentially sell. It could be a big seller. I think it could be a huge pay-per-view. So I see all angles of it, but I’m just expressing what Anderson has talked to me about. That’s how he feels… Let someone try that hasn’t fought for the belt yet. Why do we have to keep repeating these fighters? We fought Rich Franklin twice. We’ll probably end up having to fight Chael twice. We’re going to end up fighting probably Dan Henderson twice. It’s just like, it would be nice to see some new faces in there getting a crack at it… he has four fights on his contract and right now he doesn’t have any interest to renew. He just wants to take one fight at a time, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it ended up being only four fights.”

Brazilian manager extraordinaire, Ed Soares, tells that Anderson Silva does not think Chael Sonnen is the rightful number one contender.

However, he does state that they will do what the UFC asks of them, clarifying that they are not ducking Chael, nor do they fear him, it’s just that with a limited amount of fights left, they would like to add some new names to the hit list of Anderson.


113 Responses to “Silva Doesn't Feel Sonnen Deserves A Rematch, says Soares”

  1. DeepSeaGod says:

    Find a new job Ed! You are not a promoter! Let the man speak for himself! This is MMA not boxing.

    • JGrenke says:

      you are definitely a god.

      I’ll second this.

      • : ^ ) says:

        Sorry, Soares, but in the UFC it doesn’t work that way. If you gotta fight the every opponent twice, you gotta fight every opponent twice because it’s the UFC, not the AFC (Anderson’s Fighting Championship…yeah, I know, corny)
        Why should Stann challenge you when he was beaten by Sonnen? Okami again? Munoz? I would agree with Munoz, but he’s got Leben next. Maia? So Silva can bring the UFC down to new lows, again? You want new guys? Vacate the MW division and compete only in the LHW, Mr. P4P. There’s a whole slew of guys waiting there.

        Pound out Sonnen, take on Munoz, then take it to the LHW division to take on Jones (or drop to take on GSP, which I don’t really care to see). So, Soares, stop your whining and let Silva train and fight.

    • watchafightbeforecommenting says:

      He is a translator for Anderson you fucking idiot! Unless you speak his language you should probably shut the fuck up!

    • Jason says:

      Chael sonnen is a pos. Anderson beat him even bowed after like always and the guy still is a prick. Sonnen is a joke and forever will be

  2. T.DADDY says:




    • JGrenke says:

      Female dogs around the world are pondering the recent use of a second “H” . . .

    • rob says:

      sonnen has no chance. he pounded on andersons face for 23 minutes and didn’t leave a bruise. He hits like a girl, and runs his mouth like one too. Anderson is gonna win via KTFO. But when Sonnen leaves the UFC he should seriously consider WWE

      • T.DADDY says:

        didnt leave a bruise?? silva looked beat the fukk up… hits like a girl?? i guess u missed sonnen knock silva down wit one punch in rd 1.. STFU dumbass

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          i guess u forgot sonnen tapped like a bitch, something you do when someone goes too deep in ur ass remember? queer ass bitch.

        • chris qujjuk says:

          silva didnt have any mark on em you dumb fuck!!! and as for sonnenm he looked like he was in a fucking car wreck, he had like 2, maybe 3 diff cuts, and had bruises and black eyes, and that was all from silva bein ON THE BOTTOM!!!

          sonnen always talks bout how does someone lose a fight when he hits someone 300 times, I ask the question, how does someone NOT finish someone, when they hit someone 300 times, and is supposedly SO DOMINANT? LOL lames

      • RYAN says:

        i motion wwe, chael is good, but classless, and if i wanted to watch people run there mouth like randy savage id fucking watch it, and hes not even funny with it, silva wins somehow 2nd rounds is my guess, who knows how, what ever he wants as long as he doesnt just want to knock chael out cause he submitted him last time, also he just plain gotta hate chael by now way more than chael envies anderson so he may just wanna knock his ass out than oh yeah and lets not forget chael uses steroids, wwe would be a great choice, they get to go on 90 steroid breaks then back to wrestling, what else are the fake inujuries for?

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      tbaggy ur butthole is ok yet from gettin screwed over by maynard? lol ur a loser tbaggy suck it!

      • T.DADDY says:

        there u go talking about buttholes again..lmao..i knew u took it up the ass.. fukkin rump ranger faggettt bitchh

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          your words of endearment dont work on me u ass pirate. dont be mad your boy maynard got schooled, your boy brock is still lotioning his butthole, and now ur putting ur eggs in sonnens gay basket? hahahaha ur a fucking clown ass loser you lil biznitch.

        • JOHN says:

          careful with T Baggy, if you insult him too hard he will ban you.

    • TD.. Knows what’s up w the Chaelmonster! Fedor is king..

  3. qwerty says:

    Anderson is SCARED.

  4. jersey says:

    of coarse silva doesnt think he deserves a rematch he would rather fight bisping and people he can easily beat. silva knows sonnen will give him all kinds of problems. silva is so overrated, look at the people be beat, the best hendo, belfort, franklin, sonnen, and all the others were just pathetic, he rules the worst division ever. thats why he wont move to lhw. hes supposed to be the best in mma history what a fuckin joke.

  5. Random Person says:

    Anderson is afraid. He wants cans easy fights like Bisping. He does not want to get beat up and smashed again, and this time possibly lose.

  6. Jack says:

    Agreed he’s over rated. If people would rush him like chael did he would be fucked. His opponents let him dictate the fight. Not that spider doesn’t have skills, j

    • spiritsplice says:

      Yes, so over-rated. Undefeated in the UFC since 2006, longest win streak, longest title streak, never lays and prays, most accurate striker in MMA history, a list of highlight reel finishes, yep, sounds over rated to me.

    • Thurman says:

      you probably dont remember, that that didn’t work out well for Chael…

    • Haters Gon Hate says:

      True. Overrated to the max. When people bombard him he gets flustered. Like Hendo and Chael… Wait… He submitted them both! STOP HATING! Give respect where its due f@ggot

      • chris qujjuk says:

        agreeed, you know your an AMAZING FIGHTER, when all your wins are straight out of a movie or someshit, they look so fake, yet they arent. just that amazing. AND WHEN YOU FINALLY GET A TOUGH FIGHT, AND YOU STILL WIN, they say, OH well, sonnen ALMOST beat silva, WOW!! LOL!!

        who cares if he came close, CLOSE DONT COUNT!

  7. SanSooRob says:

    Powwwwww all you sonnen fans sit on that lol
    I see the sonnen fans took time from occupy La protest to go Online lol

  8. knochanz says:

    Anderson is an amazing fighter. BUT, both he and his talking horse Mr. ED know how fortunate he was to catch Chael in late in the fight for the submission. And, they BOTH know full well that Chael (like most good fighters) will have learned from the mistake and won’t let it happen again!
    Mr. ED mentions fighting Franklin twice, like it was a bad thing? Really? So they don’t think Rich deserved a shot at getting the title back? Could you sound any dumber?
    And to whine about potentially facing Hendo a 2nd time? Why would that be so horrible? Because again they BOTH know if there’s anyone capable of employing the same game plan as Chael, it’s Hendo! and Hendo hits a lot harder than Chael.
    It’s pretty clear to me that Mr.ED (if not Anderson himself) fears facing Chael or Hendo because he KNOWS they will come in even better prepared than the 1st time and that doesn’t bode well for their reign.

    • Xaninho says:

      Sonnen has 9 losses by submission! Shouldn’t the dumb bastard have learned by the 5th or 7th time?

      Even funnier was Silva being agitated cause Sonnen was talking his usual crap about BJJ, so before the fight he announced he would submit him. Which he did.

    • Eric says:

      Silva doesn’t pick his opponents. Never has, he just accepts whoever the UFC puts in front of him. And I don’t think the UFC would put him up against guys he can easily beat. At the same time, the UFC also has to think about what will sell. Silva’s not ducking anyone. And this isn’t the WWE, as much as a lot of mainstream fans would like it to be. Keep all the “pro wrestling” antics out of MMA. It’s fans like these that taint the sport.

      You say how “fortunate he was to catch Chael in late in the fight for the submission”, watch the fight again, that was his game plan all along. To submit Sonnen in a triangle. Every round you see him trying to apply it. But with a bruised rib, it was easier said than done. But he was able to finally slap it on. I don’t think it was about Silva’s ability to do it, but more Sonnen’s lack of ability to finish what he started. That’s not a sign of a true champion. That’s a sign of someone who chokes. Silva, rose to the challenge, by fighting injured, and taking a beating and still pulling off a win in the fashion he planned for. He called it, he got it. What more can you argue with the guy about. And if you look at their faces at the end of the fight, you’d think that it was Sonnen who got beat up. It wasn’t completely all one sided.

    • chris qujjuk says:

      also, silva will learn from gettin takendown so much, you dumby!

  9. Vassilis says:

    I’m very happy to see Andreson feels that way. I agree 100%. Sonnen had his chance, he lost, he’s a dick so he doesn’t deserve a second chance. I also love that Anderson explicitly shows that he doesn’t take Sonnen seriously because when Sonnen said Anderson had 24 hours to accept the challenge, Anderson didn’t even reply.

    And actually believing Anderson is afraid of him is a joke. The guy has defeated some of the best fighters out there, he is arguably the best and he has also defeated Sonnen so what’s to be afraid of? It should actually be the opposite because now Anderson knows Sonnen is tough so he’ll be prepared even better than the first time.

  10. Dosan says:

    Anderson would beat Chael again.

  11. rayed says:

    Like I said before again and again, Anderson wants easy fights. He has fought people he should have never fought because he would obviously win Cote, mia, belfort to name a few.

    Chael is the only person right now. He has blown through everyone except sonnen

    Yeahe won but not in his normal spectacular fashion.

    I think spider is scared!!
    If u want the 2nd best fighter, then fight sonnen. He’s number one contender now.

    • Ufc fan says:

      Just you let you know.. you have mia listed in there as an easy fight that Anderson took… he defeated Chale sonnen… also by triangle choke.. get a clue before you start making statements like that .. dumbass.

      • Eric says:

        He’s obviously a newb. A band wagon jumper. He’s watched a couple of fights or heard about it, and thinks he knows everything about MMA, and the fighters. lol

        @rayed: There’s no one in the UFC that is a cake walk. There is a reason why they are there. None of the fights Silva has fought were easy fights. He just made it look easy. Franklin, Lutter, Hendo, Maia, your boy SONNEN, Belfort, Okami. Really? “Easy” fights? lol I dare you to step in a ring or cage with anyone that has a fraction of their skills, and tell us about “easy”.

      • rayed says:

        haha!! you silly bitches, what do you mean they werent “easy fights” the fucking belfort fight was damn easy! cote couldnt even finish… that seemed easy. Okami was easy. and yes… maia was easy. even though anderson ran like a little bitch.

        and i dont even understand your argument?? and the people below seem to share the same stupidity if they understand you.

        and i’ve been down with mma sense ufc1
        and the dumb shit Eric asking me to fight?? hahaha! you get in the ring with them brah?? youll see the same out come.

  12. Julio Figueroa says:

    seriusly you people think that sonnen deserves a title shot once again after 12 looses, give me a break please, please use your brain and think, it´s just amazing how everything turns into a circus… and still some moroons saying that Anderson is overrated… i know that the world is full of idiots but this is ridiculous… last time they fought Silva was injured and still won the fight by submission… and also sonnen was on steroids…. and now the jackass of sonnen forgot that this is MMA not WWE and all the circus around, and starts with the trash talk and stupidity….. and i say, come on people, let´s get serious, this guy is no one without Silva, no one ever carried about this dude until starts the trash talk to silva, and it worked for dumb ass people… but lets be smart and don´t fall into sonnen stupid world…. and let me say that he looked awesome against captain america but he needs to fight at least one more time to get a title shot again, Belfort vs Sonnen could be a nice match up and the winner gets Silva… and a free TKO….

  13. Dante says:

    hahahaha how do u even reply clowns who think- anderson is overrated(HAHAH) if only u knew how stupid u sound .. all is competition was wack? haha riiiiight anderson wack, erybody he beat was wack
    deepclownsissy, no daddy, qwertyclown, phaels boyfriend, jersey faggit, random chump and jack- ass
    are all puss… shout out to LOLZ and JUNKIE
    penn nation and spidersilva ALL DAY …. feel sorry for erbody out there supporting a cheater who couldnt win. whilst cheating… give him a hunid more title shots… he’ll still come out the trt using, no puberty hitting chump

  14. mike says:

    haha the sad truth is that Chael became famous for “almost” beating silva

    • Ethan says:

      this is the truth.

      For those saying Anderson likes easy fights, like Maia and Cote, those were the contenders at the time. Just like BJ Penn fought Joe Stevenson and Diego Sanchez, or like GSP fought Dan Hardy.

      Even with those fights of his, you can’t discredit his other achievements, Rich Frankling was dominant at Middleweight and you saw what happened. Dan Henderson is probably the most accomplished person he’s faced and Anderson finished him (I do what to see this rematch).

      As a fan, I want to see a rematch between Chael and Anderson, I want Anderson to shut Chaels mouth (I dont like disrespect especially about family), but if I was Anderson, I would talk down to Chael too. He is not deserving of a title shot, and anyone that thinks a win over Stann puts him in contention is crazy…. talk about easy fights? give a striker with no wrestling pedigree a fight with Sonnen, one of the best wrestlers in the sport? righttt.. (like i said, i still want to see the rematch, but I can understand if/why Anderson wants to downplay Chael

      • Dante says:

        yes ethan! good post
        haha anderson doesnt duck anyone.. chael fans think maia is an easy fight?
        maia? the same guy who subbed chael in a round hahaah
        chael should try and redeem that loss before anything

      • cent@uro says:

        I know Chael, depending on merit, he doesn’t deserve a rematch with Anderson. But right now, sadly THERE’S NO ONE ELSE!!….that’ll even make a fight interesting against Anderson that hasnt already fought him. I gave Stann a slim chance of going up there but Chael dominated him throughly.

  15. DVO says:

    HA HA HA, beating Stann does not warrant a title shot for a cheater.

  16. AZA says:

    lol, at the Anderson is scared comments. I disliked Anderson at the begining, mostly because he didn’t speak English, and beat up Rich twice.

    But seriously I’ve come to understand and enjoy watching the greatest fighter of our time.
    Scared to fight Chael…. pfft, no. He is getting older, and is only in his prime for a short amount of time.
    Why not take as many heads as possible in that time.

    Personally I’d like him to get the light heavyweight title :O

    • Joe says:

      that ain’t happenin as long as jon jones is holding that belt…. Jon’s confidence is through the roof, whats scarier than a skilled Jon Jones??? a confident skilled Jon jones

  17. Donovan Magyer says:

    Yeah Anderson is DEFINITELY attempting to duck Sonnen. Wrestlers give him fits. Sonnen got caught, but showed a very obvious weakness: wrestling. The last guy before Sonnen that gave him problems was Hendo and if he had stuck to his wrestling roots an hadd not stood wi him he clda finished him. Hendo won the first rd, but then let the confidence get to him and took a good shot and the rest is history. Silva is a cry baby and Ed Soars needs to remove his cock frm his mouthcuz all I hear is “blah blah blah, I’m scared of sonnen”. Can’t wait for the inevitable: Hendo vs Sonnen for the MW title

    • Eric says:

      Shudda, wudda, cudda. The point is no one has beaten Silva. Period. Which means they just weren’t that good, or as good as Silva in their fights. Some fighters have won on technicality, or judges error, or even a lucky punch. Watch all of Silva’s fights, everything he does is calculated and precise. Not one of his wins were by chance or fluke. He’s not ducking anyone. I guarantee you, if the UFC says he’s fighting Sonnen again, he’s going to fight Sonnen again. I would the same as Silva as well. Before I retire and having only 4 fights left, I want as many top fighters on my list of wins. Not the same guys over and over again. As much as I’m not a fan of Bisping, I think he’s earned a shot (if he can beat Miller). Even Miller. If you’ve followed Mayhem since the beginning of his career, you’ll now what I’m talking about. Other fighters who’ve paid their dues and deserve a shot at title at some point…Belcher, Miller, Munoz.

      • spiritsplice says:

        Did Bisping earn it when he got knocked cold by Hendo or when he lost to Wanderlei? And what has miller done? Couldn’t finish Sheilds and got beat up like a schoolboy against GSP (who IS ducking Silva).

  18. zack says:

    Just wait till his shoulders healed and we will see who’s over rated. Just cause anderson wont play chaels childish shit talking game does not mean he’s scared. Silva will unleash the fury of hell on Sonnens face next time. Im talkin chaels nose guunna be to the side like rich franklin. Anderson is forsure gunna teach chael a horrible lesson

  19. Xaninho says:

    He already proved himself, he submitted Sonnen’s ass, the bitch tapped out. Only thing is Sonnen keeps talking bullshit and nonsense cause he’s on a constant roïd high with delusional visions.

    If Silva gets forced to fight against Sonnen again, real MMA fans should BOYCOT the Silva-Sonnen rematch. Make it the worst PPV broadcast ever, so DW will think of the fans instead of the quick bucks.

  20. Joe says:

    ok dodge sonnen, then when JBJ takes out machida, you can face him then.

  21. GP says:

    “Whoever Dana [White] puts in front of us, FOR THE MOST PART, we’re always going to take the fight.”

    “For the most part.” So you won’t take anyone.

  22. Thurman says:

    You guys aren’t thinking so clearly. Sonnen lost to Silva, now most of you are thinking, Sonnen has gotten much better since then, BUT, so has Silva, Silva just keeps getting better. Spider would win this fight, again.

  23. Mike says:

    To all you Anderson nutt huggers quit making excuses why you dont want to see this fight. Just admit you dont want to see it because you watched the first fight and saw how bad Sonnen dominated the first 4 rounds. Anderson has always had problems with wrestlers and Chael is the most aggressive and probably the best wrestler at 185 and not to mention Chael even outstruck Anderson in their first fight. Granted he did get caught in a triangle choke late in the fight, but all you nutt huggers are coming up with bullshit because you know that wont happen again, and Chael will ruin Anderson’s legacy. He is a coward that ducked Hendo for a long time until he had to fight him, and he will duck Chael as long as he possibly can.

  24. Jujutsu Player says:

    Bore off Ed, Silva should fight whoever he’s told to fight and thats it. All this fuss just makes it looks like he’s running scared. IF ever a fighter deserved a rematch it’s this one, he was ahead on points and lost in the final seconds. And as if Silva is not going to extend his contract when he’s offered one.

    • Xaninho says:

      Why this one?

      It wasn’t a questionable decision loss. Not even a close decision loss. He got submitted, can a fighter lose a fight any clearer? He tapped and even tried to revoke the tap like the bitch he is, so he lost

  25. Billybongster says:

    Getting sick of Ed….

    This fight is happening, just stop talking?

  26. XaninhoIsaDickRidinFagget says:

    Silva may not be scared but his groupies sure r lol this fight needs to happen Silva needs to TKO Chael and leave no question about it, tha first was a fluke Silva had an rib injury and he can do better than that

    Chael on tha other hand needs to put another beatin on Silva and submit him, no decision, if Silva has one weakness its submissions, just look at his Pride record… “where the competition is easier ^_^” bullshit, tell that to Silva

  27. Cody Schumacher says:

    Every one just look at the pic above sonnen tapped covered in his own ped soaked blood u can’t beat a unproven stann and grab a title shot i mean look at chaels knees and toes there skinned raw cause ALL HE FUCKING DID WAS SIT IN ANDERSON GUARD WAITING FOR THE FINAL BELL what a warrior

  28. Ed Dumbfuck Soares says:

    “I do think the Chael fight could potentially sell. It could be a big seller. I think it could be a huge pay-per-view.”

    guys i think this fight could be big, understand? guys this fight could be huge.

  29. Ninjaman says:

    Ed as Silva’s manager is taking care of business. His clients are getting rich and he’s getting Rich…………………………….

  30. cheap says:

    unfortunately, no one is more deserving than chael. that’s the sad reality. he should fight the winner of miller/bisping first, but beyond that there are no options. hendo can’t do the cut appropriately anymore (refer to the shields fight) and even he’s lost to anderson anyways. look at the top ten list, you can’t make a case for anyone else fighting AS. it’s quite possible that AS would actually kill bisping in the ring.

    if AS truly doesnt want to fight chael, he should request the jon jones/machida winner. dana would give him that, guaranteed.

  31. stonedtodeath says:

    what the #$$#% that is purely hearsay!

  32. Dante says:

    anderson nuthuggers hahaa funny term.. i would call the phael fans phael nuthuggers but your boy doesnt have any.. atleast thats what HE told the CSAC regarding his TRT incident! “its a condition ive had since i was a child” – phael suckon
    what a loser

  33. P R O D I G Y says:

    Anderson Silva and his fans disgust me

  34. KingGareth says:

    It’s true.. too many fighters get rematches, but I’d like to see Chael get one of those 4 fights.

  35. Chris says:

    I wonder if chael can win without steroids

  36. Even Sore-ass is thinking about it bc we know andersonnen is ducking n dodge Chael! “Anderson just feels that he doesn’t deserve it yet. He doesn’t deserve it yet. … A lot of people are interested in the fight. It’s a big fight. Anderson’s not ducking him.. Yeah he is period! Dana straighten this shit out and make it happen!

  37. HawaiiRN808 says:

    Anderson can do whatever he wants. He’s the man.

  38. Jason says:

    Wow it sounds like some of You guys didn;t pay much attention to that fight sonnen beat his ass the whole fight and then the dumb ref calls that a tap out watch that supposed tap out he dropped his hand once and the ref said that he tapped ou ok I’ve watched hundreds of fights and when you tap it’s two quick taps which Chael never did so he got robbed of that fight even Sonnen looked up and asked the ref what he was doing calling the fight. The reason Annderson’s camp doesn’t want the fight is because they know that he won’t win this fight and what they want to do is let him leave the ufc unbeaten by taking new fighters instead of letting him fight Henderson or Sonnen cause he knows that either one of those boys can bring the spiders streak to an end.

  39. sgt thai clone says:

    Exactly Jason over 300 strikes to the head(see fight-metric) not too many fighters can say they have been hit that many times, or that hard Sonnen whipped his ass FOR 22 MINUTES STRAIGHT Nothings going to change in the next fight Anderson Silva has no TDD at all! zero. that camp is running scared!!!!

  40. McCombski says:

    And in this corner Anderson “The Foyd Mayweather of MMA” Silva

  41. JPeech says:

    The thing is there is no one who will be ready to fight Silva who deserves it. Hendo is fighting Rua and Munoz is fighting Leben(Munoz will deserve it if he wins) and you can not deny it would be a HUGE sell Silva Vs Sonnen 2. I mean shit i would but it lol I am a Sonnen fan but i admit he needs to respect BJJ more and you can tell he has he has a coach for it now and actually finished a fight by sub. I think they will both have learned from the first fight and i would love to see it!

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