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Monday, 11/26/2012, 10:12 am

Silva Coach Discusses Gameplanning For Jon Jones | UFC NEWS

The world wants Anderson Silva to face on of his divisional neighbors and prove his dominance over other champions.

On one side you have Georges St-Pierre and on the other it’s Jon Jones.

While most of the attention and focus is on a GSP vs. Silva super fight, X-Gym coach, Josuel Distak briefly discussed a strategy to take out Jon Jones should his student, Anderson Silva face him.

In an interview with sherdog he stated:

“Actually, we have not seen Jon Jones on his back,” Distak said. “Vitor (Belfort) got his arm; he had the opportunity. Actually Jones is unpredictable. To me the strategy to do a fight with him would involve finding out how he fights on his back.”


8 Responses to “Silva Coach Discusses Gameplanning For Jon Jones | UFC NEWS”

  1. Nick says:

    anderson is great and all, but there is no way he’s getting jones on his back. Jones has never been taken down in the ufc and he’s fought much better wrestlers



    • Mike Rivera says:

      No way would there ever be a point in time where you would see Jon Jones on his back its one of those things were its ok to say never, AND BY SOME MIRCALE IT HAPPENS, IM GUARANTEEING IT WONT BE FOR MORE THEN A FEW SECONDS

  3. Mike Rivera says:

    No way would there ever be a point in time where you would see Jon Jones on his back its one of those things were its ok to say never

  4. Xaninho says:

    nah man Silva should just light him up on the feet. His striking is so much better than jones’ and he has the skills to get around Jones’ freak mutant reach as well.

  5. B says:

    I think Silva knows better. Imo he would stand with Jones before attempt a take down. Silva has been striking and training for how many years compared to Jones? People count Silva out because of age and don’t give him the credit he deserves. His striking and head movement will be the difference in this fight. Just like all the rest, just watch and learn if this happens.

  6. cool story bro says:

    The only time(s) your going to see Jones on his back is when Silva rocks him and relentlessly goes for a single/double. I can see it going the other way too but the fighters are going to act like Rashad/Jones, so so so so so so so so so much hype and then when they actually fight they are both too scared to over commit or leave themselves in a position where the other can advance to more a more dominate position or gain the advantage, I see JBJ trying to get Silva on his back to land an elbow or two which has proven to change any fighter if he can land just one in that sweet spot and Silva knows it too if Sonnen can get Silva down that easily im sure JBJ can do it in his sleep, Silva knows this too so he is going to counter JBJ as much as he can without over committing to get taken down though JBJ has a great reach advantage over Silva, this fight can go either way really it just comes down to who is the more hungrier and not gun shy at the time and given both fighters experience in the ring Silva will be most relaxed. I hope its a good fight, atleast and not a flash style KO to prove their skill sets to one another.

  7. baydensdad says:

    ok look at it like this…belfort put jbj in a bad spot an almost ripped his arm off..(thats why jbj is doin ultimate fighter vb popped ligaments in his arm)if silva gets jbj like that hang it up its over…tap or go to sleep silvas bjj is far better than jbj,,,his striking is way better more crisp,more defined…and for gsp hes waiting ,,,waiting until silva gets a few more years older an slower ,,,,,CUZ THATS HIS ONLY HOPE…I GUESS HIS VAGINA HURTS ALONG WITH HIS PRIDE///MAN UP GSP!!!!1

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