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Wednesday, 12/05/2012, 12:31 pm

Silva Camp Ready to Move On: GSP Showing No Interest in Super Fight | UFC News

The super fight between the dubbed GOATs (Greatest of All Time) George St. Pierre and Anderson Silva may take a while.  Ariel Helwani reported on Fuel TV’s UFC Tonight that Silva’s manager doesn’t believe GSP want to fight right now.  Helwani states….

“We have heard a lot from GSP.  He said he wants this fight to happen on his terms.  He may not be ready for it just yet.

But I spoke to Anderson Silva’s manager last night, and he told me that he truly doesn’t believe that GSP wants this fight next and therefore he doesn’t believe this fight will happen.”

GSP has been outspoken about his belief that Anderson Silva is much bigger than him and would prefer to fight in his weight class of 170 lbs.


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