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Monday, 04/30/2012, 05:45 am

Should Josh Koscheck Seek Heavier Pastures After This Weekend?

By David Park:
Since the end of the first season of the ultimate fighter, UFC on FOX 3 competitor Josh Koscheck has been a staple in the welterweight division. Saturday night will be his 20th fight in the UFC since 2005, (which is more than any other UFC fighter in that time). Koscheck has fought current welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre twice, both times on the wrong end of a unanimous decision. The odds are against a third fight with the champ, or with anyone who may dethrone him; as the welterweight division is deep with up and coming prospects. So the question can be asked, is it time for Josh to move up to middleweight?

The middleweight landscape is not as wide open as the welterweight division is. The list of contenders is slim at best, after current champ Anderson Silva fights Chael Sonnen in July the contenders list falls off a bit. Guys like mark Munoz, Michael Bisping, and newly signed Bellator champion hector Lombard are “in the mix”, but lack signature wins to propel themselves into #1 contender status.

“Kos” on the other hand is a solidified fighter, who has fought at middleweight before (albeit during the season of TUF he was on). Though some may say he would be small for middleweight, Koscheck himself has said he walks around close to 200 lbs before beginning training camp. His record in the UFC alone (15-5) is almost worthy of a middleweight title shot considering some of the past challengers to “The Spider”. A win over one of the before mentioned fighters could get him to that title shot.

Win or lose Saturday Josh Koscheck is stuck in quicksand in the 170 lb. division; with no way out of it. No chance of a title shot in sight, a move to middleweight could be a great way to kick start the 2nd half of his career. It could also breathe life into a division thin with top flight competition.


10 Responses to “Should Josh Koscheck Seek Heavier Pastures After This Weekend?”

  1. McCombski says:

    I dont think kos will leave ww untill the gsp and condent fight or a least till gsp is back because if condent happend to beat gsp by merical or cause gsp’s isetn 100% kos could beat condent and get the belt so he will stay at ww for at least that long but i would like to se him bulk up a little and try mw

      • C.O.Jones says:

        ..LMAO… … translation: ” I don’t think Koscheck will leave the welter weight division until after the GSP and Carlos Condit fight, or a least until GSP is back, because if Condit happened to beat GSP (by merical or cause =WTF) or if GSP is not 100% ready then Koscheck could beat Condit and get the belt; so I believe he will stay at welter weight for at little longer, but i would like to see him bulk up a little and move up to middle weight, I would also like to get some English as a Second Language private lessons

  2. The MOP says:

    Kos would get smashed at MW he’s too small

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      I agree koschek wouldn’t be able to compete against Munoz, Sonnen, Weidman all of who are way way better wrestlers and much bigger stronger than he is. No way Koscheck could stand in with Lombard or Palharis or Belcher. Boetch would steam role him. Koscheck like his sidekick Fitch walk around at over 200lbs but they arn’t near as strong as anyone theri same size so they need to cut massive amounts of weight to be able to fight much smaller opponents

  3. Justroll BJJ says:

    Koscheck at welterweight isn’t bad. I think middleweight would be too much alot of good guys at that level and he wouldn’t have a shot at the title too many front runners gunning for Anderson right now.

  4. Odo says:

    If anything he should move to lightweight. He’s not a mammoth welter to begin with, and at middleweight he would be dwarfed.

    Or he could just stay at welter and fight good guys. Not everyone can be #1 or in a titlefight every year.

  5. Mike Hawk says:

    Kos would be a great MW. He isn’t a very tall guy but he is very explosive and powerful. I would def like to see him move up.

  6. Justen says:

    I’d like to see him move up too. N hahaha to the smashing Condit. Yeah right.

  7. Koshchek Loves Gay Porn says:

    I think his best move would be to suck dicks for money.

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