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Thursday, 02/06/2014, 06:46 pm

‘Shogun’ Thinks The Judges Got First Fight Wrong, Plans On K.O.’ing Hendo In Rematch

“I can’t do anything about [the judges decision in the first fight], but I think a draw would have been fairer. But it’s in the past. I’m focused on March 23 now… It’s a rematch, and I’m going there to get a win. I will go for the finish all the time. Everybody knows that that’s how I fight, so I’m going for the knockout.”

In a recent interview with, former UFC light-heavyweight champion, Shogun Rua talked about his upcoming rematch against former PRIDE and Strikeforce champ, Dan Henderson.

The two MMA Legends first faced off at UFC 139 in 2011. The rematch is set for next month’s UFC Fight Night 38 in Brazil.


7 Responses to “‘Shogun’ Thinks The Judges Got First Fight Wrong, Plans On K.O.’ing Hendo In Rematch”

  1. zack says:

    Idk how you can pick a winner in fights like this. Theres a reason they have draws. Hendo and Shogun put on one of the best fights in history neither man deserves a loss for a fight like that. Both fighters showed why they are legends that night.

  2. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    Man, I don’t know…I know it is probably just the angle on this pic, and Hendo looks a little banged up, but I’m going to be a prick anyways. Rua looks all jacked up funky eyes. His nose is swollen and aren’t his eyes a bit cock-eyed? He looks like Hendo re-arranged his face into a grotesque elephant man….I think Hendo won.

  3. seminalcacti says:

    this is going to be another good fight.

  4. Brandon Canterbury says:

    The first fight had the fight decision, period. Those giving Shogun a 10-8 are leaving out a 10-8 for Hendo, I gave no 10-8 round that whole fight.

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