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Friday, 10/07/2011, 10:10 am

Shogun Thinks He Is The Underdog To Dan Henderson

And why does he think that you ask? Because “Hendo” just beat Fedor…

“He has heavy hands indeed, he can punches you in such a way that leads you to a knockout. We’re two guys who go for the KO, it’ll be a good for the MMA fans. He doesn’t like to play it cool, he wants to fight hard, so it’ll be a great bout for the fans to watch… he’s the favorite. Dan Henderson is the favorite, he defeated Fedor.”

Shogun Rua gives Brazilian media source,, his thoughts on his UFC 139 matchup with fellow PRIDE and UFC vet Dan Henderson.

A fight that should have happened a very long time ago will take place this November. With Dan Henderson’s recent run of dominance in the Strikeforce promotion, has he earned the right to be called the favorite or is Shogun just being modest?


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