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Friday, 10/07/2011, 10:10 am

Shogun Thinks He Is The Underdog To Dan Henderson

And why does he think that you ask? Because “Hendo” just beat Fedor…

“He has heavy hands indeed, he can punches you in such a way that leads you to a knockout. We’re two guys who go for the KO, it’ll be a good for the MMA fans. He doesn’t like to play it cool, he wants to fight hard, so it’ll be a great bout for the fans to watch… he’s the favorite. Dan Henderson is the favorite, he defeated Fedor.”

Shogun Rua gives Brazilian media source,, his thoughts on his UFC 139 matchup with fellow PRIDE and UFC vet Dan Henderson.

A fight that should have happened a very long time ago will take place this November. With Dan Henderson’s recent run of dominance in the Strikeforce promotion, has he earned the right to be called the favorite or is Shogun just being modest?


28 Responses to “Shogun Thinks He Is The Underdog To Dan Henderson”

  1. Lex w says:

    This is goin to b a great fight either way

  2. Chris says:

    I would say Henderson is the favorite because of his wrestling. Although he did lose that decision to Shields. I dont know thats a tough one.

  3. BiggoTrav says:

    I got Hendo in this’n, but it could EASILY go either way!

  4. King says:

    Can’t wait for this 1. Rashad may get the winner the way things are going.

  5. Fortyb4five says:

    So hard to pick a winner i this. Been following both guys for years.

  6. Zach says:

    Shogun takes this one. His striking is better and more diversified, Hendo’s only standing weapon is that H-bomb.

  7. JDMartialArts says:

    These guys are very evenly matched…however, they are superior in different areas…Shogoun with strikes, Hendo with wrestling…I don’t think this fight will end in sub, unless Hollywood can do what Bones did, and force Shogun to tap due to strikes (I know that fight ended in TKO, but not because Shogun didn’t try to tap before…the ref didn’t see it…)

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      Yeah, Shogun definitely tried to tap, but I don’t see Hendo being able to make him tap due to strikes like Bones did. Bones strikes are way more diverse

      • cole knight says:

        Haha yea because bones hits like a mosquito so you have plenty time to tap when hendo hits you the only thing you can do is dream because u get knocked the fuck out man!

  8. Jmad says:

    I didn’t notice him try to tap, I need to watch it again. This fight is pretty even imo, I’ll be rooting for Hendo.

  9. ThaGreenBandit says:

    I think Hendo is gonna pull this one out because of his wrestling, but I’d love to see Shogun hit him with one of those nasty flurries and come out the victor

  10. BJ PENCIL says:

    S H O G U N will win!

  11. drew says:

    shogun playn mind games with hendo right now

  12. Creature says:

    This fight is going to be good, no matter how you look at it. Yes Hendo is the favorite, hes 6-1 in his last 7 and currently on a 3 fight KO streak, but this is one of those fights id hate to bet on..

    That being said i think Hendo takes it, i think Shogun will be hesitant to throw many kicks, because as soon as he does Hendo will counter with his right or left hand, or shoot in for a TD and Shoguns TD defense isnt great. It will be more of a boxing type fight, which i think Hendo wins because of his insane chin and power. Hes going to use that right hand to set up some takedowns and take a dec.

  13. Robert says:

    Great fight between two class acts. Don’t think that wrestling will be a factor, Dan’s a headhunter and Shogun has great sweeps. It’s definitely going to be technique vs power.

  14. T.DADDY says:



  15. Even Shogun knows who was once King and the greatest of all time! Shogun v Hendo .. One word: EPIC…clash of the legends!

  16. bizzle says:

    I got Shogun, his varied Muay Thai attack will overwhelm the one dimensional H bomb.. I am not calling Hendo one dimensional by the way, just his striking, he pretty much relies on the overhand right.. Shogun has great punches,kicks, and knees.. Muay thai’s 8 points of contact for the win..

  17. Joegun says:

    Depends which shogun shows up,can go either way but u definetly dont want to trade with hendo.but shogun got some great muay thai so its a flip but great fight.

  18. martin baron says:

    shogunnnnn lets get big hendoo!! you can do it..

  19. pk9grrr says:

    my mind says shogun but he better not blink ,its the mentality fedor had when he thought he had hendo with a knock down and the casual mount ..hendo wants to seal his career and legacy by beating some legends and he has nothing to loose thats his edge imo

    • Fortyb4five says:

      lol Shogun is not Fedor not even close. This is a way tougher challenge for Dan. It could go either way. Its as even as Cain vs Jds.

      • pk9grrr says:

        true that dude and fedor is not shogun lol,but i just dont believe shogun will ever be that same fighter that he was back in pride ,for now imo in terms of speed and agressiveness and that killer instinct i think dan may have that edge at the mo but yeh could go either way ,another awesum fight this year!

  20. Michael Williams says:

    Can’t wait for the fight, anything can happan and I won’t rule of Hendo but I’m going for Shogun.

  21. Huge fan of both.. May the better more well rounded fight win! Everyone knows what shogun is capable of, and Hendo is a fkn Beast..period! To be honest shogun has a few more flaws then Hendo as of late, but looked good and hungry against forest. Looking forward to this EPIC battle!

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