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Thursday, 06/07/2012, 04:59 am

Shogun Rua vs. Brandon Vera Set For UFC On Fox 4 Main Event | UFC News

By Jamie McAllister
The UFC having matched Hector Lombard with Tim Boetsch at UFC 149 and Stann out injured this has left the UFC on FOX 4 show without a main event.

Enter Shogun Rua who’s UFC 149 opponent Thiago Silva withdrew from the bout due to injury and will now face Brandon Vera.

Here’s the announcement directly from

The new main event on August 4 will be a five-round light heavyweight battle between two of the best Muay Thai strikers in the game, Brandon Vera and former champion Shogun Rua. Rua is riding the momentum of the fight of the century against Dan Henderson, while Vera is back in the win column and looking to make a statement after being sidelined earlier this year due to injury himself.

Rua is being plucked from the UFC 149 card in Calgary, where he was set to face Thiago Silva until Silva suffered an injury. Vera, meanwhile, was training for a bout with James Te Huna at the July FUEL TV event. A new opponent for Te Huna is expected to be named shortly.

After the withdrawal of Thiago Silva at UFC 149 Shogun had been slated to face Glover Teixeira in the co-main event bout at UFC 149, However it seemed as though Rua’s camp wanted no part of Teixeira.

Vera in his last bout only just got the win after a closely contested fight with Elliot Marshall. Marshall broke Vera’s arm in the bout at UFC 137 and he has spent the last seven months recovering from the injury.

Shogun who returns to the octagon after possibly the greatest fight in the history of the sport with Dan Henderson at UFC 139 which he lost via unanimous decision. Against Vera he will be looking to get his name back in the win collum and improve his overall record of (20-6).


29 Responses to “Shogun Rua vs. Brandon Vera Set For UFC On Fox 4 Main Event | UFC News”

  1. Trevor says:

    Shoguns going to murder Vera… This is a complete mismatch

    • fist says:


      • Reality says:

        Did you see Vera’s last fight? He doesn’t look the same as he used to look. Marshall gave him problems on the feet and on the ground(broke his arm). Vera hasn’t looked good in a minute. Shogun tends to do well coming off losses.

  2. CanILive says:

    wtf is this??? makes no sense, and i think fighters are just playing the injury game so they don’t have to fight people they don’t want to, like if they set up shogun vs. glover, i bet 3 weeks later shogun would’ve been injured.

  3. A.James says:

    Hell yeah. I want to see Shogun slay something.

  4. Faaris Sheikh says:

    Shogun wins by TKO first round

  5. ThaGreenBandit says:

    Vera hasn’t looked good in years. Money in the bank for Rua.

  6. Nick says:

    Poor Vera. Brandon’s gonna get his ass ripped.

  7. Conflicting Emotions says:

    Mind is saying “Holy crap, Brandon.” Heart is saying “Beat Shogun’s ass, Vera!” But I got Vera on this one. Change Vera’s loss against Couture into a win (which I thought he should’ve had) and take out the no contest against Thiago, and people would be looking at Vera a little differently (everybody gets thrashed by JJ, Vera just happened to suffer an orbital fracture).
    Slight height & reach advantage to Vera, so hopefully he can utilize that advantage somehow. But Shogun brings unreal toughness among other things. Vera ftw.

  8. Calvin says:

    if vera wins this maybe we can see the old vera where people thought he would be a dual division champion but really he just needs to work on cardio shogun gasses way too much its really disapointing

  9. Thom says:

    Pretty weak main event tbh… if the UFC wants more mainstream fans then make some better FOX cards.

  10. DMAC says:

    Brandon Vera the guy that folded like a cheap suit after catching a elbow to the nose, ok just making sure its the same guy. Lol! Rua by whatever he pleases, I bet $20 Vera gets hurt in camp though. I wonder if he thinks he’ll still be the HW champ and LHW champ of the UFC…

  11. Cody says:

    This is fucking stupid shogun should be offended

  12. Leo From New Jersey says:

    EVERYBODY NEEDS TO STFU!, vera if you’ve watched his career his muay tai has always been very good, rua and vera both have sick leg kicks , vera is good on the feet he just has never been so good on the ground , he got beat my jones, (no shame in that), couture witch could have gone either way, thiago was on peds, marshall rocked him but ultimately he still won that fight, i agree in rankings it A step down but Rua is a man and he’ll take this fight and do the best he can to win end of story……I like vera so im leaning towards him, but i like Rua to so its a toss up for me

  13. pepito de la O says:

    Ya shogun is gna take this fight, its definetly not goin to decision, vera gets gassed to ez, they shud of gave em someone else..

  14. Dick Diaz says:

    brandon vera is very disappointing… the only person I’d root for over vera is S H O G U N… let’s go, SHOGUN!!!

  15. bdizz says:

    lame lame lame – you might as well just give shogun the “w” Brandon has been done for a long time.

  16. mean170 says:

    Vera doesn’t even have a punchers chance in this one. I’ll be shocked if he survives Round 1. It is borderline disrespectful to Shogun to have him fight Brandon Vera.

  17. Murphy says:

    Shogun is going to rape Vera

  18. Jdiddy3844 says:

    How and the mother humping hell does vera get to face shogun? Hes not even close! Total mismatch! Hopefully shogun doesnt under estimate vera and absolutely destroys him! Vera blows not many wanna watch that dude!

  19. Abe says:

    Im gonna say shogun gets it but man I think if Vera wins this fight it would be the biggest upset of the year.

  20. Steve says:

    Please tell me how Brandon Vera deserves this fight????!!! What a joke.

  21. B-rad says:

    yeah shogun is gonna hurt vera 1st round tko… it is a huge step down in competition for shogun compared to his last few fights, hendo,griffin,bones,and machida all of those guys would beat vera also.

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