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Friday, 02/10/2012, 10:46 am

“Shogun” Rua | “UFC has made it clear that we don't need a manager”

“Actually, it wasn’t for that reason. Since Chute Boxe, I’ve always worked with three people or companies: my manager, my coach and a media team that takes care of my image. Unfortunately, I hadn’t found a team that inspired my trust, and now I found a good team. Eduardo is a very competent guy, but he doesn’t like this way of operating; he prefers one person taking care of everything. Not commanding everything, but overseeing everything. I don’t agree, [I prefer] each guy in his area. I like him, I know he likes me, but there was some conflict of ideas. There are some different people helping me with this part right now; I’m still thinking. The UFC has made it clear that we don’t need a manager; all negotiations are conducted by the athletes themselves. A manager today is not like in the Pride days. At that time, they had much more weight. I am in favor of a manager, that’s not the reason that I separated from Eduardo. I want to work with people nearby: Eduardo works in Sao Paulo and I’m in Curitiba. But, this is not the only reason. There are others, like I said.”

In recent news, Mauricio Shogun Rua has dropped his longtime manager Eduardo Alonso and will instead represent himself, for the time being.

In this interview with he explains his reasoning behind such a move and sites the UFC advice as part of his decision process.

The UFC has made a stance against managers for some time now. They do not like them. They would rather deal with the fighters by themselves, but is this fair business practice? Do the fighters need representation to get the best deals possible or do these agents just cost the fighters money unnecessarily?


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26 Responses to ““Shogun” Rua | “UFC has made it clear that we don't need a manager””

  1. CanILive says:

    i thought shogun had a new lil beard goin lol

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      LOL! I was like, “Shogun is rocking the soul patch? Okaay…”

    • GET RID OF FITCH says:

      I say get rid of all the CROOKED managers. Like the one that hired the spy in Ramapges camp. YES that was 100% TRUE as the fitness center where Rampage was training fired teh dude after he was caught red handed. The otehr managers taht need to be fired are crazy bob cook and Dave camirillo, Javier mendes ALL CROOKS taht only care about the money$$$$$$$. Then theirs the WWE family cast off from teh Mcmahan family that represents Nate “THE JUICER” Marquardt who is as slimy as teh worst used car salesmen there ever was. UFC is 100% better off without managers and so are the fighters who can negotiate their own deals. They know what they are worth and they don’t need to pay 20-30% OF Their hard earned money to some money grubbing crook used car salesman. I still remember when AKA almost cost Kos, Fitch, Swick, Cain all their UFC careers because of bad advice. damn too bad we could have been rid of Fitch along time ago and UFC would be a much better sport

    • GET RID OF FITCH says:

      Hands down teh biggest CORRUPT slime ball manager in all MMA is Ed Soares who needs to be run out of MMA. Maybe UFC will do right thing and bann him from all their events. No manager has taken advanatge of more fighters in all MMA than Ed soares. Whats funny is all the fighters from Brazil are dropping Ed soares one after another almost weekly now. His day of reckoning is almost here. Its called bad KARMA for being a crooked bastard

  2. Pedro Sassin says:

    It’s fair to say that the absence of a manager is a good thing, unless the UFC like the absence of managers due to fighters (probably) being easier to talk into fighting bouts which they’d rather not. i’m not saying the UFC is the kind of organisation which likes to manipulate people who aren’t really in the business of negotiating, quite the opposite. I firmly believe that the UFC would want the fighters too keep their wholes purse and not have to divvy out 35% for a guy in a suit to negotiate on his /her behalf. I just hope that they don’t lose sight of that. OR, tell a fighter that they now have full dibs on their whole purse so they can probably find it in their hearts to fight the person they’d ordinarily turn down. If y’catch my drift. If the UFC decided to sway one of those ways it could spell one of two things for the fighter concerned: Very gratifying, or very bad news.

  3. Matt says:

    These guys absolutely need agents with experience in sports contract negotiations. The UFC telling their fighters not to have a manager or agent is like the NFL trying to tell it’s players they don’t need one either. Ridiculous.

  4. dante040 says:

    Some may argue that a fighter will make more in negotiations with a manager. But unless its over 15% more then its a wash. Since fights offered by the UFC. A manager does seem outdated. And considering there are countless boxers who claim managers left them broke. Seems like a.valid idea.

  5. banks says:

    Lol at the beard.. if fedor didnt have crappy manegment hed be in ufc prolly at lhw doin damage.. i support not havin a manager for that reason

  6. Tim says:

    To the idiot up there comparing mma fighters managers and nfl managers:
    NFL players get paid millions, they can easily afford to have a manager to get a cut. MMA fighters like Shogun on the other hand gets what? Like 50k a fight + win. And thats not that much compared to football players.

  7. Nash says:

    ‘sites’ is not the word to use here – the correct word would be ‘cites’

    use a dictionary……..

  8. Shawn says:

    I’m all for a manager. A good one, that has the fighter’s best interest. Having a manager helps the fighter focus on his training and not have to worry about the other things that can interfere. Unfortunately, a lot of managers eventually make it about THEMSELVES.

  9. Mustard pancakes says:

    Yes managers are needed. We all know the UFC likes to make money who doesn’t. But if they can make fighters fight for less because they are not the brightest bulbs of the bunch and don’t know how to negotiate then they will do it. One way you can see the UFC just trying to make the fighters make more by not having to pay others with their winnings. And the other way you can see it as the UFC trying to save money. I really don’t care either way. Let them have one of they want its their money

  10. Uno says:

    Use agents to manage bad managers PERIOD

  11. Joey says:

    The absence of managers makes it easier for the UFC to keep knowledge of salaries and perks away from other fighters. A good manager has a good idea of what fighter X should ask for in a contract and with out a manager these guys will also have to take time out of training to think about their own negotiations.

  12. joshuah says:

    This is good 4 guys that know the business & understand how things work, how much things cost. But young/or inexperienced guys get the shaft their entire career under this type of deal. Never receiving the deal they earn cause they r fighters not managers.

    Like everything the UFC does, smart business but very shady dealings

  13. Captain Moroni says:

    I just had a great peanut butter sandwich!

  14. dlo says:

    I don’t agree with the way the UFC conducts business. Sure mma is big now, but this same exact company can kill mma at a blink of an eye. I don’t like the way they’re monopolizing the industry or how they’re playing manipulation on these athletes. Everyone knows that an athlete needs lawyers and managers. If they really want to help their fighters they would provide educational classes or seminars that gives these guys an understanding how the business is to be runned. Something that would educate them regarding crooked managers and promotional companies. Mauricio is a smart man and have been in the business for a long time, he’ll be fine but a lot of these other guys won’t be so okay.

  15. naru says:

    you need one if you can’t do it yourself. basic. if you’re not good in bookkeeping, hire one or learn. if you don’t want to learn, get one cause you will make mistakes. if you have a business and you can’t keep up with the bookkeeping, accounting and finance, why not just hire a team that will help you.

    if you’re a fighter who can make his own decisions for the best and has experience, duh you don’t need one. but if all you do is train and have no experience in speaking for the business side of it, duh, hire a manager. simple.

    jack of all trades, master of none. sometimes as people with busy lives and many things to focus on, we need others with experience and focus to help. but if you’re a bad ass who has his shit handled, of course, be your own manager.

  16. CCW.Gun control=Government control. says:

    Shogun Sinosic?

  17. Dmitry says:

    I can understand why football players, for example, have managers. They have to deal with a range of sponsors and teams and the player does not have the time for that sort of thing. With the UFC, there is only one promotion, one point of contact and fewer sponsors. Furthermore, fighters do not have as much bargaining power as in most cases the UFC has a monopoly on a fighter’s career. Finaly, a decision to take a fight or to turn it down should be made between the coach, the fighter and no one else. For these reasons, managers are not much use in MMA at the moment.

  18. J Dog says:

    managers are a part of anything you sign. They can and do get in the way of making money just like they make money. I think a manager is needed just because peoples attitudes are different, think of it like this. If you are a hot head and truly feel you deserve something and they don’t give it to you then you might blow up and this would harm your image with your boss. The flip side is that sometimes they wouldn’t be able to get any more money and they take more time which can actually cause lost revenue. It truly depends on your aptitude and your attitude as to whether or not you do need a manager. the manager also helps once you do make it in the big time and become a drawing power, but when this happens you also lose more money because they keep wanting more saying that it is taking more time to handle you.

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