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Tuesday, 08/20/2013, 10:36 am

‘Shogun’ Rua Releases Statement Following Sonnen Loss

“I have 11 years in MMA and Vale Tudo, I won everything I always wanted. I achieved everything I dreamed, but I want to do that again. I still want many victories; I still want to become the world champion again. Who decides when I will stop [fighting] or not is myself, no one else. Thank God I’m financially stable, and I keep fighting because I love it…. I’m a really competitive guy, who hates to be defeated. I know I did everything I should have done during my preparation, but Sonnen was better on the fight. Unfortunately, in the fight [business], we have to wait a lot to return and bounce back…. I’ll get back home, see what went wrong on the fight and train hard to make sure that mistake won’t happen again.”

Former UFC light-heavyweight champion and MMA legend, Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua released this statement (via to proclaim that he is not done and still hopes to recapture championship status before hanging them up.

Can he do it?

The former champ last saw action during last weekends UFC Fight Night 26 where he was taken out by Chael Sonnen in the very first round of their competition via guillotine choke. It marked the first time in Shoguns career that he lost two consecutive fights in a row. The first loss came at the hands of current number one contender, Alexander Gustafsson.


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  1. squid says:

    this is good news to hear. i am still a fan of shogun and can’t wait to see his next fight to hopefully see him get back on track. but, this guy seriously needs to work on his wrestling.

  2. Slim Charles says:

    I love you, Shogun! I LOVE YOU!!!

  3. doc says:

    I am a fan of Shogun. He’ll never get that strap again though. Not unless he somehow makes it to 185. But then Sonnen would come back down to 185 and just take it from him.

    Shit maybe that’s a good idea…

  4. 757 says:

    Never say never. These guys are professional fighters and anything can happen. Look at Sonnen for gosh sakes…He got his clock cleaned and then came back to beat Shogun. Don’t count anyone out. I thought the Sonnen supporters would be the most in tune with that concept.

  5. Jujitsu Player says:

    True warrior, makes no excuses and just gets on with it. Still has a lot to offer the sport.

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