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Tuesday, 02/28/2012, 03:00 pm

Shogun on Rampage | We Will Not Retire Until We Fight Again

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“Absolutely. The fight against Rampage will happen eventually. It’s inevitable and UFC knows it. He won’t retire before fighting me and neither am I.”

When Mauricio “Shogun” Rua first entered into the UFC, one of the most highly anticipated matchups was a rematch between Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and himself. However fate has sent the two fighters on different paths and schedules have yet to line up for one of the most compelling rematches in MMA history.

Both fighters have held Pride and UFC straps at one point in their career and a rematch of their 2005 fight is one that would surely draw huge attention.

At “PRIDE Total Elimination” it was Shogun that dispatched Rampage in the first round with a brutal barrage of knees which led to some fight ending soccer kicks to a downed Jackson.

Yes, a rematch has to happen.

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31 Responses to “Shogun on Rampage | We Will Not Retire Until We Fight Again”

  1. Jason N says:

    Shogun will beat rampage down.

  2. Nick says:

    I think a healthy Rampage will win.

  3. Mo says:

    Shogun will retire Rampage.

  4. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    This will be the final fight for Rampage. Should be a great fight, I like both fighters. Shogun has more finishes but Rampage is more consistent with his victories in the UFC.

  5. Mamon says:

    That’s so awesome… It’s like their destiny to fight again haha

  6. Donovan says:

    @Dog Chapman LMAO!! Yeah I know. If Rampage approaches the fight like he did against Bader then Shogun will be the last fight Rampage will ever have. He already beat the breaks off a healthy Rampage

  7. robbie says:

    shogun would win.
    neither guy would win by ko or tko because of their great chins.
    shogun is better in every aspect and has better cardio;
    He’d beat rampage by submission or decision.

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      Shogun has shit cardio and always has a pooch. If you are going off of the last fights they had Shogun would win. If you go off of how they performed against Jones, Rampage would win.

  8. Steve says:

    Make this fight happen DANA!!!

  9. bertram2323 says:

    would anybody else just like to see rampage do what rampage can do lol. we alllllll saw it in pride, we all saw it early in the ufc, we saw it against wanderlai, and in one of my favourite fights of all time against hendo, we saw it then. i realize he has battled injuries, weight issues and such. id just like to see him come in shape, highly motivated, and injury free. im not even saying anything bad about him not taking things serious because i think hes just had some shitty luck the last 2 years, which hes admitted to numerous times. lets all hope he can come back like he said and fight his way back! even after the bader loss he said he’s highly motivated to get back to his old self and NOT retire yet or soon, so i think he can!

  10. Dick Diaz says:

    this is the only fight right now that makes sense for them…

  11. deez nuts says:

    love slampage but hes been lookin like shit in his last fights, and i dont give a fuck about his injury but dudes slowed down, his cardio is terrible and when he gets taken down ( which he does even though he says he dosent) he cant get up, shogun vs rampage would be a good standup fight but win or lose rampage needs to hang em up

    ONCE AGAIN U RAMPAGE DICKSUCKAS, get it to ur brain and understand he too old and unmotivated all he want is best way to make money and he said he can beat jon jones PSSHHHH! he didnt even hit jones once, they are on complete different levels and he will never be champ or anything like he was so, so its time to let go just like fedor and all the other old schools (wanderlei,coleman,tito and some more) not including hendo and nogs

    • Sweet game plan says:

      That’s about the way I was gonna break it down to these blind mofo’s .. They say oh Edgar sucks, Cruz sucks… But rampage kicks ass… Dam sorry b.j these are your fans.

  12. ucantbeserious says:

    Rampage would smash Shogun…injured or not..rampage would give shogun a pumpkin head worse than Dan Henderson did!! anybody watching Rampage and Bader fight could easily see he wasnt right..Bader got lucky with that win hands down and he didnt win all 3 rounds..its definitely not a win he should be proud of!!! @ deez nuts obviously u didnt see the page and jones fight…Rampage caught jones a couple of times..jones himself said it..u say hes too old wtf..hes 33yrs old…age has nothing to do with it..then some of u say shogun has better cardio…lol really? looking back at his fight with Jones and Henderson he was gassed..if anybody will retire from this fight its Shogun!!! its easy for all of us to criticize these fighters and say what they should do but the reality is…none of us are fighters..none of us have to train ,cut weight, or battle really we dont know wtf theses fighters go thru…ijs

    • deez nuts says:

      how u know i aint training? shit i aint ufc level but i still train, lift weights, run and cut weight and age does matter. after 30 yo natural test production slows down rampage aint the young gun he used to be and yea i was being extreme about not landing any punches but overall jones dominated that fight but rampage heart not in fighting anymore he love show business and he always says i like to entertain and it dont matter wether fighting or movies and shit i hope rampage proves me wrong but what i seen his last fights he aint the same. He hasnt knocked out anybody since wanderlei silva and this old silva is trash too or nothing like he used to be just like rampage, these niggas been too many battles unless he come out looking healthy and ripped like he used to and knock out shogun then he gotta hang dem shits up

  13. hanggloves says:

    Shogun is a very athletic MMA fighter but his main priority to focus and develop if he has to win is his cardio and stamina. He needs to develop and enhance that factor since he is always gassed out as early as round 2. And if the fight goes to distance he is exhausted easily.

  14. TrigenicKin says:

    So this is what the article says, “Shogun destroyed Rampage. So a re-match must happen.”

  15. MajorTom says:

    Rampage never held a Pride title. Unless you’re referring to him unifying the Pride and UFC titles after Pride was disbanded.

  16. slacker says:

    I gotta go with Shogun on this one. As long as his deadly leg kicks don’t disappear like they did against Hendo, he should be able to break him down. Main weapon Rampage has IMO, is that devastatingly fast and powerful right hook. Unless he rocks a guy with a power shot, he doesn’t have the tools to break a guy down and win in a more strategic type of fight.

  17. Night-Wind says:

    Page looked so washed up against Bader. Shogun would destroy him, i think.

  18. mean170 says:

    I would love to see this, but Shogun is on a different level than Rampage right now in my opinion. I can still see Shogun fighting for the 205 belt again. I think Rampage is on his way down. I still want to see it though.

  19. Unanimous221 says:

    Either way they both have power anything is possible.

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