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Shlemenko Confirms With 100% Certainty That Fighters Fake Injuries To Avoid Bad Match Ups | UFC NEWS

“I can tell you for sure, 100%, I know why there are so many injuries. I personally find UFC fights not as exciting because of all those injuries. There are a lot of background tactics around who’s fighting who; fighters are trying really hard to have a good record in the UFC. If you’ve been offered to fight someone who’s considered a bad match-up, then it’s pretty easy to say ‘hey, I’m injured’.

For example, they offered Brian Stann to fight Hector Lombard. He got injured, and then the next thing you know – he’s fighting Michael Bisping. I can see the logic – for Brian Stann it makes more sense to fight Bisping, he’s simply more popular in the UFC than Hector Lombard. That’s why beating Bisping means more than beating Lombard, who’s a risky opponent.

You can fake every injury. Just tell [UFC doctors] about the symptoms and that’s it.”

In an interview with a, Bellator middleweight stand-out, Alexander Shlemenko tries to blow the whistle on a number of fighters who pull out of scheduled fights due to injury.

Is he onto something here?


24 Responses to “Shlemenko Confirms With 100% Certainty That Fighters Fake Injuries To Avoid Bad Match Ups | UFC NEWS”

  1. Mancy says:

    I think Shlemenko is just pissed that hes in Bellator. Do I believe some fighters are faking injuries to miss fights yeah there might be 2 or 4 that have. Do I think Stann did, no.

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      I have been saying this very exact thing for 2 years. Bisping faked or used an old minor injury to get out of fighting Boetch because it was the very next day after Stann backed out of the LOmbard fight and he knew fans and Lombard would rather the UFC match up Bisping and Lombard because Bisping had been talking a mile of shit about Lombard. GSP backed out of a fight last winter on a weeks notice and later admitted he could have fought then a few days after that he blew his knee out for real BAD KARMA. This injury crap is such bullshit a bunch of postering and shuffling around for better matchups.

  2. styleB says:

    hmmm….makes sense. But we can never truely know.

    • JuicyJ817 says:

      Yeah doesn’t make sense 2 me. Y would fighters miss out on pay days. They barely make ne $ so they need every cent they can make……

      • It should make sense to you…
        If a fighter miss out on a pay to get another (bigger one) in a couple of months, it may also make financial sense. Also think about the sponsors!

        In Stann’s case and not considering sponsors, we don’t know how it’d be. All we know is that Boetsch got $18k to show (+$18k win) against Lombard, while Rivera got the same $18k to show against Bisping. But it’s hard to conclude something from crossed pays.

  3. You sir,are a moron. says:

    This guy is an absolute dip shit to think stann ducked lombard.and to say that all you have to do is togo tell the ufc doctors the symptoms and thats that is completley ridiculous .while i do think its possible to milk injuries and rehab longer than necessary.If you honestly think they dont get thoroughly examined to confirm these injuries then believe this moron.

    • Joe Mama says:

      You can fake soft tissue damage and different kinds of pain easily. These are things that cannot be detected through tests, so a doctor has to go on what you say the symptoms are. I’m an attorney and deal with this all the time when it comes to personal injuries.

      • You sir,are a moron. says:

        This is true,however how many times has a fighter pulled out of a fight due to an injury that is related to soft tissue damage?most injuries that fighters pull out of fights for are injuries that require surgery or have broken bones to back up there reason for pulling out.

    • kevin cormier says:

      I would rather fight someone people know and make more money. These guys can only fight so many times before calling it quits.

  4. Bob says:

    Only pussies get injured!!

    • supersizzle says:

      Lol you’re a fucking idiot. Everybody gets injured. You can’t fight with some injuries. With others you can. Some people fake injuries to duck other fighters, yeah, but that doesn’t make them a pussy. Is Dominick Cruz a pussy because he blew out his knee? I bet he could beat your ass right now.

  5. stephen riddle says:

    Who is this fucker, its the fight game and things happen! That is all!

  6. Dan Jenkins says:

    He may have a point the moment Lombard was matched up with boetsch he’s all of a sudden right to face Bisping I’m not the smartest bloke on the block but I can only really think of one reason that would happen though the time off would explain an injury not too sure but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was true Dana has said that the fighters insurance has nothing to do with it but it seems there are more injuries since its inception not fighter bashing by any means I have a high admiration for the training and hard work these athletes put in but if I pull a hammy my boss doesn’t tell me to have a week off “suck it up princess” Is the response I get with that said I don’t know if I’d risk my UFC career/record because of whining pricks on the Internet

  7. derp says:

    stann ducked lombard but fought for this country risking his life everyday? that seems pretty logical. he certainly isnt the ducking type. who the fuck is Shlemenko

    • Mayor of Deviance says:

      You read the article? He said Stann faked an injury to fight a BETTER opponent in terms of ranking. If he were to beat Bisping it would put him as first or second in line against Silva; beating Hector Lombard would accomplish neither popularity nor a boost for title contention.

      That example has nothing to do with fear of Lombard. It has everything to do with furthering his career more quickly.

      • ToneLoc24 says:

        I do believe that fighters have faked injuries to get out of fights but the Stann argumentis foolish. Lombard was possibly getting a title shot had be beat Stann so there’s no reason to think that the same wouldn’t apply for him. Lombard had tons of hype coming into his first fight and if Stann would’ve put him away impressively he could’ve possibly gotten a title shot. Now when somebody like Rory MacDonald signs up for VADA then gets injuries a couple days later before he even gets tested once and then pulls put of the testing because he got a cut over his eye is suspicious. I knew as soon as BJ called him out on twitter for random testing that he would find a way out. I guess 40 stitches did the trick

  8. Aldo Raine says:

    I think he’s 100% right except about Brian Stann. Stann is not the type of man to play that game. I mean does he know even a single thing about Brian? That’s not brian, but it is 90% of the UFC.

    There are a ridiculous amount of fighters that are guilty of this. What their motivations are is not the same everytime. It’s not always to avoid “bad matchups”. In some cases yea, but others it could be to avoid getting caught for roids (COUGHRory(Roidy)McDipshit).

    Vitor’s one of my favorite fighters ever, but if he faked an injury to get out of fighting Wandy, I’d totally support. First of all, it does nothing for his goal of getting a title shot to beat Wandy. Wandy’s just a joke now, nothing more than a stepping stone and a money maker. People like seeing him fight because there’s probably gonna be a finish, and we all love the old Wandy but the dude needs to retire. Vitor is smart. He doesn’t want to be the one who puts Wandy into coma, and he’s also the most likely guy to do it. Wandy has absolutely nothing for Vitor. He never has, not even during his Pride beast streak. Vitor is better at everything that Wandy does, he has a better chin, and can punch circles around Wandy.

    UFC needs to crack down on all the liars but the same time THEY ARE THE CAUSE. So many times UFC cuts guys over almost nothing, so how can you blame guys for wanting to hold out for a fight they’re more comfortable with? The unfairness of how UFC cuts people is taking the fighting spirit out of the guys to the point where they’re willing to do such shady things to avoid getting cut.

    Maybe the UFC should stop being biased assholes, and start being consistent with cutting people. YES, I KNOW IT’S A BUSINESS, but IT’S ALSO SUPPOSED TO BE A PROFESSIONAL SPORT!!! There needs to be better reasons to cut someone, or to give title shots, than “i like/dislike the guy”. Dana White is a piece of shit and he’s ruining the sport

    • You Cant Be Serious says:

      Hahaahha. What a joke.

    • Me says:

      Wandy HAD a better chin, has better Muay Thai, and HAD a better stand up game in general, sure Vitor was the faster one but Wand had one of the best striking during his Pride days, Period.

    • Mayor of Deviance says:

      I dunno about all that Vitor stuff. I think Me said it all. But you got it right with the cutting people over nothing. I can’t believe they cut Fabricio Werdum after he lost to Dos Santos and didn’t even tell him. ONE loss to the future champ, but because he was the underdog at the time, Werdum is gone. That does give a good reason to try to protect your record as best as you can.

    • ToneLoc says:

      Yea Rory gets a cut over his eye so now he cant go through with thr drug testing? I knew when BJ called him.out for the testing he would find a way out. I just didnt realise it would be as easy as 30 stitches. And the sad part is people are still defending him like Ariel. What a joke

  9. Nelsonx says:

    Well the fighters would be better off if Dana acted like a promoter than a boss of a company I mean in boxing the fighters are the centerpiece the promoters just promotes and stages the fight and pay the fighters. Dana is the opposit he is promoting the UFC as the centerpiece and the fighters are secondary to him that’s why he can fire fighters at any time and for any reason.

  10. Joe Mama says:

    For sure it happens! It seems like a lot of fighters are blaming their losses on being injured too. Nut up guys! No one made you get into this job. This is the profession you chose! So, don’t puss out on fighting and take responsibility for a loss! There is too much bitching and whining.

  11. LithCS says:

    I doubt it has anything to do with injuries. And more so to do with the use of PED’s, and the attempt of conceiling the useage.

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