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Thursday, 02/23/2012, 01:19 pm

Shields On Akiyama | He’ll Cheat Any Opportunity He Gets

“They do have submissions in judo. You can’t get too cocky and be like, ‘Oh, I can leave things out there.’ I think my submissions are certainly better than his, but he is a guy good enough that if you’re stupid and make a mistake, he can catch you… He is a guy that has shown that he’ll cheat any opportunity he gets. But I think the UFC’s pretty good, and hopefully they’ll have good inspectors out there watching him and making sure he doesn’t try to do anything dirty.”

In this recent interview with Jake Shields discussed his upcoming fight with Yoshihiro Akiyama set for this weekend.

But what is Shields referring to?

For those who do not know the history of Akiyama, he was a huge super star on the Japanese MMA circuit for many years. He entered the UFC with a nearly unbeaten record, but by many who know him his impressive MMA record is flawed with controversy.

Most Notably, Akiyama was caught blatantly greasing in his fight with Sakuraba.

If you have never seen this fight or heard the crying of Sakuraba during the event then proceed to the next page. I have the video for you.

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39 Responses to “Shields On Akiyama | He’ll Cheat Any Opportunity He Gets”

  1. hitmanclark says:

    Didn’t Jake spend five rounds poking GSP in the eyes?

    • Koshchek Loves Cock In His Ass says:


    • jason says:

      i saw jake box up gsp pretty good and almost win the fight.
      i guess you’re referring to when gsp faked getting poked?

      oh wait, is this an article about akiyama? i just saw cheating and greasing and assumed it was about gsp.

      • "H"BOMB says:

        shut the fuck up you stupid asshole gsp was poked multiple times in his eyes by shields and shields was knocked down at least 5 times throughout that fight get your facts straight fuckin retard

      • Whos the bitch now says:

        Nuff said

      • Ryan M says:

        lol well said jason. ha haha

      • GET RID OF FITCH says:

        Noone crys more about getting hurt than GSP. He’ sthe only fighter in history of MMA that would back out of a fight with a hangnail. Anytime in a fight wherte he gets tagged he screams eye poke. At least 10 times i can remmeber. no wonder he’s afraid to fight he gets hurt so damn easy. For someone who promotes himself as somekind of superathlete he does have alot of health issues. Ask any fitnees expert why someone would always be pulling groins and abductors and knee problems. The answer is STEROIDS. There is not a fighter in all MMA that belive for on e second thta GSP is CLEAN. Any athlete worth 100 million can afford the highest quality HGH, EPO’s, DESIGNER UNDETECTABLE STEROIDS ie: Victor Conte (BALCO) Barry Bonds. GSP is as dirty as they come and some day one of his closest people will divulge it all. I believe if Ellenberger ever gets a chance to figvht GSP he will KO him and GSP will retire. But now that GSP only fights once a ayear (when he’s not injured) or should I say when he (SAYS) he’e not injured. No GSP has lost all desire to fight in is only a point fighter who is scared to death to engage. New Breed of REAL FIGHTERS will destroy GSP and then we can have a REAL CHAMP who wants to fight and defend belt more than once every year or so. Even Dana White finally got fed up with GSP backing out of fights and FINALLY created an INTERIM belt so the NEW BREED of WW have something to fight for instead of a GHOST of a champion

        • stu says:

          not sure if all your allegations are accurate, but dude, hell of a rant. cant believe you just called GSP the ghost of a champion thats nutty. I give you credit you dont pull any punches (like gsp does haha).

        • GET RID OF FITCH says:

          Whats even more true about GSp is it can said he doesn’t take a DUMP without a well thought out gameplan. prob has to get permission from Greg jackson on just how to wipe his ass

      • fuck jason says:

        Boxed em up?? Almost win the fight?? Bro u dnt no shit bout mma if u think he almost beat gsp ur fkn blind, Jake shields got his shit fkd up by ellenberger LMAO he’s a piece a shit since entering the ufc, u can talk all u want bout Gsp but he won all rounds without a doubt…

        • GET RID OF FITCH says:

          Actually that right there shows how you don’t know jack shit because 2 judges had Jake sheildsd winning 2 rounds in GSP fight. GSP barely beat the worst striker in MMA behind mayhem miller

  2. david says:

    that cheating fag, oh well he hasnt looked impressive in the ufc anyways, goes to show you h ow far this asshole will go without cheatin, all tricks and no talent, go back to singing to underage school girls asshole, after he loses this fight hes prolly getting cut anyways, i dunno why they kept him around as long as they have

    • danriverapv says:

      you talking about Akiyama?

        • david says:


        • david says:

          oh look another guy named david ^^ except this ones a flaming fagget, not surprised he called him sexyama, hes prolly sucking as much cum out of akiyamas dick as he can to help him make weight

      • GET RID OF FITCH says:

        Both Akiyama and Sheilds both shouldn’t even have a win on their UFC records. Belcher beat the hell out of Akiyama. Kampmann controlled the entire fight against Sheilds and landed all the best shots. Only reason judges gave it Sheilds is they all knew damn well Dana would have been pissed after all his HYPE of bringing over Sheilds to face GSP. At that point and time the fans were screaming NO MORE REMATCHES. GSP’s entire legacy will reflect rematch after rematch. I ma so friggen tired of all Greg jackson bullshit SISSY ASS gameplans for PUSSYS. GSP DOESN’T TAKE A DUMP WITHOUT A GAMEPLAN.

        • david says:

          yeah you gotta get the toilet paper ready, get in a comfortable position, make sure your penis doesnt come too close to the seat or inside of the porcelain, its complicated man

    • GET RID OF FITCH says:

      GSP was BUSTED dead to rights FOR greasing

  3. John Blaze says:

    Wow, shut the fuck up cockbreath. Please let Akiyama take shields head off. Regardless if it doesn’t happen on Saturday it will happen soon. What an ignorant thing to say, who let this fucking idiot in the UFC.

  4. E716 says:

    Gsp was getting jabbed up by shields lol

  5. andy says:

    Who else is up for a Shield/Ellenberger rematch! I am! Maybe he’ll shut the fuck after getting put out the second time! I think Shields is hanging out the Diaz bro’s too much…

    • GET RID OF FITCH says:

      SCREW ANOTEHR REMATCH WE WANT TO SEE ELLENBERGER KO GSP JUST LIKE HE DID SHEILDS. THE DIFFERENCE IS SHEILDS CAN TAKE A HUGE PUNCH AND GSP CAN’T/ GSP WAS KO’d BY A 5’4″ NATURAL LIGHTWEIGH (Serra). SHEILDS SURVIVED AN H-BOMB FROM HENDO. GSP WOULD HAVE FOLDED LIke LAWN CHAIR AND TURTLED UP JUST LIKE WHEN MATT SERRA TAGGED HIM. JUST WAIT UNTIL ELLENBERGER TAGS GSP HE WILL RUN LIKE A BITCH OR JUST LIKE CONDIT DID FOR 25 MINUTES VS NICK DIAZ. Everyon eis so damn tire of GSP being Champ (except the canucks of course) they are immune to his boring ass point fighting jabberfested borefest they consider fighting. All I know is the Canadian fans must eitehr be total GSP nuthuggers ort they just don’t watch any of the REAL FIGHTERS in the WW divsion Like Condit (before teh Diaz fight) and Ellenbeger, Diaz (who is 1000 times more exciitng to watch than GSP) I Have friends in Canada who are as big of MMA fans as me and they say everyone still supports GSP but they also think he is afraid to fight and definatly afraid of Andersen Silva. These Canada friends of mine came down to watch PPV with me awahile back (I live 30 miles from Canada border) and they say Rory everyone up there is waiting for Rory Mcdonald to take over the WW reigns from GSP who they agree has lost all desire to fight. This may be only 2 canadian fans but they say there is a sense of real disapointment in the air with GSP but nothing like all the American fans are blogging fro last 2 or 3 years.
      You GSP nuthuggers are living in the past his days are numbered and would ahve already been over if he had defended his title more than once ayear fro last 3 years

  6. mma is my religion. says:

    Did he learn how to grease up from GSP. Because GSP is the pound for pound best greaser in mma.

  7. SO two cheating assholes beating the shit out of each other? This is win-win for the fans amirite?

    • Amen! says:

      I agree! and what’s this crap about GSP greasing? He got accused by one of the biggest cry babies in MMA. Seriously, I’m sick of hearing it! And this gameplan bullshit you guys are talking, it’s a sport, not a street fight! Get in the cage and try your “tough guy” shit!

  8. true mma says:

    Battle of the greaser’s GSP vs Akiyama. The octagon would be greasy as hell. The main sponser would be vasoline.

  9. Kopite says:

    Does anyone care what this guy says? Jakes been sucking since coming to UFC and have been one of the most boring fighter. Akiyama is far more well rounded and is a true martial artist and doesnt look like a little girl when he tries to hit someone. Akiyama by vicious KO.

    • GET RID OF FITCH says:

      Say what you want about Akiyama but at least the man comes to fight and always puts on an exciitng show. Belfort fight doesn’t count or reflect anything because belfort did the exact same blitz to Rich Franklin so no discrace in losing to Vitor. I would pay to watch Akiyama any friggen day over boring ass jake sheilds. Sheilds is hands down the second or third most boring fighter in all MMA behind Jon laynpray Fitch and GSP. UFC shoudl have matched up Jake Sheilds ands Jon laynpray Fitch and showed gthe fight ONLY ON FACEBOOK. Both were coming off KO losses in 12 seconds and would have made total sense. Sheilds beat Fitch in a grappling event so obviosly thers some un settled business. I know its all about money with UFC and its hard to promote a fight between to extremely boring fighters like Fitch and Sheilds. I think Akiyama might go out and blitz Sheilds and take him out just like Ellenberger did.

  10. Tyler says:

    Yall hate on GSP hard! There’s no proof behind all of the shit yall say, and if he greased, the right people would have decided to make the appropriate action.

  11. Say "No" 2 Steroids says:

    Akiyama greased, and all the fans hate him.

    GSP greased, but the canadians fans still love him….


  12. true mma says:

    There is video stupid fuck, what more proof do you want? A vasoline sample?

  13. kevin9999 says:

    Shields sucks. His crappy wimpy style won’t hold up for very much longer.

  14. Donnybrook says:

    He’s one to talk, eye poking SOB. Wonder if Jake “Long Finger” Shields will use the same game plan against Akiyama as he did against GSP.

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