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Saturday, 11/30/2013, 08:35 am

UPDATED: Shane Del Rosario ‘clings to life’, while family hopes for a miracle

In a hospital in Newport Beach, Ca., UFC Veteran and 30-year-old Shane Del Rosario clings to life.

Three days ago Del Rosario was admitted to Hoag Memorial Hospital  Presbyterian after suffering sudden cardiac arrest in his home, Del Rosario’s manager Jason House says the 30-year-old’s family is “still hoping” for a miracle.

House told via text message.  “After arriving at the emergency room in full cardiac arrest on Tuesday  morning, he was resuscitated to stable rhythm and blood pressure, but has not regained consciousness.

“Shane continues to cling to life at Hoag hospital in Newport Beach, Calif.,” House continued.

Everyone here at BJPENN.COM will have Shane and his family in there prayers this evening.


‘Start Praying People Cause We Got A Shot!’
-Shane’s coach, Colin Oyama.


12 Responses to “UPDATED: Shane Del Rosario ‘clings to life’, while family hopes for a miracle”

  1. TommoMMA says:

    Didnt he already pass away??

  2. GRT 3000 says:

    Hang in there man, I’m prayin’ for yah.

  3. George Paschal says:

    Im Confused, Dana White Poted on his Twitter yesterday RIP Shane Del Rosario and said he had passed away! Another eport I read yesterday said his family was simply waiting on other family and friends to arrive to remove him from life support because there was no brain activity! So I guess Im asking is he still alive?? My thoughts and Prayers go out to his friends and family! I’m praying with you all, miracles do happen!!

    • krafty11 says:

      According to the latest update, he is now breathing independently and off life support.. That’s according to his training partner Erik Apple. The article is on Sherdog as well.

  4. jack paguio says:

    god bless u and heal you shane we pray 4 u

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