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Saturday, 10/15/2011, 08:23 pm

Shane Carwin Has Been Told To Have Surgery Or Retire

“As a man of faith I know that you are never given more burden then you can carry. I feel that the last couple years have tested me in more ways then I have ever imagined. The challenges the being close to greatness and yet so far away has been nothing less then motivating.

I have spent my entire fighting career dealing with injuries from my football career. I have done my best to get through my training and I have been blessed to get through my fights with relatively little to no damage.

As I ramped up my training for UFC 141 my body locked up during training. It wasn’t like the Lesnar fight but my back just tightened up and I froze. I scheduled an MRI and the results showed that my disc in my lower back is into the nerves . My doctor gave me two options; retire and I could probably go on for a few years without surgery or I could undergo surgery and continue my career.

The decision was easy. I have unfinished business. The UFC had me lined up to face one of the best in the world and I am confident I have everything I need to be a Champion. I am scheduling surgery and I hope to return to the Octagon by spring or summer 2012.

I will be in Las Vegas for Halloween weekend for a UFC 137 viewing party. I look forward to a fast and speedy recovery.

Thanks to my sponsors and fans for all of your continued support.”


In a blog he posted earlier on, Shane Carwin breaks the news that he’s going ahead with back surgery after being told that his only options were surgery or retirement.  Carwin has seen very little action since his July 2010 submission loss to Brock Lesnar, as injuries and a previous neck/back surgery from November 2010 have kept the former UFC interim champion sidelined.

He was last seen in action at UFC 131 where he lost a three round unanimous decision to Junior Dos Santos.  The loss was his second straight, as Carwin had been scheduled to take on Jon Olav Einemo, but when Brock Lesnar was forced to withdraw with another bout of diverticulitis, Carwin got the call to step in against Dos Santos.

With the UFC getting ready to make its move to Fox, the addition of Alistair Overeem to the roster, and the return of Brock Lesnar, Carwin’s back injury couldn’t have come at a worse time.  Will the former champion be able to make a successful comeback after another extensive layoff?



0 Responses to “Shane Carwin Has Been Told To Have Surgery Or Retire”

  1. chad says:

    do it carwin you could do some real damage if you get that fixed your a badass fighter dont want to see you leave like that

  2. qwerty says:

    Bummer. I hope he has a strong come back. Hw division needs him.

  3. Fe says:

    who was he gonna fight at 141?

  4. Good luck big guy! The punishment their bodies undergo is arduous ..

  5. Ever Joy says:

    we hope for your fast recovery! hope to see you fight in the octagon again big guy!

  6. calvin says:

    When i read this title i was like daaaamn dos santos messed his face up that bad wtf

  7. Kev says:

    damn be safe man get the surgery and come back and uppercut heads off

  8. Ryan says:

    Best of luck to you Carwin

  9. Danny says:


    “he was up to fight overeem but now that will go to brock..”

    Brock was always scheduled to fight Overeem. That has been listed as the main event since they give that card a main event and has always been advertised as the main event for that card.

  10. El Charlie says:

    Man, I was hoping to see him in action sooner than later. Guess we’ll have to wait. Wish you a well and speedy recovery big guy.

  11. ThaGreenBandit says:

    Speedy recovery, big guy

  12. Derek says:

    wow thats a really bad injury. and he just had surgery before for the same types of issues. anything with the nerves is always a injury that makes you retire. carwins getting old too.

  13. walleye says:

    Damn!…Get well soon Carwin…you still got some great fights left.

  14. Jmad says:

    That sucks, I love watching him fight.

  15. Christina says:

    Hey Shane!!! Get your surgery done and over with —with a speedy recovery!!!! You are one hell of great fighter, and we fans don’t want to see you permanently injured, and we would like to see you with a big comeback!!!! Take care of yourself well, be good to yourself and get back to your strong self again…. God Bless you Shane!!!

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