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Tuesday, 09/20/2011, 09:35 am

Shane Carwin: Face Still Full of Warrior Wounds From JDS

“It’s still pretty ugly man, right (as he points to scarred meat dangling from his eye)? But it’s okay, I’ve now got a big ‘ole freakin’ ball there or something. It took a while. I think I had sutures in about five different spots on my face. It was pretty bad. It took a little time, but it’s part of the game. I don’t mind it. In fact, I kind of enjoy the warrior wounds, you know? I’m already ugly so it doesn’t really matter. I’m disappointed in myself, for sure. You always learn things, and it was real important to come out of that fight having learned something. Not only learn, but have the ability to improve. I need to bring back the tenacity. Be more tenacious. That’s who I am as a fighter and how I got to the Octagon. I need to bring that back and focus more on that sort of stuff, the stuff that got me here.”

Shane Carwin tells the guys over at MMA Nation that he is still looking pretty ugly after his face was batter in (see image) back at UFC 131 this past June by heavyweight contender Junior Dos Santos.


20 Responses to “Shane Carwin: Face Still Full of Warrior Wounds From JDS”

  1. ThaGreenBandit says:

    JDS beat that ass

  2. Dana Black says:

    He should have played dead once he went down

  3. Anthony says:

    Wheres a recent photo? I wanna see what he’s talking about.

  4. GET RID OF FITCH says:

    How does one go back to the drawing board after a beating like that? I doubt we see Carwin back in the cage maybe 2 more times after that loss. in fact at what 36 that might even be his last fight.

  5. haha now imagine what cain will look like after his fight with jds

    • Brian says:

      By the way I seen Kongo drop cain I don’t rele think this one is gonna make it out of the second if jds puts together them sweet combos finished by an uppercut it’s lights out. Hey but anything can happen these to are beasts I like them both but my money is on JDS’s surpurb boxing skill.

    • Jamey says:

      Yeah he’ll look like he does now, because Cain is a class of his own. I doubt that fight will get out of the 1st round.

    • bizzle says:

      Yup, JDS is gonna mess him up bad.. Every fighter who ever stepped in the cage with Carwin has been dropped by him within 1 round, JDS completely blew him out, that should show what level he is at..

  6. reyed says:

    Carwins a dumb shit! He had that huge over hand right that can ko anyone in HW and hes only got that and his size! and only throwing around 5 times?! What a dumb ass! He needed to lose! What the hell was his corner telling him? I just don’t get..

  7. Yessir says:

    Let’s see Carwin vs Roy Nelson. Just for shits and giggles.

  8. titan says:

    At least he took the ass whooping, he battled like a warrior. Any one else in shanes shoes would’ve quit like a bitch but not him. Shane’s the man in my book. And would still whoop that ass. Jds even said that he has never been hit by someone as strong as shane.

  9. Joegun says:

    Cain wil use his wrestling and probably play it safe,after jds whos the big powerhouse contender? Brock the cock ?? Gimme a break!! Alistair would be better, brock cant take a punch from a japanese school girl. Cain will be on top of the mountain for awhile!!

  10. Christina says:

    Well said!!! I completely agree!! SC gave JDS one hell of a run. There will be a next time!!!

  11. Ahbustae86 says:

    Cain is smarter than that. He won’t stand with JDS for long.

  12. Digs says:

    Carwin was supposed to fight Olav Einemo at 131.

    It was big for Carwin to step up and replace Brock to face a lethal striker in JDS. I knew he had a chance….but really Junior is too quick, too strong, and busted him up.

    Should be brock recovering right now…and Carwin moving up the ladder.

    I’m a big Carwin fan……he’s intelligent, humble, and a fkn beast. would like to see him rebound and come back soon.

  13. Jmad says:

    Carwin’s got a F*kin chin. He should fight the winner of Kongo vs Mitrione.

  14. zc says:

    jds vs overeem . thats a fight i wanna see

  15. Tasha & John says:

    thought that fight should’ve been stopped… and always thought carwin & overeem would be a great fight.

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