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Saturday, 10/20/2012, 10:15 am

Shane Carwin Declines VADA Enrollment | UFC NEWS

“The Ultimate Fighter” coaches have taped their season and put their focus in the training room as they prepare for their upcoming heavyweight clash.

Roy Nelson, has enlisted in the VADA testing program and, it appears up until this point, has been lobbying for his opponent to do the same.

According to a twitter posting from Nelson’s manager, the Carwin camp has refused to enroll into VADA and will opt out of the free opportunity to do random drug testing.

Here is what the twitter post from Mike Kogan said:

“VADA thing is been boiling over with too much drama.. Roy wanted additional testing Shane and his management danced around the issue talking about everything but the answer. Today I finally got the answer from Jason that they will not do VADA but will gladly do others. Problem is others aren’t offering to sponsor the test and I’m pretty sure Jason not gonna pay. So this was crafty way to get out of blood testing. Either way he getting his ass beat by Roy so it’s whatever at this point.?


35 Responses to “Shane Carwin Declines VADA Enrollment | UFC NEWS”

  1. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    Come on man its obvious carwin doesn’t want anything to do with the LEGIT testing. first off even if Carwin is off ILLEGAL ROIDS he still can be using synthetic testosterone just like his cheating ass Teammate Nate “THE CHEAT” and he is prob using HGH and EPO’s to help with his s’uck cardio. Regular state administered drug testing doesn’t test for synthetic testosterone nore does it test for HGH or EPO’s or a hundred other things out there so anyone can beat those tests not to mention they are not random. Even that test they called for the otehr day wasn;t random. carwin has like a week to show up to a testing site. All these fighters have to do is JUICE up as much as they want year round with synthetic testosterone and as they get closer to the their fights is start tapering off to get down below the insanely high allowable 6 to 1 ( THEY ALL HAVE THEIR OWN PRIVATE TESTING DONE ) ratio and they don’t lose any of the huge strength and stamina gains they have gotten by being able to train like animals and recover 100 times faster than a natural fighter could even dream of. Trust me when i tell you synthetic testosterone makes oyu feel like superman and train like an animal and recovery is something you could on ly believe if you experienced it for yourself. THis coming from a 50 year old who started with a testosterone level of 186 because of years of back surgerys and spinal injections (POISON) . I can’t even fathom what 50 times more synthteic testosterone would do for a pro athlete in their 30’s. Picture this what i told you of my own experience was on the very mininum 50 mg a week wheras these fighters like Marquardt, Sonnen, Hallman, Mir etc are shooting at least 200 mg twice a week. The 16.9 ratio Sonnen has my doctor told me he didn’t even think that was medically possible. The amounts he said Sonnen must have been injecting were above 1000 mg of testosterone a week. TRUST ME the amounts these fighters on TRT and many otehrs that do not have the TRT excempt are injecting equates and exceeds full on STEROID ABUSE.

  2. mdotta says:

    Such a biased story

  3. drew says:

    haha what a fake

  4. Thom says:

    he’s on roids for sure.

  5. T.DADDY says:

    Roids or no roids big country is gettn his ass beat

  6. Jonathan Morla says:

    There is a great joe rogan podcast with guest speaker victor conti from balco all about steroids. It’s I’d worth the listen. Talks MMA use

  7. stephen riddle says:

    Come on carwin u have something to hide, roys gonna beat your ass anyway, i cant wait!

  8. Broman says:

    Carwin is trash and nothing without his precious roids

  9. Sugar Ponybear says:

    When everyone already thinks you’re on roids, it’s a bad idea to turn down random testing. It’s apparently obvious what it up.

    • Nick says:

      If you read the other article about this subject it said that vada posted a negative article about carwin on their website, and they are not working with vada now because they are clearly biased. Why the ufc doesn’t just test everyone 2 months out and before every fight I have no idea

  10. Carwin denied.Hahaha .Shane “Jack Lelane” Carwin

  11. J says:

    If Nelson takes his approach to Carwin in the cage as he has in TUF then Carwin is sure to smash him. Nelson is a fat pig with no respect for himself or the boys he’s training he is undoubtedly a freak of nature who has obviously earnt his place in the UFC but he is none the less a putrid dog and a joke. All you jerk offs whinging about Carwin
    should remember one thing none of you could fight in the UFC on your best day even with steroids, it’s easy to lay shit on somebody who is clearly better then you, people make mistakes of course or are all of you so perfect you have the right to judge. Jones and silva must be on something then because they don’t lose their
    fights are they on steroids you ignorant a-holes.

    • LOL! says:

      Jones and Silva wasn’t on a steroid list, Carwin was.
      After that news everyone started to doubt him, and he NEVER ADRESSED THE ISSUE! NO ONE DID!

      Now get Carwin’s dick out of your mouth jerkjob.

  12. MMA guy says:

    This fight is not gonna happen watch I bet Shane says his knee didn’t heal in time or he gets popped on a drug test before the fight be out another year and come back like nothing happened

  13. LOL! says:


  14. MMACRAVER says:

    How the hell can cheaters like Carwin look in the mirror in the morning? It’s fucking pathetic… How can they even allow themselves to feel good about a victory if they use steroids? Just disgusting….

  15. Jiggaman420 says:

    U people r crazy Carwin. Is not a cheat get a life not every1 that is a big guy is on roids and guaranteed Roy is getting fucked up

  16. Dana is Greedy says:

    What a lame excuse for not testing..Why does the UFC give this jack ass a chance to even be on TV maybe if they weed out the blanton cheats the others might have a little more respect for the sport…

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