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Thursday, 09/22/2011, 01:36 pm

Shamrock vs. Toney an Ugly, Cloudy Misfire

It appears that after all of the hype and trash that was tossed around by UFC Hall of Famer Ken Shamrock and Heavyweight Boxing Champion James Toney, the two will never get passed the talk and really exchange leather. What a surprise!

The two were originally supposed to throw down in early November of this year but after “money issues” and date conflictions started clouding up the semi-interesting fight possibility Shamrock placed the fight date on hold until early 2012. Once that happened it really started to feel like all of our original gut instincts about this fight actually taking place were coming true and the two would never really get down.

Well, we recently found out that Toney is over the entire Shamrock bout and has moved on to make big money abroad doing what he does best: the “Sweet science” of Boxing. Toney announced that he is heading over to Russia to fight cruiserweight number one contender Denis Ledbedev at the Khodynka Ice Palace on November 4 in Moscow. And honestly, even as a die-hard MMA fan, that boxing match seems much more appealing (and realistically competitive) than the Shamrock/ Toney “mixed rules” circus act of an MMA fight.

Toney recently spoke with the press about his plans to fight Ledbedev in Russia and in his typical “Toney-tongue” here is what he had to say:

“November 5, I’m going to invade Russia and show this punk what happens when he messes with the USA. I’m calling it ‘Lights Out in Russia’ because he’s just the first one I’m going to whip. After I beat up this Ledbedev, I’m going back to Heavyweight after the one too afraid to fight the Klitchko sisters. Povetkin, I’m kicking his ass too! If they think the Roy Jones fight was big over there, wait till I get there and tell them all what I think about European fighters bringing great American fighters over there once they’re showing signs of age and acting like beating them means anything. The Roy Jones that this Ledbedev beat was finished. I’m ready and I’m as good as I’ve ever been. Watch what I do to him. And now I hear Povetkin wants to beat up Evander Holyfield, he’s been done since I knocked his ass out in 2003. If Povetkin isn’t scared he can jump in the ring after I put his teammate away on November 5th. I’m going to beat his ass right at his weight class, so he can’t make any excuses.”

So there you have it folks. It seems that the Shamrock vs. Toney bout has been buried before it was ever truly born, and I don’t think that the MMA world is going to be shaken much by it. Now Shamrock, for the time being, can go back to being a retired MMA legend and Toney can go back to perfecting his better half in Boxing where he won’t have to worry about low-single takedowns or arm-triangles…I think he’s better off that way. Best of luck to James in November.


12 Responses to “Shamrock vs. Toney an Ugly, Cloudy Misfire”

  1. Tasha & John says:

    um… okay.

  2. Dave Jordens says:

    Im dissapointed but Ken can do way better than fighting in what was rightfully termed a “Circus Act”. Fight other MMA Legends and dont worry about being an “entertainer!”

  3. jason N says:

    I don’t want to see james toney BOX, let alone fight MMA.

  4. SJ says:

    As much as I love seeing Shamrock pounded flat, seeing James Toney do it would have set society back eighty years. We are ALL better for not having this fight take place.

  5. Matthew William Crites says:

    Couture v.s Shamrock ????? haha

  6. mpage says:

    i hate to say this but chael sonnen was right on the money with this one

  7. zack says:

    james toney is literally out of his mind

  8. What’s sad is this FOOL Toney will probably get a 500k paycheck of of this bullshitt fight! Hope Shamrock kicks his stupid azs!

  9. CL0 says:

    I gotta agree with the author. Who the hell wants to see Ken Shamrock fight anymore, on top of that James Toney’s probably the worst “mixed martial artist” to ever step foot into a cage. At the end of the day the fight might’ve sold decent due to Toney’s mouth and Ken’s temper but to say that its a fight to watch? Common you have a washed up mma fighter vs a boxer who just started training a year ago. I don’t know about you guys but I’m glad it didn’t happen.

  10. Joegun says:

    Id Rather see Frank shamrock fight instead of Ken.Toney should stick to boxing,it’ll take him to kong to get his wrestling base fown and by then everyone will be leagues above him.The real money is in the squared circle anyways!! Gotta admit though James is one of the best in in the ring and shamrock was washed up 10 years ago!!

  11. Professor Ike Crossman says:

    I really think Ken Shamrock would get whopped by Tony. I like Shamrock, but hes not a Randy. Oh well things are better this way….

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