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Wednesday, 04/11/2012, 09:04 am

International Scene | SFL 3 Fight Card: Bobby Lashley vs. James Thompson Booked As Main Event

India’s first MMA Organization Super Fight League (SFL) is proud to announce the following fights have been confirmed for SFL 3 taking place at the IGI Stadium, New Delhi on Sunday 6th May: Bobby Lashley V James Thompson (HW/ Main Event), Trevor Prangley V Baga Agaev (LH), Doug Marshall V Zelg Galesic (MW) and Lena Ovchynnikova V Joanne Calderwood (125lb).

Fight fans from all over the world can tune in and watch the event live and free on the official SFL YouTube channel:

Bobby Lashley V James Thompson (HW)
Before making the jump into MMA in 2008, Lashley shot to world fame in professional wrestling. Fighting out of American Top Team Altitude, former WWE Champion and current Shark Fights Heavyweight Champion Bobby ‘The Dominator’ Lashley (7-1) is set to make an impact on the SFL Heavyweight scene in the SFL 3 main event.

A promising amateur and collegiate wrestler, Lashley was snapped up and trained by World Wrestling Entertainment where he was a multiple ECW World and Unites States Champion, touring the world performing to millions before making the transition from Pro Wrestling to MMA in 2008 where he has secured notable wins over Wes Sims, Jason Guida and most recently Karl Knothe.

Up against Lashley and fresh from a first round submission victory over Bob Sapp at SFL 1 is experienced British Heavyweight James ‘The Colossus’ Thompson (17 -14) who will be looking to come into this fight faster, leaner and going for the KO.

Trevor Prangley V Baga Agaev (LH)
South African UFC, DREAM and Bellator vet Trevor Prangley (23 – 9) boasts notable wins against Travis Lutter, Keith Jardine and Yuki Kondo. Having held the belts for Strikeforce, MFC, Shark Fights, and Bodog, two time All American College Wrestler and South African National Champion, Prangley also has a first round finish of Chael Sonnen on his resume. Facing Prangley is 26 year old Russian star Baga Agaev (26 – 11). Ranked in the top 50 Light Heavyweights in the world and known for finishing fights, Agaev boasts a 3-1 record against UFC vets including a win over former UFC champion Kevin Randleman.

Doug Marshall V Zelg Galesic (MW)
Better known as ‘The Rhino’, former WEC Light Heavyweight champion Doug Marshall (14 – 5) will be facing DREAM vet and former Cage Rage Middleweight champion, explosive Croatian striker Zelg Galesic (10 – 6). Looking to get back to his winning ways following a submission loss to Alexander Shlemenko (who defeated Minowman at SFL 2), Galesic is known for his explosive hands and bringing the fight. Having fought in Pride, K-1 Hero’s and Bellator, knock out artist Galesic guarantees an exciting fight.

Lena Ovchynnikova V Joanne Calderwood (125 lb)
24 year old Ukrainian Lena Ovchynnikova (8 – 1) is looking to get back to her winning streak following a defeat at SFL 1 against Sanja Sucevic. Stepping up to the challenge will be Scottish world class Muay Thai fighter and current IKF European Flyweight Kickboxing Champion Joanne Calderwood (1 – 0).

SFL CEO Ken Pavia (@KenPavia) said: “And the hits just keep on coming. We have had such success with HW Main Events we decided to sign former WWE champ Lashley to face our SFL winner in Thompson. With two guys this big and strong this fight could end with the blink of an eye. We are very excited to have what we expect to be very competitive stand up affairs in the two other non Indian fights. The WEC champ in Rhino v The Cage Rage Champ in Galesic in one fight and Russian super prospect Baga against battle tested Prangley, a former champ in four major organizations in the other. We are also looking forward to seeing Lena back in action after her show stealing performance in our first event and she isn’t getting an easy fight as we are bringing in a world class striker in Calderwood to test her.”


18 Responses to “International Scene | SFL 3 Fight Card: Bobby Lashley vs. James Thompson Booked As Main Event”

  1. Xaninho says:

    “former WWE Champion” Hahaha! That kinda shit always makes me laugh! Champion of what? A bunch of bad acting wrestlers pretending to fight?

    WWE champion isn’t a notable title nor an accomplishment. It was just in the WWE script he had to be a champion.

    • Mach00man says:

      LOL! That is very funny and so true however he is a 3 time Armed Forces Champion in freestyle wrestling. And holds a plethora of other various collegiate wrestling titles and competed in the US Olympic trials. The guy has some skills. He just should have left that WWE shit alone and made the transition to MMA right after wrestling.

      • HyLyfe808 says:

        If you were getting paid big bucks to do wrestling… Why not? You don’t really get hurt and don’t have to train hard.

        I bet he was getting paid more in wrestling alone and just went into MMA cause he really wanted to compete.

        Why do you think Brock Lesner went back to WWE?

        • Ly-er says:

          The point isn’t that wouldn’t we take the job to being a WWE star to make lots of money. But that u don’t carry much legitimacy & credential saying ur a “WWE heavyweight champ”, cause its true, non of them truly competed for that title, it just scripted for that week or month ur gonna be champion. Just drop the WWE champion thing, but if u mention he was competing in US Olympic trials or a NCAA Div.1 Champ then yah totally commendable!

        • Chris says:

          Lashley is still doing pro wrestling as well.. I just met him last month at “big time wrestling” he went up against shane douglass.. I did get to meet him and asked about his mma career, he told me he was working on a deal with the UFC.

    • Kris M says:

      You’re a dumbass dude! I’ve seen Bobby fight one of my friends back home and he had no problems beating the brakes off his ass. Look it up! Bobby Lashley vs. Jon Ott last year. Jon is a professional fighter as well and a very well respected one at that. just because someone does WWE doesn’t mean they’re a fake fighter, it’s all for money and entertainment in that business but when it comes to MMA…you have to know what you’re doing because it’s not an act.

      • Xaninho says:

        You should learn to read and actually comprehend what you’ve read before calling people who clearly outsmart you a dumbass….

        I never said he couldn’t fight. Only thing I said was WWE champion doesn’t mean anything. It’s not an accomplishment, cause it’s all staged and fake…..Oh wait! Did I just bust your bubble? You thought it was all real huh?

        Now go back to school and get educated before taking me on chump!

    • keith says:

      Hey thats what every one thought about Brock lesner and he WON 7 straight in the UFC and this guy Bobby Lashley IS AN aNIMAL TO SAY IT KINDLY HE IS f24N THOUGH AND BIG AND STRONG SO I WOULDN’T COUN T HIM OUT jUST YET AND I DON’T EVEN KNOW THE OTHER GUY BUT MY MONEY IS ON lashley to win in two Rounds LOL hahahaha!!!!!!

  2. Elitebowfreak says:

    Kris John Ott is a normal middleweight he usually fights at 185 or 170 so he should have beat him… He’s overrated but he is training with one of my buddies and seems to be improving

  3. I know Lashley’s a big guy but what’s up with the picture at the top off the page. He looks like a parade helium figure. I don’t think because Lashley was in the WWE that people should automatically think he’s a lousy fighter either you can fight or you can’t if he’s not that good he’ll get beat eventually as his competition gets better. So fare he has lost only one hand that was because he couldn’t continue (reportedly do to illness) so no one has strait up beat him. If he sucks then he will be beat no matter how strong he is when he gets a skilled opponent.

  4. Robby says:

    Don’t have to train hard for pro wrestling? Seriously, if you don’t know anything about a subject then keep your mouth shut…

  5. alistair overeem says:

    and like this guy isnt using ped:s hah!

  6. James says:

    Lashley looks like he is taking a challenging dump in that photo

  7. herpyderpy says:

    WWE ‘titles’, or any other ‘sports entertainment’ titles should not be mentioned when discussing a fighters accomplishments. They are scripted and are not ACTUAL achievements. Just cut that shit out in your next Pro Wrestler / MMA article please…

    Fanboys please note this post has nothing to do with how good of a fighter Lashley is..

  8. Turkeykneck fun chav says:

    he claims hes never used PEDs in his life, hes naturally well built
    of course lashley, Roidereems horsemeat is a legit source of testosterone as well!!!!!!

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