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Thursday, 02/14/2013, 10:03 pm

Setting The Record Straight: Dana White on the removal of wrestling from the Olympics | UFC NEWS

Earlier today, posted a quote from UFC president Dana White, in regards to wrestling being removed from the Olympics starting in 2020. The quote from White stated, “this sport draws, wrestling doesn’t”.  While he did in fact say those words, it’s important to see  all of what he said in the way it was intended.  Besides immediately calling it’s removal “crazy”, he talked about how great the sport is, skill wise for MMA, and how life changing it’s been for many wrestlers. He also spoke about how this could be the natural evolution of MMA, and that it could be the beginning of MMA in the Olympics.  All of this was in regards to being television friendly, selling tickets, and from an entertainment perspective.  How the whole statement actually reads is, “The problem is nobody wants to watch it.  Any sport especially these days, it’s about selling tickets, and eyeballs, and viewers and all these other things.” “What this could be is the evolution of mixed martial arts becoming an Olympic sport,” White said.  “We bring spectators, eyeballs, whether it’s on TV or whatever it is this sport draws, wrestling doesn’t.”

Dana White and the UFC have been huge supporters of wrestling, so it’s very unfair to show what he said from a negative perspective, especially when he’s showing support for wrestling in the very video he was quoted.  With that said, would like to apologize for the confusion the quote caused. His true support can be verified by all the wrestling programs he’s assisted. Just ask the McNair High School wrestling team, who received a $10,000 grant from the UFC when they came to Atlanta in 2012 for UFC  145.  Still not convinced?  Check out the video from the pre fight video scrum for UFC On Fuel TV 7, and see for yourself.


18 Responses to “Setting The Record Straight: Dana White on the removal of wrestling from the Olympics | UFC NEWS”

  1. Ukininam Dana says:

    Dana says some crazy stuff and tries to act like he didn’t say it. Hes an idiot.

  2. Derek says:

    Wrestling would draw if they ever showed it on the freaking Olympics. I didn’t get to see any wrestling matches this past Olympiad and I was glued to every Olympic coverage there was

  3. Gio says:

    this is bull**** Wrestling draws way more eyeballs than that floor cleaning “sport” they got in there. Not to mention speed-walking, equestrian,badminton…. I MEAN WHO IN THE HELL WATCHES BADMINTON ON SUMMER OLYMPICS? Wrestling is fundamental to the Olympics. It was the original discipline. Taking it away from Olympics is like robbing it of its soul!

  4. Jc says:

    Hahaa Bj penn . Com bitched it from dana

  5. wtf says:

    Dana has validity or how ever you wanna call it. Wrestling has been around for how long and now they are trying to get rid of it at the top end of its performance. Sounds like the people in charge are looking for ratings rather that true sportsmanship from men and women that train year round for this type of oppertunity. This isnt an american issue this is a international issue.

  6. Thom says:

    Lol pedro got called out by dana white.. Yeah the removal of wrestling is crazy, makes absolutely no sense at all.

  7. 2lowtoe says:

    just think ……Olympics….mma

  8. GRT 3000 says:

    now all the MMA wrestling boners are going to have a big cry. “they removed wrestling from the Olympics! oh no!” pfft…no one watches the fuckin’ Olympics unless there’s dick all else on or they have 5 minutes to kill. if the Olympics are boring to begin with what does that say about wrastlin’?!

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