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Thursday, 10/25/2012, 10:20 am

Sean Sherk: Half The Belts Are In Brazil, We Need Them Back In America | UFC NEWS

“I think [Edgar dropping to featherweight was] a great decision. I think that he’s going to give Jose Aldo hell, and I think he’s going to beat him. With Frankie’s wrestling and his mobility, I think he’s going to give Aldo all he can handle. I’d like to keep all the belts here in the States. Right now we’ve got half the UFC belts in Brazil, the other half are here in the United States. I want them all to be here. This is an American sport, man, let’s keep them here. No disrespect towards the Brazilians at all; I want to see Americans hold the title belts, just like they want to see the Brazilians hold title belts.”

In an interview with MMA Torch, former UFC lightweight champion, Sean Sherk, lays down some nationalism and calls for an American resurgence in the UFC.



100 Responses to “Sean Sherk: Half The Belts Are In Brazil, We Need Them Back In America | UFC NEWS”

  1. yougurt slinger says:

    Sherk is the man! and i hope he comes back soon for a couple more good fights. I also agree with him 100%, bring the belts back! USA! USA! USA!


      From Mortage to Mortgage Redneck people will be all homeless one day and won’t have internet anymore to post this SHIT USA USA USA anymore.

      They forgot that USA was built by IMIGRANTS.

      Brazil has the BELTS because they deserve it.



      • Dick Niaz says:

        Stop yelling dude

      • anti idiot says:

        *immigrant you idiot


          So your only argument is to correct that I misspelled an M in the word Immigrant?

          Great. Again about GREAT WHITE PEOPLE listen to me stupid DEV REDNECK without money I`m gonna answer this like tarzan for ya.

          Me FINNISH VIKING WHITE, YOU fat redneck and yo mom is so fat that everytime she passes in front the TV you loose 3 episodes!

      • Dev says:

        “From Mortage to Mortgage Redneck people will be all homeless one day and won’t have internet anymore to post this SHIT USA USA USA anymore.”
        -“Redneck People?” hahaha are you mad at white people because they teach you?

        They forgot that USA was built by IMIGRANTS.
        – First, learn to spell. Second no fucking shit it was built by the Great White people who came from Europe. Who has forgotten that? Only idiots like you…

        Brazil has the BELTS because they deserve it.
        – One example: Anderson Silva has been being fed cans, he has only fought probably 2 worthy opponents, and he’s ducking Jones and Wiedman.

        -durrrrr retard, can you fucking read?

        I don’t know the meaning of why you posted. No one cares about your opinions. Next time when you’re mad about Great White people bullying you in school, don’t come online and cry to everyone. It shows you’re a sorry little kid that is scared/mad at Great White people. You wish you were white. Feelsgoodtobewhite

        • Demigod says:

          You my friend are really stupid. First off this country was built by all people. Not just white. Chinese built your railroads and indentured white slaves plus African Americans who helped build the roads. Route 66. Anytime you use race as an argument you’re showing your inability to hold a intelligent conversation. You are awarded no points. We’re all dumber for reading your rant. May God have mercy on your soul.


          You fucktard.

          I am FINNISH imbecile! My father is from FINLAND and my mother is from Brazil.

          I am WHITE with BLUE EYES.

          And you should know more who you trying to answer.

          I am 6.33 feet tall, like my Viking brothers.

          So if theres was a white bullying in my school a 15 years a go, that bullying should be me.

          This answer was for DEV.


        • Jasplanet says:

          What kind of creature is this great white sharkpeople u keep writing? Relax with the skin colour thing allready, ok you claim you are white, i am the defenition of white since im from Sweden, Nordic to the core, even Hitler got scared of how much more white we are compared to germans. So if your going to be on an mma forum writing about race like ur doing then jus go to school and get shot by your people.
          Jon Jones is black, maybe u should start with taking the belt back from africa before u turn on the brazilians for having te sexiest women on earth, jelous fckers

      • Dev says:

        + gracie invented MMA ?.. hahahaa smh facepalm

      • Jordon says:

        North America is a continent. America is a country, my child.

        • Jasplanet says:

          My son, America is the collective word for North and South america combined. Technically USA belongs to China so… That must suck

      • MooreUSMC says:

        Im pretty sure Greeks “invented” MMA. It was called pankration and was done in the original Olympics.

      • L says:

        In the last olimpic games I was lookig to see how many medals “America” won I could not find any but I found United States OF America who won many.

        Just saying.

      • BTruth says:

        Jon Jones is the best fighter in the UFC. Sonnen beat Silva’s ass the first time, and Silva got away with an illegal knee to the face to a grounded opponent in the second fight, but none-the-less Jones would tear your Brazilian try-to-be equivalent Silva apart, but will the fight ever happen?! NO.. It wont Silva is SCARED plain and simple.. I can’t think of a single worthy opponent that Silva has fought other than Rich Franklin forever ago when and if he beats Weidman, Jones, or even (Non-American) St. Pierre then you can join the discussion.

    • Iceman says:

      As a fan I can give two fu*ks if the sport has a champion from fu*king just such a huge fan of the sport that that’s the last thing on my mind.As long as they got heart,talent,exciting and brings it inside that cage.showing that they have a true fighters spirit and never giving far as sherk goes with him being a fighter and a former champion I can understand where he’s coming from.



  2. lolziez says:

    i’m american and i don’t care what country has the belts, if they got it, they deserved it and to say its an “American Sport” is just dumb

    • chirp chirp says:

      I lack in English but well said. My response was biased XD

    • warDIAZ says:

      an american sport rooted in other cultures? lol the beauty of mma is the diversity of its fighters which brought mixed martial arts to the position it is in today, we wouldn’t have that without all of our beautiful cultures joining together and teaching each otehr how to be better fighters! sean sherk sounds like an idiot

      • BLah says:

        Because he is a fucking idiot and shouldn’t fight anymore.

      • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:


        Everyone always knew Sherk was JUICING but he was samrt enough to have his own testing done and had his cycling down (which he admitted at his hearing) Too bad for Sherk he tooka fight in California shortly after they became the (ONLY) state to use IOC (olympic style) testing at UCLA. Yep if Sherk’s favorite lab would have been state of the art he would have had time to back of the fight knowing he would still test hot for steroids. If you look back at Sherk’s career after he was busted he backed out of alot fights because he obviosly had traouble ajusting his cycles to beat the “NEW TESTING” I’ve always wondered who’s name guys like Sherk, Nate “THE CHEAT” use when tehy send their samples to their favorite labs? Probably use BJ Penn would be my guess or Nick Diaz who we all know are two of the very few fighters left in MMA that are 100% CLEAN

  3. chirp chirp says:

    This difference between Brazil and USA. USA will always cheer for the winner while Brazil will cheers for whoever gives their best in the ring. We all see it on TV. One moment they are hating at one person but once the fighter makes it some how. The crowd starts cheering for that fighter. Chael Sonnen said it best..again..from Chael XD

  4. djcuscus says:

    american sport? i live here too but seriously isnt mma stand for mixed? american, brazil, japen etc. its a sport for all and may the best win fair and sqaure with no PDEs

  5. rcs says:

    I think Sherk is right in saying mma is an American sport. Fighting has been around since Cain and Able. It took the home of the Free toregulate it, monotise it, and exploite it.

  6. Raul says:

    His comment on MMA being an American sport is just dumb.

    • Thurgood Jenkins says:

      How? I highly doubt he’s saying that the techniques employed in MMA originated in the United States. Like people have said, hand to hand combat in this fashion has been around for thousands of years. But in terms of bringing MMA into the mainstream, it is an American sport, which I think to what Sherk is referring.

  7. maurice says:

    Yea dnt really agree. I never gave a damn whar race was champions. And ive neva considered mma an “american sport.” But wateva. Fighting is in the roots of everyones culture.

    Im really appauld by his edgar/aldo prediction tho!

  8. Rear Naked Poke says:

    Wasn’t the UFC brought to the US by the Gracies (Brasil)? And wasn’t the UFC conceptually influenced by Vale Tudo (Brasil)? Sherk is dumb…

  9. Sasquatch says:

    GSP is Canadian.

  10. Dick Diaz says:

    unfortunately sherk won’t be the person to bring any belts back to the usa lmaooo

  11. Bogj says:

    Where did he learn to do math ? half in the states half in brazil ? what about GSP a canadian.

  12. Xaninho says:

    Typical stupid redneck American….

    MMA is derived from Vale Tudo. And where do you think that came from mr Sherk? Yes FROM BRAZIL!

  13. allmightysandman says:

    “…better to keep your mouth closed and have people think you’re a fool, than open your mouth and prove them right.”

    ..or something like that…

    what an idiot…it’s an international sport with international champions, and that’s how it’s always going to be.

    All the belts will almost certainly never rest in one country in the future.

  14. Xaninho says:

    Sean Sherk grew up in his parents Meth lab. That shit destroyed his brain.

  15. go chael! says:

    After a couple leg kicks edgars movement and takedowns will be gone. Uriah is on edgars level and got owned . Jose is the Anderson silva of the little dudes….hell never lose!

    • allmightysandman says:

      IDT faber is on edgar’s level when it comes to movement and avoiding things like those monster leg kicks. IMO Edgar has a much better chance than Faber did.

      I do think that Aldo could also remain champ of “the little guys” for a long time…but ya never know…it’s mma afterall. (no one expected Hominick to create such a battle for Aldo i don’t think)

    • Sheldon Norby says:

      Jose Aldo is a black house fighter he trains with Silva, Machida , Nog twins and many more deadly dudes .

      • brandon says:

        @sheldon norby, the nog twins suck and machida is not than great

        • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

          This Brandon moron is toooo stupid to add anything himself so he thinks its cool to criticize everyon else. Typical WWE fan they came over with Brock and didn’t leave with Brock

  16. ryan alton says:

    i think this is the stupidest thing sherk has even said , how is it an american sport ? its mixed martial arts martial arts come from everywhere in the world just not america and im also pretty sure a canadian holds a belt too

  17. Dan says:

    Has anyone forgotten Edgar almost got KOed by Maynard twice and Henderson in their first fight? Don’t get me wrong the dudes got heart and I won’t count him out, but you keep getting caught eventually a guy like Aldo could finish from there easy.

  18. Sheldon Norby says:

    Yeah that is just retarded Brazilian fighter are the bomb I don’t care what anyone says. American sport my ass where does judo come from? Where does teakwondo come from where does jiu jit su come from where does Muay Thai come from where does your wrestling come from it sure as fuck does not come from America it came from foreign countries and yeah GSP is Canadian and brazil is South America so still technically America get your facts straight man.

  19. Bitch Ass Greg J. says:

    I’d say give Sean Sherk a Brazilian opponent for his next fight, in Brazil lmfao..stupid redneck. He disrespected a lot of countries who have contributed so much to martial arts by saying MMA is an american sports. Basketball is an american sport but americans go to other countries to become better rounded mix martial artists. I think Sherk wants to take this one back, stupid thing to say.

  20. Meow Chirp says:

    Sean sherk is the product of trauma induced retardation. Please pay him no attention.

  21. Joao says:

    American Sport?!?!? Lol
    The sport was created in Brazil. Stupid Americans.
    Be ready to lose some more belts.

    • Adonis says:

      Actually, it was the Greeks when they started Pankration back in about… 648 b.c.
      And may I point out that Sean Sherk is, by no means, a good representation of all us “stupid Americans”. Besides, who from the U.S. do you see losing a title soon? Bendo? To who? Oh, that’s right, a kid from STOCKTON, CA by the name of NATE DIAZ! Same with Mighty Mouse and Jones, US v US. We get a chance at the ww title, not Brazil. We are at least getting a chance at a title held by Brazil (JDS). Who has challenged Aldo? US fighters. Who has challenged Cruz? US fighters.
      Just saying, in the “title picture”, the US has more fighters, more titles, and more potential titles.

      • rh2117 says:

        Why are you including Cruz, as if he were brazilian? He’s Mexican-American (tryin to cross the border…sorry, had to throw that in). He was born in Tuscon, and fights out of SoCal.

      • Bastard says:

        Thats because the ufc is based in the us so they find good fighters there more easily. i guarantee you brazil has plenty of great fighters that the ufc hasnt found yet. Also Im sure that renan barao is gonna beat dominick cruz. So thats gonna be 4 belts for brazil and 3 belts for usa. Plus Brazil has more quality fighters there champions right now are all pound 4 pound the best and they’re gonna be dominating their divisions for a long time. The only pound 4 pound fighter the us has is jon jones.

        • MooreUSMC says:

          Barao will probably beat Cruz for sure. But we still have Edgar and Cain that have really good chances against their division champs. And if you don’t include condit bendo and Edgar on your P4P list who is up there? Big Nog? Maybe shogun? Your p4p list… Silva, GsP, Bones, Aldo, JDS, Big nog, Shogun, bisping, little Nog, Belfort? Yeah you’re dumb.

    • Adonis says:

      Oh, and when Dana gets WMMA in UFC, who will be the champ? Ronda, a fighter from the US.

  22. BanOveroids says:

    What happens if Machida beats Henderson, Jones gets injured, and Machida becomes the interim champ. Since he apparently moved from Brazil to America, would that be considered another one for America? What if the half of the steroids used by Sherk, and the other half was used by Americans and Brazilians? Would that play a factor on who has what where? What happens if Sherk changes a letter in his name and becomes Shark, would that make hime more ferocious?

  23. drew says:

    sherk is a racist and or prejudice, bottom line, if he wasn’t the home of the champions wouldn’t bother him.

    • MooreUSMC says:

      Sherk is a nationalist. If he were racist he would have said something to the effect of We need to get the belts back from those shuck and jive darkies. But he didn’t. We need to categorize this correctly. I don’t see anything wrong with what he said. Same as I didn’t see anything wrong with silva saying he wanted Belfort to win. That’s te nature or sports. I’m from Chicago my team is the bears. Same with MMA mostly. but when silva does it you guys are cool with it. I mainly think nationalism is a good thing for everyone. You guys should relax.

      • allmightysandman says:

        when i first read your post i was going to tell you that I think a lot of racists call themselves nationalists and that’s how they justify it.

        Although I do think it’s true that a lot of racists rationalize their hate as ‘national pride’ or ‘nationalism’, I don’t think this applies to you.

        I read your post several times and really couldn’t find fault with what you say here so I agree with the theory.

        I do think Sherk is a racist, he maybe just forgot to call anyone a derogatory name, but I see your side of it too.

        good point though…good post

  24. Adonis says:

    Well Mr. Sherk, 4 of them are in the U.S., 3 in Brazil, and 1 in Canada (but soon the US!). So we have most of them. They just have two of the p4p best champs at feather and middle. I think the US has LH locked down for quite some time to come (unfortunately, it is with Jones…), but welter may soon be ours, light will be ours for quite some time as far as I can tell. Bantam, we have locked down pretty well, and obviously fly isn’t going anywhere, even if MM loses to that annoying little kid, Dodson. So, Sherk, we have more belts than anyone and it isn’t changing any time soon.

    • Adonis says:

      Woops, forgot heavy. Obviously they have it, and I don’t want to see us get it, I really like JDS, but I would prefer he lose to Cormier or, like… Carwin or someone if we end up with the belt. ‘m not a huge Cain fan, so as long as he isn’t the one from the U.S. with it, I’m content.

  25. Josiah says:

    sherk is old!

  26. Sugar Ponybear says:

    Whoever is the best should have the belts. Good luck with them ALL coming to America cause I don’t see Silva dropping his any time soon.

  27. lol says:

    Interesting. I could have sworn that MMA originated as Pankration in Ancient Greece, at least thats as far back as we know of it in recorded history.

  28. Hightimes99 says:

    First off people need to chill the F out around here. Secondly I think what sherk was trying to say, but got it all twisted was American fighters should support one another like the brazillians do. Nothing wrong with having unity in sports when it comes to country vs country people. It’s been this way for years!

    Whoever said the brazillians cheer for whoever is doing the best is an idiot, whoever said Royce Gracie started ufc is an idiot, and whoever thinks fighting started in brazil is a super idiot. You can do the research on your own time.

    • Xaninho says:

      Rorion Gracie was the founder of the UFC. Fighting didn’t start in Brazil, but modern MMA did derive from Vale Tudo which was a Brazilian fighting competition.

      Do some research before you call people idiots…….idiot.

      • Xaninho says:

        Oh and Brazilians do cheer for foreign fighters. They show respect to great fighters even if they beat one of their own guys. I guess you didn’t hear them applauding for Fitch after he beat Erick Silva?

      • Hightimes99 says:

        You’re the biggest idiot out of them all Xaninho. They said fighting started in brazil…wrong! You then said the oldest modern day martial art derived from Vale Tudo? Wrong again…idiot.

        The oldest is pankration which started in Greece around 648 b.c but the Chinese claim they have ducuments that show ancient Chinese martial arts dating as far back as 206 b.c…you know what b.c stands for right idiot?

        Vale Tudo started around 1920 but Greco roman wrestling started around 1848 lol, wrestling in general is older dummy. So what modern day martial art is older and still being used today? Don’t worry I’ll wait….

        You already proved my point that Royce Gracie didn’t start the UFC lol. And when it comes to the Brazilians cheering on other fighters of course they do, but that wasn’t what was said so don’t try and change my words around.

        That’s your history lesson for the day…idiot

        • Xaninho says:

          I could call you an idiot again because apparently you can’t read. I said MODERN DAY MMA derived from Vale Tudo. I did not twist any of your words, but you sure are trying your best to twist mine. Where did I say Vale Tudo was the oldest martial art?

          Pankration was only a combination of wrestling and boxing. So hardly countable as a precursor to modern day MMA.

          Now go back and google some more…..idiot.

  29. ThatGuy says:

    “This is a american sport” now that’s funny , last time i checked Americans didnt invent any martial arts (no disrespect) but the modern MMA was first created in the early 1900s , around japan n europe , and brought to the State by the Gracie Family , who are actually brazilians lollllllllllll but I do understand the statement , UFC is a American company .

    • Xaninho says:

      American based company, founded by a Brazilian Rorion Gracie.

      • Hightimes99 says:

        Hardly countable lol. That’s how your trying to overlook the facts? fact is pankration used wrestling which is a form of grappling if you didn’t know lol & striking without the 6 other points is called boxing. Two arts mixed together & being used in competition way before Vale Tudo was even a thought of makes it the precursor lol…let me guess, because Vale Tudo was fought in cages & rings you think that makes it the “precursor” for modern day mma? Pankration paved the way and anything else created over the years is just an add on.

        • Xaninho says:

          That’s what I said, just wrestling and boxing. Modern day MMA derived from Vale Tudo pure and simple. You can keep grabbing on to straws, but the facts are there.

  30. g46b7i2p says:

    UFC is not a sport, it’s a brand. THe idea of mixed martial arts has been around a long time, as well “anything goes” prize fighting.

  31. WTF says:

    Sherk has been hit in the face too many times. Take a look at who holds the belt before you start talking out your ass. The last time i looked there was only 1 American(if you can call him that) who holds a belt, the rest are BRAZILLIAN AND CANADIAN you idiot. for those of you that thinks Sherks the man seem to forget that he’s been a nobody for 5 years + and will never be again!

  32. Jake says:

    Demetrious Johnson is american, Dominick Cruz is american, Benson Henderson is american, and Jon Jones is American That would be 4 americans WTF not 1, and you can call them that

  33. Chit Rodriguez says:

    Yep us stupid red neck Americans need to stop buying all those pay per views that actually support all those Brazillan fighters that hate us so much.

  34. Thom says:

    American sport, lol.

  35. BareKnuckle says:

    yeah, just like soccer is an american sport. We need to bring the World cup back to the America states of ‘Murica. Fuck yeah!! lol BTW MMA is a national sport in Brazil. Not here. We can’t even watch a live fight in NY!! Brazilian children learn BBJ at a young age. MMA moms take their kids to mma practice over there.

  36. CiccioCR says:

    “They forgot that USA was built by IMIGRANTS.
    Brazil has the BELTS because they deserve it.

    I agree completely with this comment. ANT REDNECK REPUBLICAN, I am European as well, Italian to be exact, so I understand completely where your frustration is coming from. It’s always the arrogant US citizens that make ignorant comments and can’t keep their big mouths shut. As Dan Hardy said about Josh Koscheck once, they “have mo filter between their brains and their mouths”, let alone a real thought process behind it.
    Plus, I’d like to add that Sherk’s comment about the other half of the belts being in the US is bullshit, as GSP has one, and he lives in Montreal. And MMA is not an american sport, maybe the term was coiined by a US citizen, but the actual fighting arts, and the mixing of such arts happened way before the USA even existed. Got I hate these US fucks.

  37. John M says:

    1st Aldo will kill Edgar 2nd the part about bringing the belts back to the US is the only thing I will ever agree with that comes out of his mouth. Unless at some point Sherk was like I’m a fuckin douche.

  38. Chit Rodriguez says:

    Hey Ciccio here is a statement from a true American. Go eat an American Dick!




  40. Chit Rodriguez says:

    TURKDURR? Ha ha ha. WTF?

  41. GUERREIRO says:

    MMA was invented by Americans?


    Yes, but for South Americans!

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