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Friday, 07/06/2012, 03:12 am

Seagal Talks Training The Champ And Says Sonnen’s Taunts Are An Are An Embarrassment To The Human Race | UFC News

MMA H.E.A.T.’s Karyn Bryant talks with action movie superstar and Aikido practitioner Steven Seagal about Anderson Silva’s upcoming title defense against Chael Sonnen. Steven talks about training the champ, gives a prediction for the fight and tells us how he feels about the insults Chael has thrown at Anderson. In addition, he lets us know his plans for returning to action on the big screen.


16 Responses to “Seagal Talks Training The Champ And Says Sonnen’s Taunts Are An Are An Embarrassment To The Human Race | UFC News”

  1. Diezel says:

    I literally threw up in my mouth listening to this this douchebag…This isn’t hollywood ASSHOLE! What a Terd

    • dogfart says:

      my centiments exactly
      “i should know anderson is getting better, i have THE EYE. i should know”

      • Diezel says:

        LMAO! Love the screen name!

        • Reality says:

          It’s funny how upset everyone gets about Segal. 😀 .. He does make it sound like he trained them from day 1 or something…or like they weren’t already dominant when he got with them though. I don’t doubt that he taught them things they can use but he’s not the only one teaching or training them on stuff.

    • will says:

      Too bad the guy could beat the shit outta you in his sleep. The guy is one of few if not the only american to open a martial arts dojo in Japan. You talk all that shit, but I’m sure you wouldn’t f with him.

      • Gould says:

        WRONG. I’ll fight seagal when ever he wants to do it.

        • Nick says:

          R.I.P Gould

        • milos says:

          LOL Gould would OWN seagal i think any fat keyboard warrior in bade shape could fuck up his fake ass,not to mention anyone who ever trained mma,bjj,wrestling boxing/kickboxing muay thai or any real combative sport,aikido is FAKE people!!it simply doesnt work,sure there are some things that can be used but to do them you either have to get in position to the finishing move with some of the above disciplines,or like cops overwhelm an opponent…when have seen an aikido match,or aikido practitioners competing in any open fight-grappling tournaments…bitch please!!

      • ToneLoc says:

        Just because he opened up a dojo in japan doesn’t mean anything. Anybody with enough funds could open a dojo in japan without any experience in martial arts. That being said he is a highly trained martial artist and would most definitely fuck everybody on this comment page up pretty easily

        • GRT 3000 says:

          sure, but who the fuck would come to it? you need to have some serious credentials as a foreigner to make a dojo successful in Japan…& he’s done it.

          …not saying that his movies don’t suck though lol

        • Gioda-Folas says:

          You must not have seen Under Siege 2: Dark Teritory. Kacey Rybak is a gangsta!

  2. Brend0magic says:

    Steven “take all the champions credit” Seagal, watch when Anderson loses he’ll have some ridiculous excuse, or he’ll try to train Chael haha.

  3. WrestlingRules says:

    Hear the movie plug??? That’s why this wife-beating douchebag is a mma groupie. So he can sell his bullshit crappy movies to the mma crowd… do know his publicists and he KNOWS this is his demographic!!! Join the Anti-Seagal C-Movie Coalition…

  4. MJ says:

    I you breakie you face maaaaaan! I BREAKIE YOU FACE!!!!

  5. Scott Hafley says:

    I, I, I, me, me, me……. this guy is an embarrasement to the human race.

  6. ay break yo face man says:

    LOL! That was the funniest when Anderson was saying “Ay yo, I break yo face man,, I break yo face”

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