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Thursday, 11/03/2011, 12:27 pm

Sanchez Wants TUF Coaching Gig Opposite Penn

“My thing right now is to coach that show, I know that a title shot for me is going to happen one day it will but I would love to coach that show right now. I would like it to be against BJ (Penn); he is back at welterweight, let’s go do it and have a rematch, I think it would be great. I have a lot I can show these guys and Jesus Christ has blessed me with an ability that needs to be shared.”

In a recent interview with our good friends over at FightHub.TV, Diego “The Dream” Sanchez, talks about his aspirations to coach an upcoming season of “The Ultimate Fighter”.

Having fought and lost to BJ Penn in a lightweight title fight, Sanchez quickly escaped the lightweight ranks and ran back up to the 170 pound division where he built his name. The two men have since become friends and while a future matchup hardly makes sense at this point, it would seem as if Sanchez will at least give it his best efforts.

Would a Penn vs. Sanchez II end any differently than the first?


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