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Monday, 02/24/2014, 05:40 am

Salary Report: Rousey, Cormier Top UFC 170 Disclosed Payroll

Last Saturday’s UFC 170 event delivered for a number of reasons.

For one, the UFC got itself out of that decision slump it was in.

Also, the fights were exciting and the evening was chock-full of fantastic fight finishes.

For their efforts the athletes who took center stage at UFC 170 combined for a total earning of $843,000.00.

While she may have headlined the pay-per-view event, Ronda Rousey, wasn’t the evening’s cash hog. That designation goes to Daniel Cormier who took home a whopping $160,000 for his first round destruction of Pat Cummins. Rousey came up in second with an even $110,000.000.

The Full UFC 170 disclosed payroll is as follows:

Champ Ronda Rousey: $110,000 (includes $55,000 win bonus)
def. Sara McMann: $16,000

Daniel Cormier: $160,000 (includes $80,000 win bonus)
def. Patrick Cummins: $8,000

Rory MacDonald: $100,000 (includes $50,000 win bonus)
def. Demian Maia: $64,000

Mike Pyle: $96,000 (includes $48,000 win bonus)
def. T.J. Waldburger: $18,000

Stephen Thompson: $28,000 (includes $14,000 win bonus)
def. Robert Whittaker: $15,000

Alexis Davis: $30,000 (includes $15,000 win bonus)
def. Jessica Eye: $8,000

Raphael Assuncao: $56,000 (includes $28,000 win bonus)
def. Pedro Munhoz: $8,000

Aljamain Sterling: $16,000 (includes $8,000 win bonus)
def. Cody Gibson: $8,000

Zach Makovsky: $24,000 (includes $12,000 win bonus)
def. Josh Sampo: $10,000

Erik Koch: $30,000 (includes $15,000 win bonus)
def. Rafaello Oliveira: $14,000

Ernest Chavez: $16,000 (includes $8,000 win bonus)
def. Yosdenis Cedeno: $8,000


14 Responses to “Salary Report: Rousey, Cormier Top UFC 170 Disclosed Payroll”

  1. leadball says:

    Dana White has said on numerous occasions that Ronda Rousey is “the
    biggest star the UFC has ever had”.
    So why did the UFC 170 HEADLINER defending her CHAMPIONSHIP BELT
    against a truly dangerous opponent get paid 40% less than DC fighting a
    nobody in a non-title bout. She made 110K, 55K to show, he made 160k, 80K to
    show. That is some serious BS.

  2. team backfist says:

    Pays to be a contender!

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