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Tuesday, 07/24/2012, 06:40 am

Ryan Bader Talks About His Prep For Machida Bout | UFC NEWS

“He’s been great. He comes in and we drill, we spar, he has the Machida stance, blitzes, the different kicks that he does, the trips. So I see it and I’m not surprised. We’ve been drilling quite a bit with him. He’s actually been really really good to have in addition to camp. … I feel like if I hadn’t done that I’d be surprised in the Octagon, but I’ve been through it… He’s done everything that Machida does and he brings that into the Octagon when we spar, so I’ve seen it hundreds of times. It’s not going to be the first time when I step in the Octagon that I’ve seen different stuff from Machida, so I feel good and I feel good about this fight and I’m ready.”

UFC light-heavyweight fighter Ryan Bader recently sat down with Inside Cage Radio to talk about his UFC on FOX 4 bout against Lyoto Machida.

Does The Ultimate Fighter winner have a chance against the former champ?


22 Responses to “Ryan Bader Talks About His Prep For Machida Bout | UFC NEWS”

  1. Will says:

    So…. who did he train with that mimics Machida’s style? Anyone?

  2. Devilock138 says:

    Machida has been doing this stuff since he was a kid. Bader having a guy that can mimic this for a training camp is a prerequisite, but he can’t say that it is enough to prepare him for actually facing him in a ring.

    • Will says:

      Agreed. It is one thing to spar with someone like him. But Bader wants NO PART of Machida’s stand up game. And I do not believe, while a great wrestler, Bader has the speed and explosiveness to get Machida to the ground. Just my humble opinion….

  3. shaboopie says:

    Nine times in ten Ryan winds up out cold in this match. The other is Ryan has a bigpunchers chance

  4. Shonan says:

    Aside from the fact that ANYTHING can happen in the octagon, is anyone seeing Bader pulling this off?

    • andy says:

      I do. Honestly if Bader has been working his overall ground game enough he should do pretty damn well against Machida but realistically I still see Lyoto winning. Like 6/10 I give it to Machida but Bader could work him.

  5. Casual Carl says:

    Bader get’s KO’d in the 2nd

  6. snooks says:

    Bader will smother him until a tko. He is more than powerfull enough to take him down, and control him from on top. The idea isn’t to become a karate bb. It’s to learn how to defend it and implement his gameplan. Also, Bader is significantly better than a washed up coture. Not to dis coture, but he aged out after Gabriel Gonzaga.

  7. Kevin says:

    Seriosuly how is the bader machida fight not the main event it can easily b a number 1 Contender match I know shoGun is a name but Vera doesn’t deserve main event status Yet bad call fox sports

  8. Intrigued says:

    Interesting though it may not be enough there are many variables to Machida but I wouldn’t really count Bader out either as we learned over the years a well placed strike or takedown etc. can be a game changer on all levels.

  9. Garet says:

    I want machida to KO him but realistically I see this fight playing out alot like the rampage v machida fight. Bader wins via split decision.

  10. YeahRightMan says:

    It should be Shougun Machida 2!! Nader and Vera would also be a good fight. Don’t blame fox this is Dana and the bosses just blowing out with yet another card. Still tho best card in a while.

  11. mannsizzle says:

    Another boring win for machida so he can get chocked out by jones or knocked out by henderson. Who cares I hope bade gnp machida.

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