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Tuesday, 07/09/2013, 07:48 pm

Rumored: Anderson Silva Wants Rematch on Super Bowl Weekend

With talks of a rematch between former middleweight champion, Anderson Silva and new champion Chris Weidman, only reaching the level of speculation, any news comes as potential breaking news down the road.

The most recent and quite possibly the most promising save Dana White’s assumption that Silva already wants a rematch, came today from Brazilian sources.

Reported by Guilherme Cruz via his Twitter account, sources at Brazilian magazine, have reported that Anderson Silva wants to have his rematch with Chris Weidman in February of next year, and also states that the outcome will not be the same:

This is all speculation at this point as the source information can not be confirmed.

If this does occur, possible locations most likely include locales near Chris Weidman’s native New York. As Newark is an annual spot for the UFC to visit, it may also serve as home to the biggest fight in UFC history.


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82 Responses to “Rumored: Anderson Silva Wants Rematch on Super Bowl Weekend”

  1. Dick Jones says:

    Who cares what Silva wants, what is he, like 40 now. He should get a rematch alright, with Vitor, if he wins that let him fight Bisping, then …. Roy Jones, James Toney, and Mike Tyson.

  2. Bob'O says:

    Febuary? What a fucking joke. So Weidman doesn’t defend the belt until then? What is this, boxing now? It’s clear Silva wants to fight once a year now and his heart is no longer in this game. It’s about money at this point. He ran from Bones like GSP ran from him by the way. The rematch should be no later than October, or make him fight Bisping first. ~Bob’O

  3. 757 says:

    Fuck Silva he had his chance to fight and chose to act like an ass. Now he wants to get paid again to actually do what he was supposed to do the first time with a little class. Congrats to Weidman. Make a match with Vitor and Weidman two guys who really want to fight. Bisping talks a bunch of crap and loses every #1 contender fight he was ever in so he shouldn’t fight a title fight. Same with the goober Sonnen. Cya Anderson Weidman deserves someone who really respects the sport and wants to fight not be a clown.

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