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Thursday, 02/16/2012, 12:58 pm

Rumor | UFC Ring Girl Chandella Powell Released For Prior Undisclosed Adult Entertainment Work

I am going to keep this clean, but rumor has it that UFC ring girl Chandella Powell was released from her duties yesterday for not properly disclosing her prior work as an adult entertainer for on-line web media.

An alias has been released and a quick google search reveals that it was either her or her twin parading as a soft-core porn star in days past.

If true Powell is just the latest in a long line of UFC Octagon girls to be terminated from employment for behavior outside of their cage work.

We will wait until word is officially announced, but all signs point to the fact that if the UFC wants an additional girl for round 3, they may need to start their search, Powell seems to be gone and this rumor some backing.

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