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Monday, 10/08/2012, 03:10 pm

Rumor: Strikeforce MMA promotion shutting doors | MMA News

By: Chris Taylor

Sources close to informed us just moments ago that Strikeforce operations are set to cease and that the promotion is going out of business.

The rumor comes shortly after news broke that Strikeforce middleweight champion Luke Rockhold (10-1 MMA, 9-0 SF) was forced to pull out of his title fight with Lorenz Larkin (13-0 MMA, 4-0 SF) due to a wrist injury.

The middleweight title fight was the second key loss to a scheduled November 3rd card, following the loss of a heavyweight main event bout between Frank Mir and Daniel Cormier.

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20 Responses to “Rumor: Strikeforce MMA promotion shutting doors | MMA News”

  1. Dick Diaz says:

    yeah, they’re most likely done… it comes at a good time for the UFC because they need more marketable fighters to stack up their recently “slim” cards…

  2. stevo the great says:

    Oh so you mean Strikeforce is following in the footsteps of Pride and WEC after their Zuffa purchase……NO WAY I didn’t see it coming! LMFAO…..looks like Rousey will fight under the UFC banner after all…..cause you know Dana ain’t letting that one slip away.

  3. Jpeech says:

    GOOD!!! Bring on the new talent to the UFC!!!

  4. CP says:

    Did we not see this coming when Zuffa bought out Strikeforce?

  5. Secludedly says:

    It was only a matter of time. Strikeforce has no one left really. You can’t hold a promotion up with 2 or 3 top guys. With their limited fighters, I never understood why they would ever get rid of Fedor. Especially since everyone worth mentioning in Strikeforce already transitioned to UFC for better competition. Diaz, Overeem, Werdum, etc. Strikeforce died right there and then. And then anyone else who was decent in the promotion got popped for drugs. Now events are being canceled. They’re definitely losing money. Looks like all rights and fighter contracts will be bought by UFC, but whether fighters accept new contracts to join is another story. I suspect quite a few jumping to OneFC. The women may go over to Invicta and that promotion may get more solid, and then Zuffa will eventually pick that up and create female divisions within the next year or two.

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Its about time Strikefarce closed its doors total joke. UFC RUINED Strikeforce to get rid of the competition so they could keep their monopoly in tact. Strikeforce had the best HW division in world or at least the deepest. Ihope most fighters jump over the that new promotion that Torres went to WORLD SERIES OF ????. SUCK NAME but i wish them luck

  6. Condit beat diaz (get over it) says:

    Get em in the ufc even tho most will do terrible

  7. stephen riddle says:

    I hope most of them get picked up by other promotions because i would hate for anyone to lose their job. Does this mean gsp must fight nate to unify the belts,? Lmao!

  8. koolg says:

    good maybe frank shamrock will slit his wrists while he’s crying in the tub like a fucking bitch that he is.

  9. Anti-Zuffa says:

    This is complete bullshit. This was the plan the entire time. When Zuffa bought Strikeforce they would have absorbed the promotion had it not been for FTC investigation into Zuffa creating a monopoly. So they then said oh no we plan to let them go on as they had. Then one by one they started pulling all of the fighters over to the UFC. You see, if it appears that Strikeforce folded on its own, then Zuffa can’t get in trouble for breaking anti-trust laws. Now, I’m sure everyone in the FTC and in the sport with half a brain, knows this. However, its not about what you know, its about what you can prove. I’m willing to bet this starts a third FTC investigation into the UFC and Zuffa. If and they prob won’t, but if a papertrail, a recorded conversation or a witness ever comes forward, Dana and the Fertitas would face 25+ yrs in prison

    • Come at me bro says:

      I do agree but they will never catch them I think it will make the UFC better. Stacked cards and girl fights will be pretty bad ass for fight fan if you dont like girl mm

      • Come at me bro says:

        If you don’t like girl mma too bad get the fuck over it it’s coming to the UFC and it gonna be just as bad ass,fights are fights period.

        • Ronda Yeastbar Rousey says:

          ? Invicta FC is where the womens MMA should be. Let them build it up for awhile. Invicta FC 3 was better than any UFC card that has been thrown in a long time.

  10. Dustin says:

    so doesnt this prove that the UFC is a monopoly?

  11. muckfir says:

    everyone bitches about UFC being a monopoly, but the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL arent? you fuck sticks, all of the best competition should be under one banner, or league, not spread out between 56 promotions…. thats just dumb

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