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Thursday, 04/19/2012, 07:55 am

Rumor | Silva vs. Sonnen II Might Get Moved To Vegas

By Adam Conklin:
BJPENN.COM recently reported that the UFC 147 date and/or location is in jeopardy of being changed due to the United Nations convention, Rio +20.

Although these are just rumors for the time being, Anderson Silva has already expressed his displeasure towards the situation in saying that the fight must take place in Brazil.

This move, which is now rumored for Las Vegas at UFC 148, will give Chael Sonnen a bigger fan base in the audience on his home turf of America.

The last time Anderson Silva fought in Las Vegas, at UFC 126, he was booed at the weigh-ins. The MMA community is still holding their collective breath waiting for an official date and location for the most anticipated fight of the year.

Chael Sonnen’s rematch against Anderson Silva, for the UFC middleweight title, may not happen in hostile territory.

Brazilian Media outlet, “O Globo” reported yesterday that the bout will be moved to Las Vegas, and rumors indicate that it might happen in UFC’s July 7th show (UFC 148).

Anderson Silva’s manager Ed Soares told TATAME on Monday that the bout is already signed for June 23, in Rio de Janeiro, but his Black House partner, Jorge Guimaraes, told TATAME today that the plans could change.

“This situation is already being discussed. There are some speculations. What you heard, I heard too. It seems like there are no hotels to fit everybody with UN’s event, Rio+20”, Guiamares said.

“Silva vs. Sonnen’s” venue and date will be announced by Dana White in a press conference in Brazil. Nothing is confirmed yet”.

UFC president Dana White, along with Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen, will host a press conference in Brazil next Tuesday.

Will The “Spider”, who demanded that the rematch needed to take place in Brazil, will accept to fight in Nevada?

“That you have to ask Anderson. I don’t know,” Jorge said. “First it has to be moved, than we’ll see”

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61 Responses to “Rumor | Silva vs. Sonnen II Might Get Moved To Vegas”

    • Reality says:

      from Silva’s standpoint I don’t think his concern is if Chael will have fans. It’s probably more about the mindset of fighting at home in front of 80,000 people(historic) vs. 15,000 in a far far land(common). Not as grand… oh well .. That press conference should be interesting.

      • sykoMMA says:

        far far land? Silva lives in Los Angeles as of right now which is about 3 hours from Las Vegas, whereas Sonnen lives in Oregon which is about 14 hours from Las Vegas.

        • Yup. And for whatever reason, Silva has a bunch of U.S. fans.

          The guys a fucking vagina. he just needs to get in the kitchen and make sonnen some steak.

        • tiago says:

          should that be pre or post knocking sonnen the fuck out

        • AJ says:

          Lol! I love you internet tough guys. Let’s see, he has only beaten everyone he has faced since joining the UFC, dethroned an MMA legend in his prime, defeated numerous future hall of famers…and let’s not forget that he would kill your ass if you two met up away from the keyboard Brandon Wheaton. But yeah, he is the “vagina” here. Maybe he has American fans because he dominates in his fights, and puts on a show every time. But then again, it is pretty easy to judge someone who does what you cannot and will not ever do, while hiding out behind the computer in your mom’s basement.

        • Xaninho says:

          Silva’s fans are the ones who know a lil about fighting. People who appreciate a true warrior who has beaten everyone the UFC put in front of him.

          Douchebag Sonnen fanboys however are here safely behind their keyboard calling Silva a vagina.

  1. Whats my name? says:

    Sonnen was getting too many death threats.

  2. Mike c says:

    Silva is gonna get smashed!

  3. Lol says:

    Fuck how many more years do we have to wait!!!!!

  4. Xaninho says:

    Silva is getting fucked over by DW and Sonnen! Both of those motherfuckers can’t keep their word over anything.

    I bet fucking DW KNEW there would be a UN convention around the UFC147 Brazil event. Lying sack of shit!

    • TheThrashKing says:

      Shut the fuck up. You just want to see Sonnen get assassinated.

      • Xaninho says:

        I want it to be fair. Sonnen had his fight before his own crowd. Rematch should be in front of Silva’s crowd.

        Don’t believe the assassination threat crap. That’s about as real as Sonnen’s belt.

      • baldy says:

        important people get assassinated, turds like sonnen just get shot…

      • Sonnen is a cartoon says:

        Sonnen needs to get smashed so that I don’t have to listen to him rant about perfection with his score of mma losses.

        The guy is a joke. He hit a guy like 200 times in the face and didn’t even manage to make a cut. Bisping controlled him the entire first two rounds and ended the third on top but lost the decision in what I believe was to sell the title fight more.

        • Morgan H. says:

          Sonnen is a cartoon but , he is also an elite athlete. His antics are comical and rediculous but, he is getting the title shot. I don’t respect his politics but, I do respect his performance. As far as the brittish brother Bisping, there is no way he won. Bisping was taken down more times than I can count and never hurt sonnen.

        • Xaninho says:

          4 takedowns out of 7 attempts is more than you can count? Did you drop out of pre-school?

          And he couldn’t keep Bisping down, so why give him a point edge just for a takedown? One of those fucking judges Clay Goodman even scored a 30-27 for Sonnen, while Bisping rocked Sonnen bad ni the first round….These judges were either morons or biased…

    • TheThrashKing says:

      You just want to see Sonnen get assassinated.

  5. Rob says:

    There won’t be nearly as much money made if they move it to Vegas

  6. waryorPaksiw says:

    it’s the imminent threat of Sonnen getting killed in Brazil that’s why the will change the location of the fight.

  7. Scotty says:

    Silva gets screwed, Wanderlei and Vitor get screwed, Werdum gets screwed and Brazil gets screwed.. And what about the TUF Finalist? Nice screw up the UFC just made and now they are screwing fighters and going to take a HUGE loss with ticket sales! BUt i highly doubt this has anything to do with Sonnen.. UFC isnt going to take a big loss on a fighter that gets threats.. Sonnen will be fine, UFC will have great security, so i dont think they would change it for one fighter!

  8. baldy says:

    better back up off that “trt” quick phael…

  9. Jason Cramer says:

    I hope Sonnen whoops his ass like he did last time. But finishes him for good. I cant stand Silva. Silva used to get his ass kicked in pride. Now he thinks he unbeatable in UFC.


      He’s only ever fought a bunch of fucking cans, and the ones who weren’t beat his ass.

    • baldy says:

      ummm, thats because he is…so far.
      chris leben,,,check
      rich franklin…check…check
      travis lutter….check
      james irvin…check
      patrick cote…check
      thales leitis…check
      forrest griffin…check
      damien maia…check
      phael sonnen…check…check
      vitor befort…check
      yushin okami…check
      yep…he’s been pretty unbeatable in the ufc….he didnt just declare himself the champ…like that other doosh.

    • Scotty says:

      He is Unbeatable in the UFC! He doesnt think it, he has done it! hahaha What a dumb comment, he cant help the division isnt as good as the others.. He even went up weight to fight and what did he do? He embarrassed a former champ! Also he used to get his ass kicked in Pride? He only lost once! haha Also that was back 9 years ago, u can get alot better in 9 years as we seen from him.. He will beat Chael AGAIN and whoever else in the MW division even if GSP comes up weight!

    • AJ says:

      Um, he had 2 losses in Pride. So, I don’t know that this would count as getting his ass kicked. He took the belt from Franklin when many people thought Franklin was unbeatable at middleweight. Silva has defeated three of the men that have previously defeated Sonnen, whereas the only person that has beaten Silva that Sonnen has been able to beat was Okami who Silva was dominating and only lost to by disqualification. If you’re going to make a statement, please do your research first.. But since you won’t, keep riding the Phael train kiddies.

  10. Fairweather fans says:

    If you’re american and you don’t pull for the American in a fight then maybe you should go live in brazil! Ever notice how the Brazilian crowed always pulls for the Brazilian fighter and nobody else? At least Brazil is United and pulls for its own people….too bad I can’t say that about my fellow Americans here…..America has too many spoiled fairweather fans who only pull for winning fighters so they don’t get their feelings hurt…boo hoo! I bet if Silva starts losing he’d lose 95% of his American fanbase…

    • f$%ktardsRus says:

      I root for whomever I choose because this IS America, jerk hole!!! I root for Americans that AREN’T lying, cheating, delusional dick hats like Chael! I can love this country and fight for it, WITHOUT rooting for ONLY American fighters! Brian Stann is a freaking badass American and I love rooting for the guy. But I also recognize incredible talent when I see it. Also, I’ve been rooting for Anderson since e first DESTROYED Chris Leben, the AMERICAN FIGHTER that I was cheering for until I got shocked by seeing, this new UFC fighter, named Anderson Silva score 100% of all strikes thrown. It’s douchebags like you that give OTHER Americans a bad rep. Now go watch some more TV clown boy!

  11. getoffchaelsballs says:

    Everyone always says how chaels bitch ass won the four rounds and blah blah blah did he win the fight? Fuck no he lost by triangle for like the twentieth time all he got is his bitch ass takedowns

  12. getoffchaelsballs says:

    Silva is gonna shit in chaels mouth

  13. koolG says:

    ohh the angry Brazilian transvestites are out in force on here…

  14. getoffchaelsballs says:

    Your just one of those racist ass hillbillies America this n that he’s a steroid taking loser who can’t defend a triangle to save his life he was juiced and still lost he talks shit about a whole country when they didn’t do shit to this pussy sonnen acts like a 3rd grader with his dumb fuckin shit talking he’s a disgrace to America and to himself I’d hate to be sonnen waking up lookin at myself in the mirror knowing I wad juiced and still lost

    • koolG says:

      learn to type properly i dont understand you, i dont give a fuck about sonnen either its fun poking fun at u bazillion trannys cuz you tards go way to far with everything

  15. Edger says:

    USA screw brazil

  16. getoffchaelsballs says:

    I’m 100% AMERICAN bitch n still sayin fuck sonnen eat a dick choke on it n die ho

  17. Rampage1986 says:

    Ok domination? I watch every UFC and I’ve seen all Silvas fights and pretty sure he did not dominate all of those guys he shows off And is horrible at it Mia he bitched out n fucked around laitties he did the same griffin … Griffin bitched out and took a dive for the spider cause up until that silva hadnt knocked out some one in enough fights cote blew his knee Franklin is shit anyways and same with leben and Hendo came off a destruction from rampage then went and did his thing with bisping and dropped a Hbomb on his pussy footing ass and did his thing in strike force dropped fedor came back and fought a war with shogun and silva hasn’t done shit in his last 4 fights he is beatable sonnet proved that and if he doesn’t do it again Hendo will …oh the Belfort fight was ok but having Steven seigal to thank for the front kick Belfort might have beat him too

  18. getoffchaelsballs says:

    Ok koolgay…and rampage1986 you must have missed the Irvin fight and the okami fight that’s a pretty stupid statement to say Silva hasn’t fucked nobody up in 4 years you must of missed the sonnen fight too dumb fuckin tard

  19. getoffchaelsballs says:

    The only thing sonnen proved was he can’t defend a triangle

  20. jbeamazing says:

    anderson wins in round one but if chael does half as good as he did last time hopefully he gets credit for the only one giving anderson any trouble since no other fighter has

  21. Rampage1986 says:

    Irvin was how long ago that’s right too long ago and okami lost to botesch enough said and I did watch the first fight between sonnen and silva and pretty sure silva spent most of that night on his back like the house bitch that should be makin sonnen’s steak and got fisted like a loose bitch and your pretty tough on the net like the other guy said tough guys on the net lol

  22. getoffchaelsballs says:

    3528 s California Chicago south side bitch come get some ho I train at counterstrike MMA downers grove under Daniel big dog wanderlay who trained Faber in bjj Carlson Gracie bitch ill choke you the fuck out in front of your momma bitch ass fag come see how tuff I am bitch

  23. getoffchaelsballs says:

    Oh and Irvin was 4 years ago so get your bitch ass facts straight u got rampage as your name if you wanna talk about somebody not doin shit look at your boys record he ain’t done shit since the wanderlei fight dumb fuck

  24. rampage1986gotchaelsballhairsinhisteeth says:

    You ain’t got shit to say now huh bitch?

  25. Nick says:

    Well at least Sonnen will be safe.

  26. zach says:

    Wow, I’m going for sonnen, people on here get so bent out of shape. I don’t care if someone likes silva i dont have to dis them because of it. People like who they like…deal with it.

  27. Mach00man says:

    Everybody should boycott the PPVs and stream that shit online and get under DW’s skin.

  28. Dick Diaz says:

    rather see this in vegas… AMERICAN PRIDE; let’s go CHAEL!

  29. Rampage1986 says:

    Lol the last time someone claimed they trained I broke his orbital bone after I picked him up and slammed his ass on the ground and California and Chicago are at different ends of the fuckin country retard oh btw theres a difference between training and being able to fight so when you start fighting and are able to take a punch then let’s talk get off my dick faggot and MSG Dana white on Facebook MySpace twitter what ever you do in the basement of your moms house when your not beating your baby dick lol and ask for a fight and then come to Canada and call me up and we do it and I’ll leave with a ko of the night and come back home and laugh bout it while smokin a blunt bitch

  30. Rampage1986 says:

    Btw chaelballlicker or what ever your name is I’m done I got shit to do that is more important than to have your little cyber war tough guy hope you make it past training one day and I meet you in the octagon boys train and play fight slap other boys on the ass as they go for a shower men fight
    Lol what ever you say wanna be

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