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Thursday, 08/23/2012, 09:12 am

Rumor: Dan Henderson out of UFC 151? | UFC News

By: Chris Taylor

Yesterday, the twitter universe exploded with speculation that light heavyweight #1 contender Dan Henderson was injured and could possibly be forced out of his scheduled title fight at UFC 151. Nothing has been confirmed as of yet, but that hasn’t stopped MMA media or officials from addressing the situation.

UFC announcer Kenny Florian was one of the first to address the rumor via twitter:

Hearing that we may have some disappointed @ufc fans soon due to some unfortunate circumstances for an upcoming card.

             — Kenny Florian (@kennyflorian) August 23, 2012

When rumors of a possible injury caught fire, Dan Henderson took to twitter to put to rest any further speculation by thanking a group of training partners for a great workout.

Just got done with a great training session with the boys. @cyrillediabate @tarecfighter @heathslims @rfbjj @rockholdmma

— Dan Henderson (@danhendo) August 23, 2012

 Just as everyone began to breathe easy, the plot thickened. One of the training partners that Dan Henderson had mentioned training with, Tarec Saffiedine, tweeted that he hadn’t seen Henderson since his fight for Strikeforce last week and that he hoped the injury rumor wasn’t true.

@mathawryluk94 havent seen him since my fight. Idk, hope its not true!!

— Tarec Saffiedine (@tarecfighter) August 23, 2012

A strange tweet from Tarec to say the least, considering he was apparently at a training session with Hendo yesterday evening.  

Sources have confirmed that Dan Henderson indeed injured his knee grappling over a week ago. On August 12th coach Ricardo Feliciano tweeted a picture of Dan sparring with Luke Rockhold, where it appears that Dan was wearing a brace on his right knee.

One thing is certain, with only 2 weeks to go until UFC 151, a Henderson injury would all but completely destroy the card. If the rumor is true the UFC would have few options to go with. One option would be Lyoto Machida, who is already guaranteed himself a title shot with an impressive KO of Ryan Bader at UFC on Fox 4. The former champ came out of that fight unscathed. Another option, which would be a far stretch, but would surely increase ticket sales and PPV buys is Chael Sonnen. The former middleweight top contender has been talking trash to Jones for the past couple of weeks.

Is the MMA legend really injured? Will he be able to fight Jones at UFC 151? Only time will tell.



27 Responses to “Rumor: Dan Henderson out of UFC 151? | UFC News”

  1. i am first says:

    wow, im the 1st to comment!

    im the great one!

  2. im1st says:

    wow, im 1st to comment.

    i am great!

  3. Andersunsaliva says:

    Hendo, Machida, or Sonnen; either way, Bones Jones title reign ends!

  4. Dee says:

    I remember when Jones sent spies into Rampage camp to figure out his injuries and went for his knee constantly during the fight. Nevertheless it’s sad to see Hendo hurt, because Jones is going for that Knee.

  5. DMAC says:

    OG talking shit all week on twitter now he’s possibly pulling out. Lmao too funny!!!!

  6. Me says:

    If this is really true I’d be supprised if they do more then 50k buys on PPV.

  7. Chris Taylor says:

    The UFC just announced that Dana White will be holding a press conference at 2pm ET to address the UFC 151 “situation”.

  8. magoo says:

    On the bright side Hendo gets to dodge the beating of his long illustrious career!

  9. BX81 says:

    That sux if hendo is out or injured for the fight. I would definetly pay to see the sonnen bones fight. Even though sonnen has done nothing to get a title shot at LH. Maybe a fight but not for the title? Machida vs. bones does interest and machida did come out injury free it appeared, unless injured in camp prior to the bader fight.

  10. sting says:

    Well, Mr. Chael Sonnen, Now’s the time to talk more trash. Looks like people might just get their wishes, they’re gonna see your ass kicked again on pay-per-view. This time by a much bigger opponent. Man, don’t you just wish you could take back everything you said about Jones.Dana White, please put Sonnen in there with Jones, time to feed the hungry lion Lmfao

  11. Zach says:

    Possible that they give him a mediocre heavyweight? I

  12. MMACRAVER says:

    Man… I’ll fucking cry if this is true…..

  13. JayKay says:

    Hendo will fight! Watch this space! Hendo you smart f–ker!!! Lol

  14. Cole says:

    Why would Sonnen get a chance over everyone else in the weight class? That would be the biggest peice of BS ever!

  15. JayKay says:

    I don’t care what people say about Chael Sonnen, the fact that he’ll fight anything and anyone at probably any weight speaks volumes about him. Whether he gets his ass whooped or not he’ll give it it’s all.

  16. ballsackface says:

    if this is true it will not be machida that gets the fight. machida will turn it down as its too short notice and training camp will be shocking. also he has much to lose as if he steps up and loses again he will be at the bottom of the pile

    Chael will get it

  17. Clay says:

    Fuck Hendo, he’s out. I know him personally. He’s a big pussy

  18. Lou says:

    He didn´t say he trained with him, he just “tagged” him on Twitter.

  19. 123 says:

    oh no! its 1 of the worst ufc fight cards iv ever seen, the only fight i wanted to watch was jon jones vs dan henderson. if chael sonnen gets an instant title shot then michael bisping should get a title shot with anderson silva. win or lose against brian stann. only fair.

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