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Tuesday, 07/31/2012, 07:30 pm

Royler Gracie wants Eddie Bravo rematch with "No fake stuff".


Eddie Bravo’s on again, off again attempts at a jiu jitsu rematch with Royler Gracie may be on again. A deal between the two reportedly fell through last year and Royler’s revenge on the first American to submit a Gracie would have to wait.

In a 2011 interview with TATAME, Eddie Bravo commented on why last year’s super match didn’t happen.

“Well, I don’t know exactly what he’s thinking but he accepted the match and did an interview with GracieMag and TATAME saying all sorts of confident things but then 5 days later he asked ADCC for 50k show money on top of the 25k prize money, so I’m not sure if he thinks that my style is too risky for him or if it’s just a ploy to try and throw my training off or something. I never discussed money with Sheik Tahnoon, I just accepted the match”.


In this video for MMA Inside the Cage, Gracie talks about a rematch with Bravo, his father Helio, controversial fighter Chael Sonnen, and more.




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  1. Hiiipower716 says:

    Eddie is the man…win by sub

    • Slosh says:

      +1! Eddies a good guy, he seems down to earth and legit.

    • the Natural says:

      You guys don’t no shit Eddies base is only winning one match in some laid back tourney that Gracie didn’t prepare for juiced upscale eddies watered down jujitsu is garbage he has more success in holywood which is were his gym is in which shld tell the whole story there isn’t a person alive that shld pride his self for training with him or ranking up with him because it’s not even considered jujitsu it’s so horrible that’s were actors go to look like they put in wrk

      • BJJWhiz says:

        Amen to that plus his skill went down alot when he stopped training in the GI and you always need to train with the GI I compte mostly nogi but I train GI alot more than no GI and your no GI game becomes more technical and less about scrambling

        • BJgay says:

          your retarded. gi is for pj parties with your bjj boyfriends. no gi is the closest to mma or a real fight. deal with it

      • REALLY says:

        Eddies base is only winning one match in some laid back tourney that Gracie didn’t prepare for … so your saying ADCC is a laid back tourney and your telling me a GRACIE From the Blood line of helio showed up to a tournament un-prepaired…STFU

      • Bertram says:

        you’re handicapped if you think eddie isnt anything but brilliant when it comes to bjj. not to mention, hes a smart fuckin dude, and seems to be absolutely down to earth. you’re a punk, and a huge hater. grow up you moron

  2. WHERE HAS THE COMMUNITY BUTTON GONE???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  3. John M says:

    Fake stuff stfu!!! Don’t get mad that Eddie’s system is better than yours and you have your head so far up your ass you don’t wanna take it out to see what bjj has evolved to this day.

    • Hiiipower716 says:

      Lmao right

    • Joe Bidden says:

      Eddie’s “System” is just that, a system. He teaches the same things from the same positions from the same set-ups. He’s the one not evolving. Gracies put emphasis on fundamentals and basics. Not flashy “Crackhead gangsta throw” shit that Bravo teaches. They understand the new moves, they simply believe that a strong basic game is more consistent and effective than relying on a cartwheel pass to a no-arm inverted triangle.

      Bravo has been riding this single win his entire career. He is by no means one of the best and all he does is water down the sport off BJJ by marketing his shitty program to people who are too stupid to realize what it actually is.

  4. McCombski says:

    Not trying to be a hater but Gracie’s aint shit no more they never evolved. Eddie is so much better than he was back then and Royler is prob the same old shit. + Royler was way bigger back then too and had a big size and stregnth advantage. He would prob still be stronger but maybe not as a phiscially big. Either way ide like to see the match maybe do a charity thing but im picking Eddie all day. New School vs the Old

  5. Casey Ox says:

    The rematch would be killer any way you cut it. Here is Eddie’s response that I liked up the same night as the Royler interview..

  6. Casey Ox says:

    The rematch would be killer any way you cut it. Here is Eddie’s response that I liked up the same night as the Royler interview..

  7. Mark Munoz is a joke says:

    A Chinese man taught Gracie’s jiu jitsu

  8. Devilock138 says:

    I respect 10th planet jiu jitsu. I just don’t like the names he gives to positions like chili dog, missionary control or whatever. Names seem to cheapen it.

    • KCWalksabout says:

      I have no idea who would win, it would definitely be new vs old school in a lot of ways though. The 10th Planet stuff is geared totally towards no gi and it’s very effective in MMA, I’d be intrigued to see how it would work in a contest like this. I think Eddie is very good and I do think that it would either showcase his style and show that jitsu needs to evolve or it might show that the Gracies are on to something. Either way I think it would be amazing to see. Both guys are legends. Gracie jitsu is still amazing but they do seem very closed minded to the new stuff, maybe it is because of the names Eddie gives to things but you can’t deny it gets results. I like the names personally but I can definitely see why traditionalists wouldn’t. Doesn’t detract from the style though, he has some amazing techniques you just have to have the flexibility to pull them off (which I don’t, I’m not putting people down) just saying I’d love to see them in action in this match, fingers crossed it takes place!

  9. stevo the great says:

    Um Royler…..fake shit? Eddie caught you in a mean ass triangle. You got tapped bad, not to mention eddie transitioned from rubber guard to that. No fake shit here…..that was pure skill and you are just mad you got a blemish on your record. But I’m pretty sure Eddie will tap you again and then smoke a joint with Joe Rogan afterwards!

  10. stevo the great says:

    Just watch their first fight here you tell me if it’s “fake” shit or just SKILL

  11. Fuck 10th Planet JJ says:

    10th planet jj is shit, it’s based on stupid pothead names and high pet percentage moves aka flashy moves! If you guys say the Gracie’s haven’t or don’t evolve is just plain stupid any great practitioner is always evolving and they’re nothing less than great! I know first hand that they still get together and talk about new moves, new counters etc etc. my instructor even tells me “well you can do the electric chair from here so you can do this or do that” if they weren’t evolving how would they be able to come up with counters or tell us what to watch out for? Just because you become a black belt doesn’t mean you’re done learning

  12. 10th Planet is a McDojo for Jiu Jitsu says:

    So some of you guys are telling me that pulling my leg up some ones back and doing stupid flashy garbage is the new jiu jitsu? Are you sure youre doing jiu jitsu? Because the last time I checked that was just pulling your leg up some ones back.

  13. Ct says:

    He wasn’t calling Eddie’s style “fake”. He was referring to the supposed match from last year. He’s just saying that if someone wants the rematch, set it up for real, not some rumor bullshit.

  14. John Paul says:

    Lovato Jr was actually the first American to submit a Gracie…

  15. CamNumbahONE says:

    I love how everyone can trash one school of Jiu Jitsu in favor of another based on no experience and just keen observation, you dickheads need to have a reality check get on the mats and prove your expertise ,jesus I expected MMA fans to know that it’s the person’s ability and experience that matters not what system they train in or who their teacher is , you know nothing keyboard warriors

    and BTW this is yet another one of’s misleading news headlines , you don’t have to revert to tabloid journalism just give the facts as they are you don’t need to get everyone’s attention by creating controversy

  16. mj says:

    Drysdale, Roger G and if you dont know who Marcello Garcia is then you dont know grapling period. The only Gracie that is worth watching in a BJJ comp is Roger. The rest are stuck in the past and have not changed. Royce said it himself after the loss to Hughes… Gracie JJ beat him. Eddie wins… but still doesnt do much for his name.

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