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Friday, 01/10/2014, 09:01 am

Royce Gracie Named The 44th Greatest Athlete Of All Time By Sports Illustrated

The 44th greatest? Out of 50? He should be higher up the list, but at least Sports Illustrated promoted him as one of the greatest.

UFC Hall Of Famer Royce Gracie still holds the record for the most submission victories in UFC history at 11. He was a three-time UFC tournament champion (UFC 1,2,4) and was the man who truly put Brazilian jiu-jitsu on the map in America, and he was the first man ever inducted into the UFC Hall Of Fame. He should always be considered one of the greatest athletes on the planet.

Abu Dahbi Combat Club’s website contributor Kid Peligro was able to catch up with Gracie.

“I am honored to make sports illustrated top 50 athletes of all time list,” Gracie said. “I don’t get excited about many things but this is something that humbles me.”


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