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Wednesday, 03/07/2012, 12:38 pm

Roy Nelson vs. Antonio Silva Slated For UFC 146

A heavyweight fight featuring Roy “Big Country” Nelson, and Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva, has been agreed to for UFC 146. UFC officials made the announcement today via their Twitter account.

Roy Nelson is coming off a unanimous decision loss to former Strikeforce heavyweight, Fabricio Werdum at UFC 143. The loss put Nelson’s octagon record at 3-3, so the talks of a move to light heavyweight will have to wait, as he looks to restart his climb up the heavyweight ladder.

Antonio Silva is coming off a knockout loss to Daniel Cormier, during the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix. The loss snapped a three fight win streak, that included a career highlight victory over Fedor Emelianenko. Silva will look to bounce back, and make his mark in the UFC heavyweight division, as he makes his octagon debut at UFC 146.

UFC 146 takes place May 26th from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada and is headlined by a heavyweight title fight between Junior Dos Santos and Alistair Overeem.


17 Responses to “Roy Nelson vs. Antonio Silva Slated For UFC 146”

  1. Roy Sucks says:

    Looks like DW is looking to force Big Country out of the HW division. Easy win for Antonio Silva, 3rd consecutive loss for Roy, and he will be forced to move down to 205 and Silva gets the easy W.

    • phace says:

      That’s truly not an easy win for BigFoot. He doesn’t seem to take hard punches in the face very well and Roy hits hard. In addition to that Roy isn’t a slouch on the ground(if bigfoot gets it there). I think this fight can actually go either way. I’d still prefer for Roy to go to 205. That’s where he has a better chance at success against higher level fighters.

  2. Ly-er says:

    Dude, this guy never gets an easy opponent! Can’t they throw him another ‘Stefan Struve’ to knock out or something, LOL! Oh well, good luck Roy!! This UFC event seems to be packed with mostly ‘Heavyweight’ main event fights! Gonna be crazy!

    • m says:

      TRUE! he only fights top tier HW’s and takes beatings. dude can take big shots from the worlds best strikers.

      Guess he won’t be dropping to 205 like he promised everybody.

  3. chris says:

    easy win for Antonino?? did you see little Daniel Cormier knock out big foot…Roy has that kind of power and can eat Antonio’s shots all night long. Nelson via ko

  4. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    The only reason he keeps losing is because his opponents expect the overhand right. He could have beaten Werdum.

  5. irvin says:

    dam good luck roy

  6. 808 says:

    I thought Roy was dropping to 205 through that facebook shit.

  7. Tsimanga says:

    WTF ?? Roy should say something about his 205 move. With all the hype on his facebook page he’s gonna lose more fans than gain if he backs out.

  8. Sweet game plan says:

    BIG Foot. vs. BIG Country
    Battle of the Grande’s

  9. Hightower says:

    Big country all day

  10. MMAnalyst says:

    he should fight Fedor, they have the same body shape basically and are both LHW fighting at HW…

  11. jonsey says:

    roy will smash that big foot…the big foot is just like brock a pussy in a over sized body…they both had no skill they were just much bogger then the rest vthe world

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