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Friday, 06/14/2013, 07:14 am

Roy Nelson Uses Racial Slur While Discussing Daniel Cormier

Roy Nelson has long been popular for both his consistently entertaining fights and humorous interviews with members of the media. This time, however he may have crossed a line.

In talking about his rivalry with fellow UFC heavyweight, Daniel Cormier, Nelson used some unwarranted language. In discussing Daniel Cormier’s decision in turning down a fight with Roy Nelson to pad the start power to sell the injury-riddled UFC 161 card, Nelson used the term “Uncle Tom” in describing Cormier’s comments to “kick Nelson’s ass for Dana White”.

Nelson stated in the interview, conducted by Ariel Helwani of, that he was just quoting African-American friends of his who used the term to describe Cormier themselves, but regardless, the term has no place in a professional interview.

As for a potential reprimand, there doesn’t seem to be much of one on its way as Dana White laughed the comment off when asked about it in a subsequent interview with Helwani, later in the UFC 161 media day.

His UFC 161 bout with Stipe Miocic marks Nelson’s last fight on his UFC contract with a win giving him leverage to arrange a new deal that is more financially adventitious.

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One Response to “Roy Nelson Uses Racial Slur While Discussing Daniel Cormier”

  1. you know what it is says:

    Grow a pair, people… tired of all these stupid ultra-sensitive liberal MMA fans trying to mire everybody who says anything that can even be perceived as offensive

  2. yep says:

    grow a pair MMA fans… seriously

  3. learn to write says:

    this article is written like shit. that last whole paragraph is gibberish bro.

  4. jams says:

    Good thing he did not call him QUEER! Dana would have had to suspend him 90 days and fine him thousands.

  5. Donovan says:

    Not the smartest thing to say, but hardly worth thinking about. Over sensitive America. If he said nigger or monkey I wld think very little of the guy, but I don’t think he meant to be malicious when he said that. The only things Big Country doesn’t like is, losing and missing a meal.

  6. Stephen Onus says:

    Big Country U have truly proved how stupid U really are!!!!! Wanna…..

  7. ryan M says:

    Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote a novel entitled Uncle Tom’s Cabin which was published in 1852.

    The term is a direct reference to the title character. The term describes someone who acts hyper subservient to authority. The direct reference was race-based as the character was a black who was subservient to white people. The story was designed to highlight the evils of slavery as the servant ends up getting beaten to death by the slaveholder. Given the time and mindset of the folk in power at the time (Caucasians), the story got flipped on its head and as a play is was used as a justification for slavery. The historically correct use of the reference is not about being a race traitor as the Tom was beaten to death defending members of his race as he refused to disclose the whereabouts two runaway slaves.

    It is wholly unjustified to label the use of the term as liberal or conservative as both side of the political debate use and misuse the term. As noted above when the term is used as it was coined, it a race-based term, not a racist term. In fact, an argument can be readily made the the term is caste-based and not race-based.

    The issue is similar to the misuse of the term ‘fascist’ When Mussolini and Gentile coined the term ‘fascist’, it meant literately the ‘fusion of the governmental and the corporate.’ Now, corporate sponsored/owned media outlets juxtapose the term with other terms which mean precisely the opposite because it tests with a visceral rejection in most American demographic groups. Unfortunately, the actual meaning fails to matter as long as the emotions are invoked when being misused by the very institutions the term applies to.

  8. mike parrilla says:

    i love it, when racism is shown openly an every white person is like “whats the big deal”. Meathead got fired for his comments but Back-wards bubba is padded on the back even tho Matt was dead on an right

    • krafty11 says:

      Mitrione didn’t get fired, he was suspended(two weeks) and fined.. he is fighting Brendan Schaub at UFC on Fox 6..

  9. KIDD433 says:

    Oh shit people,watch out!Here comes Jesse Jackson!

  10. 757 says:

    Since Dana White suspended Diaz there is going to be every little comment that could be taken out of context will be. Eventually it will ruin this sport if somebody doesn’t get control of the softies. Wow this stuff sucks. Let’s just see good fights.

  11. YoMama says:

    If referencing Uncle Tom is racist then there are a ton of racist educators in this country.

  12. 123 says:

    i agree with 757 .

  13. StupidMediaAtWorkAgain says:

    Adam Conklin; you are trying to start crap that isn’t even a RACIST thing! TRY going to the library and looking up “Uncle Tom’s Cabin.” It is a book that has been around for over a hundred years. STOP TRYING TO MAKE OUT EVERYTHING A WHITE PERSON SAYS AS RACIST! Racism comes in all shapes, AND COLORS! But this? Was NOT a racist thing! No different than calling somebody a kiss ass really. SMFH :-/

  14. slapper says:

    WTF is this world coming to. Uncle Tom is a character from a politically inspired novel. It has absolutely nothing to do with race in most of the world, I guess someone somewhere in the US used the term once in a disingenuous manner so they now claim the rights to the word? Toughen up FFS.

  15. Craig says:

    That Crazy @$$ cracker can’t say that.

  16. Rick Chenault says:

    Do us all a favor and cite the entire quote in article like this rather than taking it out of context.

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