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Quick Twitt | Roy Nelson Blasts Carwin, Questions Shane’s Steroid Use | UFC News

Roy Nelson is always outspoken and his target this time is Shane Carwin. Today he used Twitter to issue a challenge to his fellow UFC heavyweight with a little extra kick.

“@ShaneCarwin Why wait tell December we can see if we can get on @ufc 151. Is this enough time to cycle off?”

Carwin has yet to respond as of this posting, but it is almost guaranteed he will.


54 Responses to “Quick Twitt | Roy Nelson Blasts Carwin, Questions Shane’s Steroid Use | UFC News”

  1. Bd says:

    Fuck yea … This is going to be A badass fight!!!

  2. McLovin says:

    LMFAO! Touche’ Roy.

  3. danielrchargers says:

    I dont think Shane is on anything, it would be obvious from the JDS fight, he did not seem HYPER.
    Roy is just lazy and will keep complaining about the HEAVYWEIGHTS being on TrT.
    Its only Alistair… and thats a maybe if he fails another test.
    Drop to 205 and stop being Fat. you can KO people but shit.

  4. Nick says:

    I was like that’s messed up but then started laughing once it sunk in

  5. Ilikemoney says:

    If you were in LHW you would be knocking bitches out. Oh well, Roy I really can’t see you beating a 100% Shane Carwin though, and I don’t believe he’s on anything either.

    • derp says:

      “I don’t believe he is on anything either” … You left out ANYMORE. Jesus, he has been caught already idiots and if he fights a 100% juiced Carwin, I STILL think he would knock him out after wearing him down with his wrestling. Easy fight for Country in my opinion. He’s getting better and better with every fight and thats saying something bc been a beast in hiding for a min.

  6. Drew says:

    Hahahaha ya Roy!

  7. stephen riddle says:

    Go little country!

  8. fuhomos says:

    lol roy is great

  9. GET RID OF 6:1 TRT BULLSHIT says:

    Roy Nelson is the one who’s on steroids!

    There’s no way you can get that body by just training in the gym.

  10. Jb says:

    These guys are both awesome. It’s gonna be a bang fest. Or Roy doing his bjj which most people don’t know he’s one of the best heavys in that category

  11. Tyler says:

    Did Roy Nelson get brain surgery from a monkey… or is he just this stupid… Why would you want to get knocked out in less then 10sec?

    #Team Carwin

    • Josh says:

      If JDS can’t knock out Roy than Carwin has no chance. Best chin in MMA. And I’m not even a Big Country fan.

      • Jaedr says:

        you’re a MORON if you think JDS hits as hard as carwin just because he’s the champ and has a W over him. Roy used to be good at mind games but pissing carwin off is a bad idea, of course neither is fighting him if he’s on roids to begin with…

        • Pretty clear who the moron here… Everyone that has trained with JDS has said that he is the hardest hitter they have ever seen. Anderson doesn’t even want to spar with him anymore.

  12. TEXMADE86 says:

    hell yea this will make a fight, cant wait for the tuf season!!!!! WAR DIAZ BROS

  13. Sean says:

    Hahaha, yes Roy!

  14. Marc says:

    Haha (^_^) Roy is a meat an potatoes type guy and a lot of blokes respect that, anyone, anywhere, anytime…

  15. B-rad says:

    WHOOOO WEEEE thems be fightin words Jack!!! Carwin got owned pretty hard there…. No comeback for that one

  16. Mike b says:

    Roy just needs to put the fork down and stop talking shit.shane just knock this motherfucker out already please.

    • Mike b says:

      Roy is just mad that Shane looks like a fucking superhero and he looks like a fat lesbian.

      • Mr.Rusk says:

        Roys just jealous he didnt get tapped out by fucking Lesnar

      • B-rad says:

        A fat lesbian that smashes heads in.. And i bet you wouldnt have the stones to call him a fat lesbian to his face… “Roy your a fat lesbi” BAM overhand right FTW

        • Mike b says:

          Another Internet tough guy.a bunch of high school kids with no life.Lol

        • B-rad says:

          No my friend, your the one talking down to a professional fighter.. No internet tough guy stuff here my man just stating facts… Yes, he does kinda look like a fat lesbo lol but another fact is me or you wouldnt tell it to him, although he probably wouldnt care anyway

  17. mmaislandjunkie says:

    roys just mad because when he uses steroids he actually gets fatter. let him run his mouth, shane carwin gonna knock his fat ass out anyways.

  18. fat nelson says:

    roys just mad because he gets fatter when he uses roids. cant wait for shane to knock his fat ass out.

  19. The real cat smasher says:

    Nelson’s team wins the season

    Carwin wins the fight.

    Next topic please

  20. The real cat smasher says:

    Roy ate JDS punches for three rounds so I doubt he is not gonna get knocked out by one round Car win. Its gonna end the same way as the Lesnar fight Carwin will gas out and get subbed.

  21. Mark Munoz is a joke says:

    #teamcarwin lol lol

  22. Drew says:

    Roy is going to win this battle pretty decisively because he’s been more active and ready to bring hell… Even tho carwin lost weight for Jds fight to use his “footwork and speed” to win… And that didn’t work he just still looks so stiff while strafing an sadly u can see his punches coming a mile away
    WAR ROY!!!

  23. ganjaneera says:

    How the shit do you go from fighting for the belt, fighting the current champ, to roy nelson? Wtf? Nelson must be a hell of a cock sucker, my goodness. Carwin may not be fast, but he’s the wrong matchup for dudes that can take a punch. This fight will be the same as sylvia vs cabbage, except it won’t be a stand up stoppage, nelson will be on the floor. Roy might win the mouth battle, but he sure as hell isn’t gonna win the fight. Id like to know where people think he is gonna win. That fat slob isn’t taking that gorilla down, not a chance, first fight carwins actually faster then someone so I don’t see roy hitting him much, guess he has a punchers chance but usually the puncher beats the punching bag. Sorry I’m biased cuz I like carwin, but this fight is unappealing to me, very predictable to me based on the reasons I posted here. Peace..

  24. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    Look up the laundry list of ROID that the Feds said were delivered to Carwins house. WAs said to be enough to supply 5-10 heavy users for5 years. Carwins has been using ROIDSsince college and knows how to cycle off in plenty of time and is obviosuly having his own private testing done. Carwin would be the first fighter busted if UFC had random testing. Just look at his cro mag forehead and then look at an old picture of him 10-15 years ago. HEAVY HEAVY ROID use. Carwin will be one of the athletes who drops dead in his 40’s. carwin and marquardt and many other fighters who train at grudge are all bigtime ROIDERS.

  25. NiggerDick says:

    Y’all some dumb niggas

  26. Capo says:

    Of course Carwin is on roids. That’s why he only fights like once a year. But who cares because most fighters either past or present have been. Roy is going to win this fight because Carwin is to inactive of a fighter … while roy seems to be fighting nearly every second PPV… and besides that … those punches Junior hit Nelson with should of killed him so he won’t get knocked out … but may die of a brain anerisum delayed effect.

  27. Dick Diaz says:

    this guy’s been acting real cocky lately… especially with his recent knockout win over a guy who only trains part time…

  28. 757 says:

    Fuck Roy he is an embarrassment to his trade. I hope Carwin smashes him. He tries to be funny and is just an embarrassment. He should take steroids and lose that stupid gut and that ridiculous hair and beard. He is a sideshow attraction. Get him out of there until he learns some professionalism.

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