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Wednesday, 05/01/2013, 09:42 am

Roy Nelson Management Not Interested In Cormier Booking

Following last weekend’s UFC 159 event, UFC President, Dana White announced that Roy Nelson will likely get a fight against Mark Hunt or Daniel Cormier.

Hunt is set up on a collision course with JDS and Cormier is coming off his UFC debut win over Frank Mir.

“Hey @danawhite ur right,” tweeted Cormier, shortly after White’s announcement. “I think Roy Nelson and I would be a damn good fight. How about it @roynelsonmma.”

However, as reported on last night’s UFC Tonight on FUEL TV, Mike Kogan, the manager of Roy Nelson said he will advise his client against a bout with Cormier, siting that “Big Country” has nothing to gain from the matchup. He would like Roy to face either Antonio Silva, JDS or the aforementioned Mark Hunt.

After the report Roy Nelson responded:

“@arielhelwani you should always come to the horse,
” tweeted Nelson. “If I have to go through DC to get my belt! I will. @mikekogan”

Currently the TUF 10 champion is riding a three-fight winning streak with all three-wins coming way of punches in the first round.


12 Responses to “Roy Nelson Management Not Interested In Cormier Booking”

  1. Ddddddd says:

    I don’t like the way this articles title makes it seem like he’s dodging. It doesn’t say he doesn’t give a shit if he has to kick Cormiers ass until the very last sentence. Battle of the bellies and I think Roy will be the last man standing.

  2. GET RID OF NATE "The Cheat" (forever) says:

    Cormier would stomp Nelson on his worst day ever. This fight makes ZERO sense for Cormier as Nelson is nowhere near caliber fighter Cormier is. Nelson is a gatekeeper at best Cormier is #2 in world and easily could make 205 lbs. Cormier would use Nelson for a punching bag just like JDS did or Cormier could stomp Nelson on ground and GNP his fatt head into the canvas. Barnett would mop the floor with Nelson and we all saw what Cormier did to him.

    HEY blah blah blah blah where’s your boy Fitch these days. Oh that’s right CUT/FIRED from the UFC just like I told you he would be

    • Wat says:

      stopped reading right after you said Cormier is #2 in the world. Cormier would either get knocked out if he tried stand up or he would tap out if he would be stupid enough to bring it to the ground

  3. 757 says:

    Just not a big country fan. I don’t know who wins but I would be pulling for DC . Maybe if Roy cleaned himself up a little and stopped looking like the cable guy, or some other drunk redneck it would make a difference. He can fight for a big fat guy but it’s a shame he won’t ever see his real potential because of it.

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