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Thursday, 10/17/2013, 09:24 am

Roy Nelson gets to keep beard for UFC 166

Big Country will remain woolly.

In the weeks leading up to his UFC 166 co-main event clash with Roy Nelson, Daniel Cormier filed an official complaint with the Texas athletic commission about the size of Nelson’s well-known beard. Cormier put in a request that Nelson would have to shave or trim the substantial swath of hair.

Wednesday night the commission informed “UFC Tonight” that Nelson will not have to shave or trim his facial hair prior to Saturday’s event in Houston.

Cormier’s complaint stated that Nelson has an unfair advantage with the beard, especially when fighting in close quarters.

In a recent media conference call, Cormier shed a little light on the motivation behind the complaint and confessed that part of it was to play head games with his opponent.

“Well, Roy and I have been going back and forth and kind of messing with me up top in my head and everything. So there’s something there with that beard, he has it for a reason, he likes having it so why not make him shave it and take that comfort zone away from him,” Cormier said.


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