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Friday, 10/11/2013, 10:20 am

Rousimar Palhares Breaks His Silence, Offers Apology And Explanation

Rousimar Palhares should be celebrating his 31-second victory over Mike Pierce right now!

Instead, he is paying the price for his decision-making inside the cage last Wednesday night in Brazil.

The former middleweight turned welterweight fighter recently took to twitter to offer up an apology.

Check it:


130 Responses to “Rousimar Palhares Breaks His Silence, Offers Apology And Explanation”

  1. drew says:

    as a jj guy you must know what it means when someone taps your leg to release the lock, you think people in the mma community are dumb?

    • SPARTA says:

      Do you remember Frank Mir vs Brock Lesnar pt 1?

      favouritism from UFC?

      Feel free to youtube it to refresh your memory in regards to the finish.

      • MMA_Fan says:

        Frank Mir commented about it. He said that he HELD the hold until the ref noticed the tap but, he would NOT keep cranking on it once he felt the other guy submit. BIG difference when your opponent taps out, screams “I QUIT,” AND the damn ref has to pull you off as you keep cranking the submission!

      • lex_worldstar says:

        Believe a good amount of the fault is Mazagattis negligence not so much Mir not letting go.

      • andybrucemma says:

        brock lesnar can’t even tap correctly haha…ref didn’t even know he was tapping ffs lol

  2. mike says:

    I think its stupid to release him fighters are always told to keep going til the ref steps in I’ve seen many fights where the fighter was out cold and keep getting punch or hammer fisted til the ref stepped in and chokes where the gut was clearly out and it took the ref to stop the choke . why let go if the guy taps out what if the ref didn’t see the tap just cause the guys yells dont mean they speak the same language he let go when the ref intervened maybe was a second or 2 but he let it go !!! just saying

  3. chardt says:

    You are a professional athlete. If you cannot conduct yourself as one, you should not be allowed to compete.

    • SPARTA says:

      Mir vs Lesnar pt1.
      Look it up 😉

      • Kingsforge says:

        This wasn’t his first offence and is apparently something he’s known for doing outside of the UFC. Once is a mistake, twice isn’t.

        • damreal says:

          Yeah 3 yrs ago in New Jersey he got a 3 month vacation for holding on too long but it was the refs fault by all means take a look at the match ! So close to 4 yrs later he goes in with a heavy heart over his cousins death wanting to win and dedicate it to his cousins death ..give the guy some slack ! If the Brazilian commission never opted to take a grievance you can bet your ass Dana White wouldn’t said shit !! He is the fall guy so there is no ill will between the UFC and the Brazilin market ! PERIOD !

      • matt says:

        watch mir feel the tap and stop cranking just hold and look to the ref to stop the fight. watch palhares crank while the ref is pulling him off well after the fight is stopped.

  4. andybrucemma says:

    brock didn’t tap correctly end ov discussion!!

  5. True natural says:

    Pierce already lost that fight mentally before it started he was aware or pal hares issues in the past about not letting go until he breaks leg and that’s all he thought about goin into fight that’s why he acted like a lil bitch about it and got caught, fightings 95% mentalPierce is the prob here I watched it wasn’t that bad a guy can tap all he wants in the ufc the ref still has to see the tap and stop the fight or someone can pretend he didn’t tap once guy loosens up to survive also he shouldn’t be in any trouble if he didn’t do anything to his knee it’s all about pierces knee it it torn is it broke dislocated something if not then he didn’t do anything wrong

  6. Ty says:

    Where is the apology?

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