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Friday, 09/27/2013, 11:29 am

Rousey’s Mother Blasts Reality TV Experience on TUF

Taking to her personal blog, Ann Maria Rousey DeMars, the mother of UFC bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey, discussed her short stint alongside her daughter during the filming of The Ultimate Fighter 18 and she was not amused.

Check it out:

I only had one day to observe some of what went on (did we miss the ‘shit to do’ part). I’m trying not to be a hypocrite and judge someone (cough Dana White cough) on just a small bit of what I have observed, especially if Ronda gives them a good recommendation.

From the fraction of the entire time I observed, it appeared that Ronda was taunted quite a bit without being allowed to respond, with a deliberate intent to create a certain image for television. Maybe they’ll show some of that on the episode, maybe not. For those of you who say she cries too much – she’s always cried like that all of her life. Who the hell are you people to enforce a crying quota? If she cries over sad movies, happy endings and losing her car keys, what’s it to you? I’m the opposite of that. I’ve cried three times in the last twenty years, and one of those was when Ronda’s father died. So, she can have my share of the quota and it averages out.

Ronda cares if she wins. When she loses it feels like the whole world fell in. She’s extremely loyal to people and when they are hurt, it hurts her.

People are sometimes offended by Ronda because she does not fit how they think she should act. At Ronda’s age, given the same degree of provocation, I would have punched out a few people, hit someone with a chair, told everyone to fuck off and walked out. This is why our family cannot do a reality TV show. So, no, I am the LAST person to ask don’t I think she should behave differently.


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  1. squid says:

    ok fair enough. respect to ronda and her mom for all they have accomplished. however, it does not change the fact that dennis hallman wouldve wiped the floor with rondas assistant coach

  2. UFC 84 Forever says:

    She’s still crazy, she’s just might not be as crazy as we think. Also the mom’s always gotta stand up for their kid, just my two cents. Regardless I’m with Squid on this one; Ronda’s assistant coach needs to calm the fuck down and I wish Hallman would have wiped the floor with him.

  3. Big daddy says:

    So just because there is no quota for crying it’s ok to behave like a child? I thought martial arts was first about discipline and respect? Stupid fucking hags!

    • YOUNG LOVE says:

      Rhonda is a psychotic bitch with no discipline and does not represent a champion or martial arts for that matter and if her mother thinks that that is acceptable or normal then she’s just as fuckedup as her daughter. I guess the fruit really does not fall far from the tree.
      Oh and yea everyones right on this Rhonda’s coach needs to STFU he has more bitch in him that Rhonda does I bet his period synced with Rhonda’s.

  4. Nando says:

    The apple doesn’t fall from the tree & it’s obvious why ronda acts the way she does. Here’s some food for thought for Ronda’s mom: Ronda is the biggest draw in WMMA right now so why would the UFC intentionally make her look bad on TUF. If anything, they’d edit it so that she looks much better. Fact is, she’s a whiny bitch & her momma has to come running to her rescue like she’s 5

  5. AFH says:

    I still can not grasp how attractive both coaches are. They should be models for, well whatever, it would sell.

  6. pk9grrr says:

    if poeple actualy believe what they see on t.v and how poeple are percieved then they are idiots,in otherwords the majority portray meisha as the good guy because she does and say eveything right so she can do no wrong?

  7. A sarvin says:

    In a FIGHT. Edmond would destroy Hallman period. After reading Shayna’s blog she gives a diff pov on the situation so like everything if you don’t have a full perspective on the story and only get a selectively edited version. I totally agree with pk9grrr.

  8. Thesire says:

    Either way, if people haven’t figured out already this is the real world meets mma he’s your reality check. The last ultimate fighter flopped because they focused only on training and fighting which only true fight fans can appreciate, Dana white and fox sports 1 want money so they here’s their opportunity to spice things up. Does anybody not think their going to not try the same with franky and bj? I’ll watch that anyway just because it’s two of mmas greats. Mieasha amd rousey is nothing more than a publicity stunt. When rousey fights cyborg I’ll respect her as a champ, real champs will fight anyone.

  9. Adam says:

    Rousey and Cyborg for sure.

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