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Saturday, 06/01/2013, 07:52 pm

Rousey’s Mom Says UFC’s Announcement Timing of Tate Replacing Zingano was A “Dick Move” on the Company’s Part


| Ronda Rousey gets her tenacity from her mother, that’s for sure. Rousey has stated in the past that her mother is one of the biggest influences in her life and she has learned to fight under the guidance of her mother, Dr. Ann Maria Rousey DeMars.

DeMars was the first American to win a World Judo Championship and Ronda, following in her mother’s footsteps, was the first women to be a UFC Champion. However, with Ronda now coaching the TUF reality show she has taken on an entirely new beast as she’s dipping her feet into the reality television realm.

Ronda’s mom has a blog that highlights things such as achieving success in business, sports and academics, Judo, parenting, mixed martial arts, winning & whatever else she feels like rambling on about.

Obviously, each season of TUF is going to give birth to some pretty big surprises but in light of the recent announcement of Tate stepping in for the injured Cat Zingano Ronda’s mother took to her personal blog to voice her thoughts on this season of TUF.

Here is the entry:

Warning: This post is not for children.

Not that anyone asked me, but I thought I would give my opinion on The Ultimate Fighter show. I’ve only watched this show the season Manny Gamburyan was on it because, well, I have an actual job that requires me to go places like North Dakota, where I am at the moment, and do work.

Doing work conflicts with reality shows in general. I’ve watched about five minutes each of Jersey Shore (I think that’s the name) and some show about the Kardashians. Both times, I changed the channel quickly as I felt brain cells beginning to die. I’ve never watched the O.C. which explains why, when I asked our dentist, Dr. Pratt, how his children were doing he gave me a strange look and said, “You don’t watch TV, do you?”

When I heard about the last-minute switch in coaches for the show Ronda is on, my first thought was, “That’s a pretty dick move.”

Not so much replacing Cat, who was injured (ouch!) but keeping it from Ronda until the last minute. If you’re going to have an athletic competition, then it should be fair. Among other things, that means you don’t give one competitor information that the other doesn’t have. You don’t let one player know something weeks in advance of the other player.

So, it is pretty clear that whoever is making the decisions here has decided this is not an athletic competition, it’s a reality show. That’s what a lot of people have been saying all along, it’s just going to be a side show and not a serious athletic event.

Here is my advice to Ronda, not that she asked me either, but that has never stopped me before.

You know who gets to decide if this is an athletic competition or a reality show? You.

My coach used to be amused by other coaches who before the match would be giving lengthy instructions to my competitor – get your right cross grip, then go for the uchi mata, then switch…. As Jimmy Martin said, why didn’t they tell her that in the last six weeks before the match. Every now and then, though, he would get annoyed by all of the posturing. That’s when he would pull me close and whisper in my ear his coaching advice.

“Fuck. Her. Up.”

So, if I was Ronda, I would train my ass off and I would follow the sage coaching advice of Jimmy Martin. I’d also make damn sure I found out who pulled that dick move on me and never trust him/them again. The good thing is you get to take out your emotions beating people up and that will make a great show.

You can forgive, but don’t forget. If someone will manipulate you just for show, well, that tells you something about them doesn’t it?

To read the blog  in its entirety click here. For more UFC and TUF updates click here.

-Jake Chastain




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  1. JD says:

    Yeah, except for the fact that Dana White, whom undoubtedly made the decision to withhold that information, has given Rhonda the biggest platform, and therefore the biggest opportunity of her post-Olympic life, while singing her praises all along. Now, there’s no doubt that having Ronda is the UFC is a mutually beneficial situation, but if I were giving Rousey advice, I’d tell her to ignore every piece of non-judo related advice her mother gives her. She seems like a bitter person… suggesting the very fans that allow her daughter to make a living must be jobless, hobos because they’re off work in time to watch TUF at 9-10pm. Yeah… smart lady.

  2. Drew says:

    Ronda’s mom on point

  3. Alex says:

    I’m sorry last minute? They still have plenty of time to train. It’s not like she showed up at the arena and was told this information. It doesn’t matter anyway Rousey via armbar round 1. Her mom sounds like a cunt. Anyone who watches TV must have no job or live a pathetic life. I guess me being a med school student who happens to like mma makes me a retard.

  4. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    The ‘I have an actual job’ remark was a shitty one. Who does she think she is? I make 16 hours a day and yes I like to watch MMA and MMA related shows you f@cking old bat.

  5. Dddddd says:

    That’s why Rhonda has no class. I’d like to see Cyborg grab her by the ankles and beat Rhonda with her.

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