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Friday, 10/04/2013, 10:30 am

Rousey’s Armbar ‘Absolutely’ No threat To Cat Zingano

Female powerhouse, Cat Zingano, earned the right to fight for the UFC title when she took out Miesha Tate this past April at the TUF 17 finale event.

A knee injury forced the rightful number-one-contender out of action and she’s been rehabing ever since.

Cat was recently on UFC Tonight to discuss a potential matchup with the UFC champ, Ronda Rousey, and the panel asked her point-blank if she’d be able to defend the infamous Rousey arm bar.

“Absolutely (I’ll defend it). I don’t spend any time training armbars. I think Ronda has her armbar in her back pocket and relies on it. I’m not training for anyone I fight. I train for me.”

The two female fighters will likely face off sometime in 2014, but can Cat really stop what’s been plaguing the female division for years now?


23 Responses to “Rousey’s Armbar ‘Absolutely’ No threat To Cat Zingano”

  1. Thesire says:

    I feel bad for wmma, they bring and they bring it hard. Sometimes technique goes out te window but they put on hell of a show but this tuf season just proves how much of a “show” it really is. If I wanted drama I would watch the real world. I honestly believe once rousey fights her paquiao(cyborg) it’s game over. No one really wants to watch except for us true fight fans. I mean honestly most people don’t really care about Anderson silva and do you think they even know who weidman is let alone some girl fighter named cat zingano. Sucks, hope it changes but probably won’t. Unless your Serena, everyday people don’t care about female atheletes

  2. The Guesterizer says:

    El oh el……I remember ben askrens last opponent doing the same thing. high level sambo champ in Russia decides not to train in prep for ben askren……witness the rest. Tip: Mauling by a plethora of pillow fists and canvas taste testing.

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