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Friday, 08/17/2012, 08:02 pm

Rousey vs. Kaufman Weigh-in Face Off Video | MMA NEWS

Strikeforce main event fighters took to the scales for Saturday night’s Rousey vs. Kaufman event.


6 Responses to “Rousey vs. Kaufman Weigh-in Face Off Video | MMA NEWS”

  1. Nuitari X says:

    Rousey is gonna break that arm!!

  2. zack_bagan says:

    Kaufman has the looks of a serial killer

  3. snoop froggy dogg says:

    Rousey is frickin smokin!

  4. Phantom weight says:

    I agree shes so hot.and poor sarah,her face looks like its streched over a kneecap.

  5. ctyn says:

    you guys gotta get out more. I’d rate Rousey a 7 on a good day.

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